TaoTronics Electric Collar for Dogs Review

With the abundance of training collars available today, it's really difficult to distinguish which ones work and don't hurt your pet. I got my hands on the TaoTronics electric collar for dogs for today's dog product review.

ATTENTION, dear dog owner. Before you purchase ANY type of electric shock collar for your dog, please take a look at the following articles and strongly consider conclusions drawn by scientific evidence and dog experts:

Electric dog training collars have been receiving some heat from dog owners as of late. However, many dog trainers and experts have advocated the use of these shock collars on dogs as long as you purchase a high quality collar and learn how to use it properly. This is key in ensuring that your pet will never be harmed.

Now, back to the review.

Training a dog can be a frustrating and time consuming task, but with the help of a great dog training collar it can be a much easier process. These electric collars for dogs can assist you in training your dog to stay on your property, to stop problem behaviors including barking, and to teach your dog to stay away from dangerous areas like the road. However, electric shock collars remain very controversial in the eyes of many dog owners, but truth is that when used properly, they are extremely safe and effective.


TaoTronics TT-PT10 electric collar for dogs comes in two variations, weatherproof (TT-PT10) and waterproof (TT-PT08), and offers dog trainers many unique features.

Key benefits of TaoTronics Electric Collar for Dogs

  • TT-PT10 includes 7 levels of progressive shock, 1 vibration and 1 warning sound
  • Choose between pulse correction or continuous correction
  • Suitable for any size of dog from 10 lbs to 150 lbs
  • Reach is 600 yards
  • Weatherproof/waterproof

TaoTronics Electric Collar for Dogs Review

TaoTronics Electric Collar for Dogs Reviews

TaoTronics electric collar for dogs is capable of performing 7 different levels of progressive shock, a vibration feature, and a warning sound. It's rechargeable and comes with both long and short prongs so that they can be effective with any coat type.

It is a remote collar system that is good for up to 600 yards and the signal can pass through fences and walls. Because it is a remote system, it can be used for pulsing correction or continuous correction. This electric collar for dogs is suitable for dogs from 10 to 150 pounds, and it comes with an adjustable 24.5 inch soft collar strap. They retail for about $70.

The collar has two LED indicator lights on the receiver so that you know when the unit is on and that it is in proper working condition. Also, the transmitter will go into sleep mode after 30 minutes of not being used. When you first get the collar you will need to match the collar to the transmitter by pressing a series of buttons. You can also purchase additional collars and match them to the same transmitter so you can train numerous dogs at once. Having rechargeable receivers is a great benefit, but unfortunately you will have to repeat the matching procedure after every charging cycle, which is a bit of a hassle.

TaoTronics electric collar for dogs stands behind their products 100 percent and they offer a 12 month warranty on all their training collars. However, they do caution that if the collars are worn for an extended period of time they can cause Pressure Necrosis, a condition similar to bedsores. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your dog they recommend not leaving the electric collar for dogs on for more than 12 hours a day and never connecting the collar to a leash. If you need to walk your dog on a leash you should switch them back to a regular collar, because pulling on a leash could cause the prongs to put excessive pressure on the dog’s neck.

Amazon rating

For more opinions, reviews and experience of TaoTronics electric collar for dogs from other customers who bought it, check out its Amazon page.

Valeri's review (read the full Amazon review):For the price, this is a great training collar. The controller is a bit cheap and clunky feeling, but it works. I seldom use the zapper, as the button that makes the collar beep usually does the trick to redirect my dog. My pup is a 151 pound Great Dane who has no qualms about upending bookshelves and coffee tables in pursuit of the cat, and this collar has probably saved me hundreds of dollars in replacing stuff that would have otherwise been destroyed in my dog's ongoing battle royale with the cat…4 out of 5

Jerrid's review (read the full Amazon review):I recently resuced a stray australian shepard puppy (10 months) from my local dog shelter. I was having issues with her about jumping up on people, running away in our 8 acres of open grass, and going to the road. I recieved this product about a week ago and it has done and AMAZING job with my dog. The sound, vibration, and shock is wonderful. There is only one beep, one vibration, and 7 levels of shock. The shock settings have a big difference. I shocked myself and could only make it to level 4, and anything after that I did not want to try. My dog, who is about 25 lbs…5 out of 5

Darrell's review (read the full Amazon review):Had a little trouble syncing transmitter with reciever, directions were somewhat hard to follow, almost gave up, finally got it charged, and synched and works great!!…4 out of 5


TaoTronics Electric Collar for Dogs Review

What's in the TaoTronics package?

  1. Transmitter
  2. Antenna
  3. Receiver
  4. Collar Strap
  5. Long correction prongs
  6. Short correction prongs
  7. Test kit
  8. Charger

Size of the collar is 24 and 1/2 inches. It weighs 2.2 ounces.

The battery usually lasts several months, depending on usage.

For some questions and answers on this collar, please visit this product's Amazon Q&A page.

How to use TaoTronics Electric Collar for Dogs

1. Charge the Receiver for up to 5 hours in the first 3 times.

2. Transmitter will automatically go into sleeping mode when not in use for more than 30 minutes.

3. You will have to repeat the matching procedure after each charging.

4. You have to switch on the Receiver and match the Receiver with the Transmitter (to make sure it is working properly) before wearing the Receiver on your dog.

5. When Transmitter is locked, it can not be matched with any Receivers or send out any corrections signals. If Receiver is not reacting to Transmitter, please check if the thumb knob is pointing at ZERO level.

6. The design is waterproof, anyway you have to cover the charging hole with rubber tab very well after every charging to keep sealing well.

VIDEO: How to effectively use electric collars for dogs

Is it worth it?


TaoTronics electric collar for dogs is fairly priced and offers the user many excellent features. It is a great choice for dog owners that need a little help training their pet. The only downside to the system is that it is not automated in any way, so you need to be watching your dog all the time in order to discipline them. If you are in need of a system that will automatically shock your dog, you should look into purchasing a bark collar or an underground system if you need to keep your dog in the yard.

I would definitely recommend the TaoTronics electric collar for dogs due to its affordable price, quality build and reliability.

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