Allprovide, an All-Natural Raw Pet Food, Is Available At Select Georgia Retailers

Raw food diets have gotten mixed reviews from dog owners. Some pet owners won’t feed their dogs anything else, and others believe that the raw food will make their pet sick. However, new research is being done daily and many dog experts believe raw diets are not only healthy to feed your pet, but more beneficial than commercial dry kibble. That’s what the makers of Allprovide pet food believe as well.

Allprovide began making premium raw dog food in the UK years ago. They’ve even won the UK’s Pet Industry Award for Best Pet Specialist Service two years in a row. Now they’ve decided to bring their product to the United States, but with a bit of a twist.

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Instead of just jumping in to the raw pet food market here, Allprovide has decided to use the highest quality ingredients to make a healthy pet food and let the dog owners decide whether they want to serve it raw or fresh cooked.

The food is made and packaged in the company’s new factory in Georgia. They use climate controlled production rooms to ensure their product is created in the freshest, safest way possible. All their foods are also triple tested for food safety and the safety of the dogs that they feed.

Allprovide, an All-Natural Raw Pet Food, Is Available At Select Georgia Retailers

The company sources their fresh ingredients from select Georgia farmers and farmers’ markets. They use only premium, human-grade ingredients including grade A poultry and USDA select meats. They combine these protein sources with farm fresh veggies.

Aside from the quality ingredients, Allprovide dog food is also soy, grain, and gluten free, making it a great choice for pets with sensitive tummies or food allergies. The foods are currently available in three pet stores in Georgia: The Good Old Dog Company in Kennesaw, Pooch-n-Paws in Suwannee, and City Dog Market in Atlanta.

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All three stores will carry the brands beef, turkey, and chicken dog food, as well as meals that are designed specifically for senior dogs. The food can be served raw or pet owners can cook the food in the microwaveable pouches provided by Allprovide.

Denis Boecker, co-owner of Allprovide, says that they are seeing new customers every day because pet owners are beginning to recognize that processed kibbles are full of fillers, preservatives, and other ingredients that are bad for a canine’s digestion. Customers in the U.S. can also expect to see a line of cat food from Allprovide soon.

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