This Multifunctional Harness From Julius-K9 is Versatile and Practical

This vest from Julius-K9 works as a traditional walking harness, a swimming vest, a neoprene jacket, and a rehabilitation harness. It’s made to last through the life of your dog, and could very well be the only harness that you will ever need.

The IDC Powerharness is equipped with removable floating pads to make it buoyant in water, but when they are removed from their pockets it becomes a regular neoprene jacket to protect your pet from the rain, wind, and cold weather.

It can also serve as a rehabilitation vest for hydro-therapy, or, as you can see in the video, it is strong enough to allow you to lift your dog. The IDC Powerharness is also equipped with a durable D-Ring so a leash can be attached to the harness when needed. It’s available in nine sizes to fit virtually any breed, and comes in numerous colors.

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