From the village of Armant, the Armant dog breed comes alive. With its reputation of being sturdy, diligent, and quick of its wits, its skills were utilized to work along with humans in the farms of Egypt.

The Armant dog breed is rare as it’s skilled in farming and herding. Armant dogs are one of the most devoted working dog breeds. They love to work and help out with their companions as much as they can.

This breed is oddly humorous as you may witness its attempt to work at whatever it can work with.

They may even herd cars and children if they deem to. The Armant breed is remarkable in its skills but let’s take a look at the Armant dog’s history.

History of the Armant Dog Breed

The Armant dog’s history may remain unidentified yet there are theories about its origin going around. 

Research indicates that the Armant dog breed may have been a mix of purebred and native breeds from Egypt.

Mainly the Bearded Collie and the Newfoundland dog breeds were the purebreds that were caught in the mix.

Another theory suggests that researchers have found that the Armant dog breed was first brought by Napoleon along with his troops during their stay in Egypt.

Another theory suggests that the Armant dog breed was a mix of Egypt’s native farm dogs rather than a mix of the Frend Briard breed.

The Armant dog remains rare until today a number of their populations can only be found in several countries including Egypt.

armant dog

Armant's Physical Traits

The Armant Dog breed looks quite Amusingly, they may resemble a large version of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. They have a gentle but sturdy impression.

The Armant dog can stand from 21-23 inches tall and weighs 50-65 pounds. 

Armant dogs have straight or slightly wavy coats. They have medium to longish coat lengths as well. They may appear shaggy oftentimes if kept unbrushed. 

Their coat may come in a variety of colors and shades. Armant dogs may come in black, grey, fawn, and beige.

Their shade is almost random in color and scattered around the ears, muzzle eyes, and paws.

Armant dog’s eyes are large and dark in color. They are set apart quite near to each other. Their nose is prominently big as well and is usually black. 

The Armant dog’s head is round in shape while its muzzle is quite edgy at the ends. It gives off a boxy feeling around their mouth. 

The Armant dog looks quite tall as its neck is thick and muscular. It connects smoothly with their upper body.

Their chest isn’t prominent but it slightly protrudes. Their chest to the stomach does not arch in shape but rather in a much more parallel shape. 

This goes the same with their lower body. It does not arch rather it is parallel in height with its upper body.

The Armant dog’s legs are thick and straight as well. The Armant dog’s tail is quite short but sets downwards.


Armant dogs may be a rare breed but so is their temperament. Warmly, Armant dogs are fond of their family and will do absolutely a great deal for their security and convenience.

They’re amazing at helping out their families and taking part in their daily lives. 

The Armant dog breed is great as a family dog. They thrive in homes with welcoming beings.

Armant dogs are great with children as well. They’re very gentle with handling and interacting with children. 

Surprisingly, Armant dogs aren’t very wary of strangers but will react accordingly they feel threatened by them.

Armant dogs are quite fond of other dogs and other animals as well. They’re very sociable beings and would like to engage with everyone if possible. 

Of course, this is undeniably possible if Armant dogs were introduced and exposed socially while they’re young. Armant dogs are quick on their wits and will pick up on social cues in no time.

Armant dogs are quite sensitive creatures. They’re quite attentive to their owner’s/ family’s emotions. That’s why Armant dogs will need owners who are firm and can lead them well. 

Living with an Armant

Understandably, Armant dogs aren’t big fans of apartment homes. This breed flourishes on openness.

A wide yard or field would be their strong suit. Since this breed is the type to want to move around a lot and ‘work’ with anything they can find.

Armant dogs will do great with active families. Farm life or just some physical lifestyle is their forte.

They will love doing everything along with their owner. Not to mention, the treats, the praises, and the job well done! 

Armant dogs may need firm leadership and guidance but not a strict one. They will do well when praised.

Negative actions should be dealt with calmly and softly but of course with a firm reminder not to repeat a thing.

Lastly, Armant dogs are not to be left alone. This breed thrives on the company.

Once left alone, they’ll seek attention and leisure elsewhere. Make sure to leave them with someone rather than leaving them alone.

Owners can ask a person the dog is also familiar with to dog sit for the moment.

Owners can provide toys and treat to distract the dog from the fact their owner is out for the moment.

Armant dogs are quite vocal but only when they deem it necessary. Owners can train them to outgrow the behavior if necessary.


Armant Dogs are part of the utility category. They have been working as herding and guard dogs.

Armant dogs have great harmony when it comes to working with humans. As much as they are cared for, they do significantly at work.

Armant dogs have an enormous amount of energy that matches their intellectual ability as well. Training Armant dogs is a must.

Basic training is essential for this breed as they can become destructive and stubborn when left unguided.

Continuous training is recommended for Armant dogs who will partake in working duties. 

armant dog hugging his owner


Exercise for Armant dogs is indispensable. Armant dogs who do not receive a sufficient amount of exercise will become hostile and uncooperative.

These dogs are naturally energetic and disposing of their excess energy will make them contented. 

Armant Dogs can walk at least 45 minutes to an hour daily and can be split throughout the day.

Armant dogs are best on wide fields where they can run about to their heart's content. It’s best to do this with Armant Dogs who are been trained to return by command. 

Owners can also use playtime as an exercise for Armant dogs. Frisbee and fetch can be done with your Armant dogs.

Armant dogs can become destructive without having a sense of purpose, not destructive but rather stubbornly helpful.

They might force to herd children if they must just to feel some sort of accomplishment. 

Remember Armant dogs are natural utility dogs. It’s a must that they have a duty available to be done.

Giving Armant dogs jobs they can do can help them feel accomplished and of help. This will make them extremely satisfied and happy. 

Armant dogs can also be given duties at home. Tasks, where they can move around and work together with their humans, are the best with Armant dogs.

With these activities, Armant dogs instantly will feel their bond with their owner. 

Armant Dog Breed Health Care

Armant Dogs are known for being a healthy breed due to their ancestry. They can live from 12-15 years of age.

There are still a couple of diseases Armant dogs are prone to due to their mobility. Here are some of the diseases owners should look out for:

Ear Infections

Ear infection causes may vary but it’s essential to have them checked during regular visits to veterinarians.

If you notice shaking of the head, unpleasant odor in the ears, or overly scratching of their ears, do have them checked immediately.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition wherein the socket of the joint and ball becomes distorted.

When diagnosed with hip dysplasia, it’s important to keep their weight in the normal range and have them exercise with activities that promote joint therapy. 

Veterinarians may prescribe medications for anti-inflammatory/ pain relievers and supplements. Prevention is the same, keeping them active but not injuring them as well.

A treadmill walk or swimming is perfect for prevention and recovery as well.

Osteochondritis Dissecans

Osteochondritis Dissecans in dogs is the inflammatory condition of the joints when the cartilage separates from the bone.

Mostly, it is found in the shoulders but it can also be found in areas where there are joints.

Symptoms may vary in seriousness but the common symptoms are swelling of joints, obvious signs of pain when walking, lameness, unable to walk due to pain.

This is a very painful disorder. Get the dog checked up with the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Treatment can be resting, medication, therapy, or surgery. Of course, it may depend on the results of their test. 

Remember to adopt Armant dogs from reputable breeders. Acquiring dogs from pet stores, puppy mills and backyard breeders have undetermined health conditions for the dog.

These litters did not go through proper screening and testing to create a healthy breed which may affect their quality of life. 

Taha Photography Armant
Taha Photography Armant

Diet Needs

Armant dogs are active and mobile dogs. They will need an ample amount of energy source as they move about.

Armant dogs can eat at least 2 cups of high-quality dog food split into two-three every day. 

Owners can also introduce wet food as it promotes hydration.

Dry food and wet food can also be mixed or altered once in a while for variety.

Fresh water should also be accessible for Armants as they can get dehydrated.

Since Armants are prone to joint problems, owners can ask their veterinarians for supplements to help maintain their joint health.

Owners can also ask their veterinarians for any food that may affect their dog's health.


Armant dogs have a straight and coarse medium coat. Some Armant dogs even have longer ones.

Armant dogs may have frequent shedding depending on the seasons. The density of their coat is fine during seasons and gets denser in cooler seasons. 

The shedding of their coat is customary to help regulate their body temperature according to the seasons. 


Armant dogs may need brushing at least twice or more a week and as needed.

Since their coat is medium-longish in length, matting and tangles may accumulate. Brushing will decrease the chances. 

It can also help maintain their coat healthy and moisturize. Brushing their hair as needed will promote oil nourishment for their skin and fur as well as remove grime, excess shed hair, and dead skin cells.

Owners may use slicker brush, comb, and even pin brush to tidy their hair. Please do remember when untangling matt hair to start at the bottom.

When it is untangled at the bottom you may start at the top then. Tugging the matting may conflict with pain in the dog which is distressing for both owner and the dog. 


Armant dogs may need bathing once every two weeks and after water activities. It’s best to bathe Armants not too often as they are prone to dry and flaky skin.

Brushing may help remove flakes and grime. Owners can use moisturizing shampoos to promote hydration in the skin.

Ear Cleaning and Toothbrushing

After a bath, make sure to pat dry Armant’s ears. Armant dogs are prone to ear infections and damp ears are one of the causes of ear infections.

It’s best to clean Armants ears at least twice a week. Some Armants have ear folds falling on their face, and these Armants are more prone to ear infections.

It’s best to examine their ears now and then.

Armant dog's teeth can be brushed once a week. To avoid dental health decay, keep a check on their oral health. 

Nail Trimming

Armants’ nails can be filed or trimmed once a week.

Medium dog's nail length grows a bit faster but it’s not necessary to cut them all the time. Unless the nails touch the ground, it’s best to file them instead. 

Fortunately, Armants cooperate well with their owners and families during routines.

It’s best to introduce them to a grooming regimen while they’re young for a more effortless regimen in the future. 

National Purebred Dog Day
National Purebred Dog Day

Frequently Asked Questions about the Armant Dog Breed

Is Armant Dog an ancient breed?

The Armant dog breed is said to have existed during Napoleon’s time around the late 1700s.

But, the Armant breed is recognized to have originated around the early 1900s.

Are there Armant dogs outside of Egypt?

Although Armant is a rare breed, some Armant dogs can be found in Holland and France but the population isn’t abundant as well.

How many litter size does an Armant dog breed have?

The Armant dog breed can have 3 to 8 puppies in each litter. Although it’s a pretty rare breed, their litter size is quite plenty.

Armant Dog Breed Profile Summary

The Armant dog is a remarkable breed despite its small population. If you’re looking for a loyal, fearless and diligent dog breed, Armant is the one for you. 

Armant dog does well even with new owners as they are sensitive and quite flexible with their owners or families but of course, you must offer them great guidance in exchange.

Armant dogs grow best in homes where it’s welcoming, dutiful, and attentive.

Remember to adopt your dog from reputable breeders and have them screened and tested as soon as possible.

If there are possible complications, it's best to address them as soon as possible to maintain its life quality. 

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