Dog Flotation Device Is a Must-Have For Pups In the Water

Being near the water is dangerous for everyone, including dogs. The best way to keep your pet safe while boating, swimming or just being around the water is to equip them with a life jacket. This Dog Flotation Device, DFD, from Ezydog is an excellent choice.

Ezydog lifejackets for dogs are made with top-quality, high-performance material so they will last through all your dog’s water adventures. The DFD has up to 50% more ultra-buoyant material than other doggy life jackets and the material is strategically placed to allow your dog to swim in a natural position.

The DFD also comes equipped with a sturdy nylon D-Ring so a leash can easily be attached to the vest. Neoprene straps are used to secure the vest, and they are easy to adjust so you can get a snug safe fit. These vests don’t restrict any natural movement, so your dog can wear them comfortably both in and out of the water.

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