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Review: Your Perfect Puppy Harness, Leash and Treat Pouch

It can be overwhelming to walk down the isles of your local pet store searching for the right products for you and your dog. How do you know which products are worth your money and which won't hold up to your canine companion? I'm going to answer these questions for you in this review of the Your Perfect Puppy dog harness, leash and treat pouch.

When you're shopping for dog products, you need to consider:

  • Your Perfect Puppy reviewtheir durability
  • your budget
  • your dog's preferences and comfort
  • your preferences and comfort

Does the price fit into your budget? Is it going to last long enough to make the cost worth it? No one wants to buy a product and have it rip or break within the first couple of weeks. It's happened to all of us, and it's extremely frustrating when it does.

And, when this happens, who is to blame? Only you! You didn't do your research and you didn't do an adequate evaluation of the product before making your purchase.

So, are these products from Your Perfect Puppy a good buy? How did they work for me and my dogs? Let's take a closer look…

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Your Perfect Puppy Harness, Leash and Treat Pouch Review

Your Perfect Puppy Review


The first thing that stood out to me about the harness from Your Perfect Puppy was that there are three different attachment points, which is not common. Some harnesses have two attachment points, but my opinion is that the more options you have, the more versatile the harness will be.

You can attach a leash to the front (chest) of the harness or the back. You can see the chest attachment on the photo of my Labrador, Saddie, above. The other two are located between your dog's shoulder blades on the back of the harness.

The red piece on Saddie's chest is a padded breast plate. This is the only padding on the harness. Some similar products offer padding all the way around, but if you find a harness that fits properly this shouldn't be an issue.

Saddie gets extremely excited to see new people, even strangers. Having a comfortable traffic handle on her harness is a must for me!

My favorite feature on this harness from Your Perfect Puppy is the traffic handle located between your dog's shoulder blades. It is padded for your comfort and provides a way to control your dog in crowds or when other animals are around.

The traffic handle is also a nice benefit for dogs who need help getting up the stairs or into a vehicle. If you have a senior pet who needs a little extra support once in a while, this is definitely a feature that you should be looking for.

This is an over-the-head harness, which is my personal preference. As you can see in my video review at the top of this post, you simply slide the front ring of the harness over your dog's head and then attach it around their chest with the clips on the adjustable straps.

Speaking of the adjustable straps, they're very easy to use. There are four different adjustment points, and you simply slide the buckles back and forth to get the proper fit. Once they are adjusted, they stay put. As with many harness with nylon straps, these buckles may loosen up over time, but ours held in place after a few weeks of constant wear.

You can get the harness in your choice of 5 colors:

  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • purple
  • black

…and 5 sizes ranging from XS to XL. All of the colors come with reflective stitching on the straps. This is another MUST in my opinion. You can never be too careful when walking your dog, and reflective stitching will keep him visible to oncoming traffic.

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Your Perfect Puppy ReviewLeash and Treat Pouch

The first thing you will notice about the leash is that it's a bit beefier than other nylon leashes. That's because it's actually about 20% wider than a standard 1″ leash, and it's also designed with a 2-layer construction for added durability.

This makes the leash harder to chew through and more durable over time. I also liked that it is made with reinforced stitching to prevent fraying.

The most unique thing that this leash from Your Perfect Puppy offers is the convenient easy secure system. I demonstrate this in my video review. There is a carabiner clip sewn to the handle and a D-ring sewn in about 2 feet down the leash.

This allows you to easily clip the leash around a tree or the leg of a bench at the park without having to unclip it from your pet's collar first. I don't typically use this feature, but I do like the added D-ring, because I use it to hold my car keys and full dog waste bags.

The padded handle is my favorite thing about this leash. It is definitely the most comfortable leash that I've ever used. 

There is a soft neoprene liner in the handle for extra comfort. This is a huge bonus if your pet pulls on the leash. It's also odor-resistant, so no worries about it getting stinky from sweating hands.

Your Perfect Puppy reviewYou can attach the treat pouch from Your Perfect Puppy right to the leash, but you can also use it with any other standard leash as well. It's not a must-have item, so if you're on a budget you can skip it. However, it is quite convenient and would be especially handy to have when you're training a dog.

I demonstrate how easy this pouch is to attach to a leash in my video review. It's just too simple clips.

There is a pocket for a roll of dog poop bags and on the other side there is a mesh pocket to hold a tennis ball. You can also store car keys, credit cards or other items in the small Velcro pocket. As you'll see in my review video, the large middle pocket has a magnetic snap that keeps dog treats secure.

The leash is available on Amazon, but you'll need to order the dog treat pouch and the harness from the company's website. You have two options for the leash – 4-foot or 6-foot. They both offer the same features, but the longer leash costs $21.95 while the shorter one is only $19.95.

The treat pouch retails for $21.95 as well, and the harness sells for $27.95-$31.95 depending on the size that you order. The harness and treat pouch are priced about the same as other similar products. The leash is more expensive than other standard nylon leashes, but you have to remember that it's 20% wider and uses a 2-layer construction.

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your-perfect-puppy-reviewThese products from Your Perfect Puppy were made with dogs and their owners in mind. The harness is easy to put on and comfortable for your pet. The leash is extremely durable to hold even the biggest canines, and the treat pouch would definitely come in handy for training or for holding dog treats and toys while you're out for a walk.