It's almost here – Amazon Prime Day for 2019 begins on July 15th at 12 am PT, and many online shoppers looking for bargains and best Amazon deals have already started flocking to the site after Amazon announced their preview of upcoming deals that are about to launch this evening.

UPDATE: Here are 2019's best Prime Day deals we could find for dog supplies.

For the uninitiated, Amazon's Prime Day is the biggest sale the website offers once a year, and it's a perfect opportunity for pet owners to take advantage of pet-centered deals on dog supplies and save a bundle for their furry companions.

Amazon Prime Dog Supplies DealsAll the Prime Day deals are only available to Amazon's most loyal customers with Amazon Prime membership (and yes, you can get a free membership trial!)

Never shopped on Amazon Prime Day before and unsure of how you can take advantage of all these Prime Day deals, whether you're only looking for pet supplies deals or something for the whole family? We’ve got you covered, so read on.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 – The Basics

Prime Day begins: July 15th, 2019 at 12 am PT.

Where are the deals? All deals will be live on the official Prime Deals page.

Restrictions: You must be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of Prime Day deals. If you aren’t a member, you can sign up for a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial and still get in on all the Prime deals and cancel the membership before the trial runs out. If you’re a student, you can sign up for a 6-month FREE trial.

Discount coupon: Get $20 off with a coupon code 10PRIMEDAY

Now, here's what you need to know to score the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2018.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Deals for Pet Supplies

How to get the best deals on dog supplies on Prime Day?

There are a few tools you can use to catch the best deals on pet supplies or anything else you want to buy for the family on Amazon's Prime Day.

1. Keep Checking

For our best deals page, our editors will be going through ALL the offers on Amazon, both on the official Prime Deals page and elsewhere, every day from July 15th until all the deals expire, specifically looking for the best deals on dog supplies that Amazon Prime Day has to offer.

We'll update our Amazon Prime Day 2018 page as soon as the deals are launched and will continue updating the page hourly with new deals and price breakdown to help you spot the best offers and biggest savings on pet supplies.

2. Make Use of an Amazon List

Sign in to your Amazon account, go to your Wishlist Page and start a “want” list. Add items that you are interested in purchasing to your Amazon Wishlist so that you can track them for sales and discounts on Prime Day – it's the easiest way to go.

Much like a shopping list, an Amazon Wishlist can also help to keep you from buying deals on items you don’t need.

3. Use Amazon Alexa/Echo

Amazon continues to encourage people to order over their devices, so if you have one of them with Alexa enabled (such as Amazon Echo, for example), you can use Alexa to get Alexa-exclusive Prime Day deals. To find out what deals are available exclusively to Alexa users, simply ask: “Alexa, what are your deals?

How to order with Alexa: To order your Alexa Prime Day deals, you must have up-to-date payment information on file for your account and have 1-click ordering enabled. To purchase a Prime Day deal you hear, simply tell Alexa to order the item. Alexa will confirm that you want to purchase the item. You then confirm the order and it’s on its way.

If you have not yet ordered using Alexa voice commands, you are also eligible for a $10 credit to your account. If you need to cancel a purchase through Alexa, you only have 30-minutes to do so. Finally, you can ask “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” to track your order.

4. Use Amazon Assistant

If you’re shopping on your desktop computer, you can watch Prime Day deals you are interested in either by refreshing the official deals page or by installing the proprietary Amazon deals helper called Amazon Assistant onto your desktop machine.

How to get it: This is simply a browser extension that will help you keep track of some of the deals on Amazon. However, some users experienced a few issues with the extension and didn't see all the deals displayed through it. Either way, the Amazon Assistant is available for Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Sogou Explorer, 360 Safe Browser, 360 Quick Browser, Opera, and Microsoft Edge internet browsers.

How it works: Installing the free Amazon Assistant will send you notifications of deals you are watching directly to your browser. As your observe the deals go live, you will get a notification and can click that notification to go right to the deal you like on Amazon. You can also track your ordered deals through the Assistant and access the Amazon lists.

Using the Amazon Assistant is an easy way to track deals if you have other work to do on your desktop. Simple notifications mean that you can avoid getting distracted and missing deals; however, I would still double check the official page just occasionally to make sure you don't actually miss anything.

5. Get an Inside Look

While we'll be keeping you up to date on the best Amazon Prime deals and specifically the deals on dog supplies on Amazon, I recommend that you explore all free opportunities and avoid missing any deals and a chance to save on any products.

The best way to do this is sign up for the Prime Insider newsletter and check the Prime Insider page for insider tips on Amazon Prime Day deals!

6. Amazon Mobile App

The Amazon mobile app is free to download and is available for iOs and Android.

Using the Amazon mobile app, you can track Prime Day deals on dog supplies and everything else all throughout the day no matter where you are. You can watch new deals go live, receive notifications of deals you are watching, and see new deals all in the app.

What You Need to Know About Amazon Prime Day Deals:

Amazon Dog Supplies Deals Prime DayAs we've already mentioned, the Amazon Prime Day deals will all go live at 12 am PT on July 15th and all pet supplies deals can all be found on this page here. If you go to the page right now, you will be able to preview all upcoming deals (which started on July 9th and will continue through July 24th at 9 PM EST).

How often they update deals? New Amazon Prime Day deals will go live as often as every 5 minutes and can remain live for up to 30 hours, unless they sell out.

The page can be viewed by anybody; however, the deals themselves will only be available to Amazon Prime Members (get a FREE 30-day trial membership here).

Here are a few more important things you must know about Amazon Prime Day deals.

1. Amazon Prime Day Wait Listing

If a Prime Day Deal you are waiting for sells out before you can get it, you can join the wait-list. Just click the “Join Waitlist” button on the deal page. This ensures that you will receive a mobile notification if more of the deal opens.

2. Spotlight Deals

Spotlight deals are Prime Day deals that are offered on popular items, big name brands, or come at a huge discount. They will sell out fast, but you can find them by shopping “All Deals” on the Prime Day deals page.

3. Lightning Deals

Lightning deals on Prime Day work similarly to everyday lightning deals, but they will launch as often as 5 minutes apart. You must be fast to take advantage of these so keep checking and refreshing the page (or use Amazon Assistant and Mobile app (above)).

4. Prime Day Deals with Prime Now

If Prime Now is available near you, you can find exclusive Prime Day deals using the official Amazon Prime Now app. This will let you get your Prime Day deals as soon as one hour after you order!

  • Discount coupon: Get $20 off with a coupon code 10PRIMEDAY

5. Check All Prime Day Deal Categories

Even if you are only shopping for deals on dog food, random dog products and other pet supplies, don’t forget to browse through other categories, too.

For example, you can find great dog toys for your canine in the baby section of Amazon Prime Deals; you can find dog food storage items in the kitchen section; and you can find a humidifier for your dog with allergies in the home section.

Early Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Dog Deals

To get the ball rolling, Amazon is trying to entice customers to come to their platform to browse the deals and sign up to stay updated on the upcoming offers. Amazon also offers early Prime Day deals on some selected services and items for Prime members.

Here are a few Amazon Prime deals that are available right now:

40% off Kindle Unlimited membership. If you are an avid reader of dog-themed books (here's a good list), this is worth taking advantage of!

40% off 6 months of Audible. Great for audiobook lovers. There aren’t as many dog-themed Audible books, but there are definitely some (here's a list for you).

$0.99 for 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited. Need music for when you’re walking your dog, or otherwise a new streaming platform? That's as cheap as it gets!

Get 35% off Prime Pantry. Amazon's Prime Pantry is the service of everyday essential items like food, groceries, drinks, kitchen items and more, that's discounted with Prime Day coupons and fast delivery service.

Save 20% on some Amazon Warehouse Deals. The best final stop for deals offered on Amazon, whether on dog supplies or anything else, you'll find something here and will pay less than you normally would.

What kind of dog products are offered with Prime Day deals?

At the moment, you can only preview Prime Day Deals right now and not buy them until July 15th (12 am PT). But here are a few examples of items you'll be able to save on starting today and moving forward if you're already a Prime member:

  • Dog Food (Canned and Wet Food)
  • Dog Treats
  • Dog Collars and Leashes
  • Dog Bowls
  • Car Seat Covers
  • Absorbent Dog Doormats
  • Belly Bands
  • Dog Toys

Other items you can keep an eye out for in other categories that you can use as a dog owner include:

  • Crafting / Scrapbook Items
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Aromatherapy Products
  • Walking and Running Supplies for You
  • Bathtub Nonslip Mats
  • Food Storage Bins
  • Blankets and Throws

How to Save Even More on Prime Day Deals?

The above gives you a good arsenal of tools on how to get the best Amazon Prime Day deals and how to save on pet products or other items for the next few days. However, you can get other savings on Prime Day Deals to, so here are some more tips.

1. Use the Amazon Store Credit Card

If you have an Amazon Store credit card or if you sign up for one before making your Prime Day purchases, you can get 20% back on thousands of Prime Day items. It’s not instant savings, but you can always make use of a statement credit.

2. Use a Gift Card

You can get an Amazon Gift Card and then ensure to reload a gift card using your checking account to make your purchase, and you will get 2% back in rewards. The rewards get added right on to your gift card balance.

Plus, if you reload your gift card with $100 or more you can get a one-time bonus of $10 added to your gift card balance on top of that.

Tips to Buying Smart on Prime Day

Amazon Prime 30 day free trialWith so many deals on Amazon Prime Day and other ways to save on dog supplies and other products for your family, it's easy to get carried away and buy things you don't need, buy too much or simply get in on a deal for items you have no use for.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping on Amazon Prime Day 2018.

1. Do You Really Need It?

It’s easy to buy things because they are a “good deal” and not because you actually need them. When shopping Prime Day Deals make sure that the items you are watching and purchasing are useful or needed for your dog or your family; otherwise, don't waste your money on something simply because it's a great deal. Leave it for others and save cash.

2. Do You Need It in That Quantity?

When prices are “too good” we also have a tendency to over buy. Before you make your Prime Day purchases, ask yourself if you are buying a practical quantity?

For example, are you buying four 30lb bags of dog food because it’s a great deal? If you only have one dog and it takes 5 weeks to get through one bag of food, the third and fourth bags may be out of date or compromised by the time you get around to using them. In other cases, Amazon Prime Day deals on dog food can be a great steal if you buy more than one bag, so it depends how you calculate. Just make sure to do the math.

3. Is It a Good Enough Deal?

Research the prices on Prime Day Deals you are interested in (or continue to check our Amazon Prime Day deals page). Know that the dog supplies you are purchasing are actually a good enough deal to buy.

For example, you may see a bag of dog treats that your dog would like on sale on Prime Day for $5.99. If the original Amazon price shows as $19.99, you may think that $5.99 is a deal that is too good to pass up. If you do a little research via Google, however, you might find that the same treats are on sale at your local pet store this week for $3.99. But we'll do this research for you to make sure you don't get duped on these deals.

Prime Day Deals are already revealed on the official Amazon Prime Day deals page, and they will go live at 12 am PT on July 15th. Hop on to Amazon and start adding items you want to your watchlist to make sure you got everything in order.

Don’t forget to get your FREE 30-day Amazon Prime membership trial, try the Amazon shopping app and install the Amazon Assistant to remind you when your deals go live.

Disclosure: We may earn affiliate commissions at no cost to you from the links on this page. This did not affect our assessment of products. Read more here and find full disclosure here.

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