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Advantek Brand Evolving and Helping Shelters in the Process

Advantek Brand Evolving and Helping Shelters in the Process
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Advantek is known for their pet gazebos as well as their innovative products for both domesticated and farm animals. Now the company is looking to evolve the brand and make efforts to help the shelter dogs community in the process.

The company straddles a few different markets, but they are all closely related. Advantek product lines touch the ranch and farm market as well as the seed and feed market, but at the heart of their business is the pet specialty market.

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Since the company is so diversified, they offer a wide range of products including catch and release traps, rabbit hutches and chicken coops, equestrian supplies, and, the product they are best known for, dog kennels. The extremely successful line of Pet Gazebos is always expanding and soon the company will be offering an entire line of accessories for the gazebos too.

The reason that the Pet Gazebos are so successful is because they solve many problems that pet owners have with conventional dog kennels. A Pet Gazebo is much more visually appealing than other outdoor dog kennels, and owners can be proud to have it in their yard.

Advantek Brand Evolving and Helping Shelters in the Process
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One of the best features of the Pet Gazebos is that they allow for the ability to add additional gazebos and build on to make a larger and completely unique kennel layout. Another amazing feature is that although they are larger than many other outdoor dog kennels, they collapse easily making them ideal for traveling with your pet.

Since the company has been around for more than 10 years, they have now decided to give the brand a complete overhaul. They’ve already unveiled a new logo and they paired the debut with the introduction of their Safe Shelter rescue program.

The idea for the program came when one of Advantek’s local customers asked if the company would be willing to sell a single Pet Gazebo to the local animal rescue at their wholesale price. After speaking with the head of the rescue organization they realized that Pet Gazebos were ideal for shelters because of their portable yet secure design.

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The gazebos are perfect for the events that rescue groups go to. They are easy to setup and take apart and they are safe for the animals no matter where they are. Instead of agreeing to sell the gazebo to the rescue organization, the company decided to work together with their retail partners to find local groups and give them gazebos free of charge.

All rescue organizations have to do is get in touch with the company and they will partner them with a local retailer that will sign them up for the company’s Safe Shelter program. Not only will the rescue organization receive a free Pet Gazebo, but they will also get signage to display their name and the name of the local retailer and the ability to harness Advantek’s social media and marketing to spread the word about their event.

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