Sleepypod Dog Safety Harnesses Are Comfortable and Versatile

Keeping your dog secure in the car is important. If your pet is roaming freely around the vehicle he can distract your attention from the road or become a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident. Harnesses that secure your dog via your car’s seatbelts are a great way to keep Fido in his own space. There are many great dog harnesses on the market, and the Clickit Sport from Sleepypod is a great option. It is both comfortable and versatile.

Sleepypod’s unique Infinity Loop design is combined with an energy absorbing padded vest, and these two components are engineered to work together to reduce and distribute damaging forces in the event of a car accident without requiring additional attachment straps or unnecessary hardware. The Infinity Loop system, as seen in the video above, makes it easy to attach and detach the harness. It also provides three points of contact to reduce your dog’s forward and lateral motion during a collision or sudden stop.

Two additional loops extend from the Infinity Loop system to provide a secure place for the seatbelt to be inserted and pulled through. The Clickit Sport dog harness has been rigorously tested. It’s even been put through the same crash tests used to test child safety restraints. It is the only harness on the market that has earned safety certification and a five star rating from the Center for Pet Safety.

I love the versatility of this harness as well. As you know, I like to buy dog products that can perform more than one job, and the Clickit Sport harness from PetSafe fits the bill. It is equipped with leash D-rings behind your dog’s neck so you can easily attach a lead. It also has reflector strips on the front and back to make your pet more visible at night. This harness can provide safety while walking in the park and riding home. It’s a versatile product that makes life just a little easier for dog owners, which I love!

Safety is a big factor for me as well. I’d rather pay a little extra for something that will keep my dogs safe than purchase a cheaper product. The Clickit Sport harness provides excellent torso support for your dog, and it is made with automotive grade seatbelt webbing. The outside is made of durable ballistic nylon and the inside is made of comfortable neoprene. It is lightweight and allows your dog to move around and lie down comfortably.

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