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Review: Solvit Car Cuddler for Dogs


When traveling in a car with your dog you need to be sure that she is safe and comfortable. Some owners bring travel dog beds, while others have plush, padded car seats for their pups. Now you can combine both of these options with the Solvit Car Cuddler for dogs.

Giving your dog her own space in the car is a necessity. If your pup is climbing from the front seat to the back seat or pacing around the vehicle, she's going to distract you and could cause an accident. Not to mention, in the event of an accident Fifi would turn into a dangerous projectile.

Solvit Car Cuddler ReviewIt's also nice to have something covering your car seats to keep dog hair, dirt and debris off your upholstery. Seat covers are a great option, but travel beds and car seats can give the same results.

I wanted to test the Solvit Car Cuddler because it addresses all of these issues. It allows your pet to have her own space in the backseat, protects your upholstery and gives your pooch a soft and cozy place to sleep when on a long ride.

As you know, I have three dogs, so I needed the Car Cuddler to be durable. Our Beagle and our Boxer are nesters, so they do a lot of scratching before they lie down. I was worried that the fabric of the Car Cuddler wouldn't hold up well to their scratching and frequent washings.

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Solvit Car Cuddler for Dogs Review

Solvit Car Cuddler Review

I started my video review by showing you how to put the Car Cuddler together. It's simple and only takes a few minutes. Once you've put the product together, it's also just as easy to install in your car.

There are two buckle straps that slip over the headrests of your car's backseat. You can adjust them easily with the sliding buckle. One thing to note is that the straps are not detachable. This isn't a major problem, but similar products often have detachable buckles so you don't have to readjust the straps each time to put the seat cover on or take it off.

The Solvit Car Cuddler is also equipped with two plastic seat anchors that you stuff into the crack between the top and bottom of the seat. These are standard on most car seat covers and prevent the product from sliding around on the seat while you're driving or your dog is moving around.

We've taken long trips (up to five hours) with our dogs in the vehicle, and the Car Cuddler stayed in place the entire time.

The dimensions of the entire Car Cuddle measure 40 inches long, 55 inches wide and 5 inches high. There is a smaller size available for bucket seats, but this is the only option for bench seats. It will fit a majority of bench seats, but be sure to measure your backseat before ordering as it may not cover the entire seat of a larger pickup or SUV.

The 5-inch bolster around the edge of the Solvit Car Cuddler is what makes it more than just a car seat cover or travel dog bed. It gives your pet a snuggly edge to curl up on or cuddle into. Our dogs love it, as you can see in my video review.

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Solvit Car Cuddler Review

As you can see in my video review above, the cover is made with a very durable micro-suede fiber. You can actually see our little Beagle mix, Molly, scratch the cover and nest into it in the video. Our dogs scratch and nest in the Solvit Car Cuddler every time they ride in the car, and the material is still holding strong.

The bottom of the bed is a faux sheepskin fabric. It's soft to the touch and our dogs seem to enjoy it. The fill is a polyester material, and the entire Car Cuddler is machine washable. This is a HUGE benefit, as it makes keeping your vehicle clean so quick and easy.

If you only have one small/medium dog, you may prefer the smaller version of the Solvit Car Cuddler. It fits in the front seat of any vehicle or can be used on one side of a bench seat. If you have a multi-dog household, like mine, then the larger size is ideal.

As I explain in my video guide, our 3 dogs fit in the Car Cuddler with room to spare. They can all lie down comfortably and move around without stepping on each other.

There are slits in the bottom of the cover for the seat belts. These slits cannot be closed with Velcro or a zipper, so if you have a dog that likes to chew seat belt buckles you may want to look for another cover that will keep them hidden.

Solvit Car Cuddler ReviewThis feature is great if you use a harness or car safety restraint while your dog is riding. You have direct and easy access to the buckles, so you can easily secure your canine companion.

You can buy the Solvit Car Cuddler on Amazon for $80.99. You can also purchase the smaller version for $53.99. They are more expensive than a traditional car seat cover for dogs, but you're getting a much more versatile product. You can also purchased travel dog beds for a cheaper price, but they don't secure to the seat like the Car Cuddler.

It's really a unique product, so I know you're paying for that, but I think it's definitely worth it if you travel with your pet often. We take our dogs with us virtually everywhere we go, so we'll certainly get our $81 worth. However, if you don't take your pet with you frequently, a cheaper car seat cover or travel bed may be a more affordable option.

Summary of the Solvit Car Cuddler for Dogs Review


  • Solvit Car Cuddler ReviewDoubles as a travel dog bed and a car seat cover
  • 5-inch bolster is ideal for dogs that like to nest or snuggle
  • Made of micro-suede fabric that is extremely durable
  • Top of bedding is faux sheepskin – soft to the touch and my dogs find it comfortable
  • Stay in place thanks to 2 seat anchors and adjustable straps that go around the headrests of the seat
  • Fits most bench seats and available in a smaller size for bucket seats or small/medium breeds
  • Equipped with slots for seat belt buckles so you can still use the seat belt to restrain your pet while driving
  • Machine washable


  • Only available in one size for bench seats (55 inches long), so it may not fit the seat of a large pickup or SUV
  • Adjustable straps that secure the Car Cuddler to the headrests are not removable, meaning you need to adjust them every time you take the cover off or put it on
  • More expensive than traditional seat covers or travel dog beds, but you're getting a two-in-one product – not the most affordable option if you don't travel with your pet frequently

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