River Island Now Offering Clothing Line for Dogs

River Island, the British clothing company, is now offering fashion for pets. The new line currently offers 7 stylish pieces for dogs, including a bomber jacket and a Christmas sweater.

This fall and winter, you’ll be able to walk your pup around and show off duds which serve for both function and fashion. RI Dog currently offers cable knit sweaters (in black and pink), a bomber jacket, the Christmas sweater, two striped t-shirts and the world’s most ridiculously adorable “Bronx” hoodie.

Every fall and winter, we all strive to find clothes which will not only keep us warm but will make us look incredible while the drab weather slows things down. Now you can include your furry friend in the fall fashionista frenzy, and you can both look stylish while feeling cozy.

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River Island Now Offering Clothing Line for Dogs
Photo: River Island

The colder weather tends to keep us inside, but you still have to venture out to walk the dog. So why not help your canine companion feel warm and look amazing at the same time?

As with their human line, the clothing and accessories offered in the dog line are super reasonably priced (ranging from $20-36), so you can go nuts and buy one of everything without a problem. If you don’t have a dog but your BFF does, one of the sweaters would make an excellent Christmas gift. (Now I’m just coming up with excuses to see as many dogs as possible in these adorable duds).

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River Island Now Offering Clothing Line for Dogs
Photo: River Island

They offer options in small, medium, and large, so you can dress up almost any pooch in these threads. And don’t just stop at the sweaters – the line is also offering two matching collar-and-leash options as well.

The camo leash and collar would even match the Bronx hoodie. Your dog would be the most fashion-forward pup in the neighborhood in that combo!

River Island doesn’t currently have any store locations in the U.S., but their U.S. website has all of their available options of awesome dog clothes ready to order online. I’m about to go there myself and order that sweet hoodie for my miniature dachshund. Happy shopping!

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