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Review: WAUDOG Dog Collars – Leather and Waterproof


Collars aren't just fashion accessories. They serve a fundamental purpose, and you must choose a collar that will meet your dog's needs.


WAUDOG Rolled Leather Puppy Collar for Small Dogs...  are made to please pups and their owners with many different options to choose from.

Every dog should wear a collar. Not only do they allow you to take control of your pet if the need arises, but they also offer a place to attach identification in case your pup gets lost.

The suitable collar will look great, feel comfortable and hold your dog’s ID tags. If you choose a collar based simply on looks alone, it may not fit properly, or you may make it with poor quality materials.

Poor quality could lead to the collar breaking or your dog slipping out of it during your daily walks.

WAUDOG Dog CollarsIt's also important to choose a dog collar that will meet your needs and the needs of your dog. Think about how you'll be using the collar.

Will you be walking your dog frequently? Does he tend to pull on his leash?

If so, a heavy-duty collar that will stand up to this kind of stress is a must!

These are some of the things I've considered when reviewing the WAUDOG Rolled Leather Puppy Collar for Small Dogs... . You also need to view the material that the collar is made from.

Will it get dirty quickly? Will it absorb water and odors? Will it be comfortable for your pet to wear? Be sure to choose a collar that will be easy to clean and one that your dog will enjoy wearing.

WAUDOG Dog Collar Review
Leather and Waterproof

WAUDOG Dog CollarsLeather Dog Collars

The collar pictured on our Labrador, Saddie, is one of WAUDOG's leather options. I know leather isn't an option for everyone.

If you're against using leather products, WAUDOG has a few other options that are made of synthetic materials. I'll discuss their waterproof dog collars below.

Traditional nylon dog collars will fray over time, which leaves them susceptible to breaking when you least expect it.

Leather dog collars are durable and are known for lasting a long time. While they may be more expensive, they don't need to be replaced nearly as often as nylon dog collars.

WAUDOG Dog Collars are made of genuine leather. Some leather collars are made with a material called PU leather. These options aren't worth the more expensive price tag

WAUDOG Dog CollarsPU leather, also CALLED bicast leather, is made with a split leather backing that is covered with a layer of polyurethane (that's where the PU abbreviation comes from).

It is applied to the surface and then molded around another material to give the appearance of a traditional leather dog collaR.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have the durability or the quality of genuine leather.

WAUDOG leather collars are available in 4 sizes:

  • XS – .6″ wide and fits a dog with a neck size of 10″-14″
  • S – .8″ wide and fits a dog with a neck size of 11″-15″
  • M – 1″ wide and fits a dog with a neck size of 15″-19″
  • L – 1.4″ wide and fits a dog with a neck size of 18″-23″

These dog collars are made with a second reinforced layer to help keep their shape.

They are also available in 4 patterns, including the Summer pattern featured in my video review and photos.

Depending on the size and style that you choose, WAUDOG Dog Collars made of leather retail for $9.99 to $41.99 on Amazon right now.

While that may seem expensive, it's very comparable to similar leather dog collars on the market.

WAU Dog CollarsWaterproof Dog Collars

WAUDOG Rolled Leather Puppy Collar for Small Dogs...  are also available in the waterproof option shown above. Waterproof collars are ideal for active dogs.

They don't absorb water or odors, so they won't get smelly over time. Plus, these collars are very easy to clean.

These collars are made from COLLARTEX material with high-strength aluminum alloy hardware.

In the photo above, you can see that there is space on the buckle to allow for engraving if you choose, but you'll have to have it done yourself – the company does not offer it as an option.

WAUDOG Dog CollarsWAUDOG Dog Collars made from this material are 100% waterproof. They are also wear-resistant and will not fade over time.

You can also see the unique buckle design in the photo above. The end of the collar just slides into the buckle.

As long as the collar is properly fit, the buckle should stay in place. However, I worry that the collar will slide out of the buckle when our dogs are playing. I would be much happier if the buckle attachment was more secure.

Waterproof collars from WAUDOG are available in red, blue, pink and green colors. Unfortunately, they are available in one size for dogs with a neck circumference of 14″-28″. These collars are 1″ wide.

No matter what color you choose, these collars sell for $13.99 on Amazon. There is also a glow-in-the-dark option available for $18.99.

These are more expensive than traditional nylon dog collars, but they are made of much higher quality material.

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