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This App Will Let You Connect With Pet Resources Around the World

This App Will Let You Connect With Pet Resources Around the World
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The world is becoming more pet friendly one restaurant at a time. Dog parks are popping up in cities all over the globe and more business owners are welcoming four-legged customers with open arms. But how can pet parents find hotels, eating establishments and other public areas that are pet-friendly? Technology is making it easier than ever, and the Dog Land app is helping to connect dog lovers with pet resources all over the world.

Most apps will help dog owners locate resources in their local area, or possibly their state, but Dog Land can link pet parents to resources around the globe. Included in the app are pet stores, dog parks, canine services (such as grooming), veterinarians, animal rescues and shelters, food and dining, the great outdoors, cafes, shops and travel and hotels. It is available for iPhones, iPads or an iPad touch and requires iOS 7.1 or later.

The creators of the app knew that pet parents wanted somewhere that they could access the best dog-friendly entertainment and resources all in one place. There are apps and websites to help you plan traveling adventures with your pets, sites for pet friendly restaurants, as well as apps and websites that are specific to different regions. Dog Land needed to go above and beyond that technology. They wanted to create a place where pet parents could access all types of resources from every corner of the globe without having to scour the internet or download multiple apps.

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This App Will Let You Connect With Pet Resources Around the World
Photo: spongeworks.com

Users are not only able to search for establishments that will allow their Fido to shop with them, the app also lets them message other dog lovers from their local community or around the world. Unlike similar apps, you don’t have to be “friends” with someone to send them a message. You can simply reach out to others and chat with them. You don’t have to be connected to anyone until you are comfortable.

Users can browse photos of other dogs and also shares pictures of their beloved pets. If you see something you like, you can “Dig it,” which is a similar feature to “liking” someone’s post or photo on Facebook. If you’ve tried one of the pet-friendly places listed, you can vote on it and share with others what you thought. Some places claim to be pet-friendly, but once you get there you realize they are less than friendly to their furry customers.

This App Will Let You Connect With Pet Resources Around the World
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The Dog Land app even allows you to “mark your territory” so you can show other users where you’ve been. You can also read and create your own tips for other pet-loving adventurers. It’s a great site for anyone that enjoys bringing their pet with them when they are out and about. The app is very comprehensive, and an Android version is expected to be released later this year.

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In all honestly, most pet owners don’t spend a whole lot of time with their animals. They go to work, run errands and enjoy their social lives while their dogs sit at home patiently awaiting their owners return. Wouldn’t your dog’s quality of life be much better if you took him out once in a while? Just like you, your dog is a social animal and he’ll enjoy going to dog parks, eating in pet-friendly restaurants and browsing in pet-friendly stores.

The nice thing about Dog Land is that you can find these types of places anywhere you go. If you’re visiting family or you take your dog on vacation with you, you’ll still have a list of dog-based resources in the palm of your hand. Chances are you probably know where most of the pet-friendly establishments are in your local area, so you may even get more use out of the app when you’re out of town.

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