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20 Rescue Pups in a Car? Oh My!

20 Rescue Pups in a Car
Photo: Facebook / Independence Police Department

The site of 20 dogs all packed into one car would be surprising to see, but for one concerned citizen, it was a reason enough to call the police. Missouri law enforcement from the Independence Police Department received a call to 23rd and Harris to assist Animal Control. Although, police deal with a variety of situations each and every day, this call soon “went to the dogs.”

It turns out that these rescue pooches were being hauled to a local dog show. They were all very well taken care of and were even sporting some unique talents. From the biggest to the itty bitty, these canines were getting ready to strut their stuff in front of an awaiting audience. Although, some only knew how to give out those wet sloppy kisses, the officers were happy to assist

The fun call ended with police cuddling the furry crew and taking pictures to remember the day by. Unfortunately, not all calls to help animals in need end with joy. As the hot months approach, more enforcement officers will be alerted to the predicament of distressed canines being left in sweltering hot cars.

20 Rescue Pups in a Car
Photo: Facebook / Independence Police Department

Most people don't understand that a parked car in the heat of the day can quickly reach temperatures that will kill your dog. Even a quick errand on a 78-degree day, can produce temperatures between 100 and 120 in just minutes. On a 90 degree day, that infero inside any vehicle can reach upwards of 160 degrees in only 10 minutes!

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Animal activist sights are diligently producing stickers, posters, flyers and social media posts to remind pet parents not to leave their dog in a hot car under any circumstances. Not even if the window is left down a bit or your errand is quick.

Some counties, cities and areas are also now making it a law to break a car window if a dog is clearly in distress. Plus, fines can and will be handed out to those neglectful owners. Although, these outcomes in themselves should not be a reason for pet owners to not leave a pet in a hot car, animal control hopes it will at least be enough to wake up the public to this fatal hazard.

20 Rescue Pups in a Car
Photo: Facebook / Independence Police Department

If you see an animal in a hot car, call your local ASPCA, animal shelter or the police. Remember, time is of the essence when an animal begins to overheat, so those precious minutes could mean the difference between life and death for that canine companion.

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I'm personally tired of seeing dogs left in sweltering cars, so I've taken it upon myself to make up flyers with “No Excuses! No Hot Pets!” typed in bold (ASPCA campaign) to leave on car windows. My hope is for these simple words to serve as a gentle reminder of the cruelty it is for animals left in hot vehicles…If I save even one, it will be worth it.

Join the cause to end pets left in hot cars. Let's make this summer season one that doesn't see any dogs dying due to heat stroke.

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