Aww...This Monkey Adopted a Homeless Puppy
Photo: Daily Mail

Nothing is cuter than unusual animal pairings – especially in this case. In Erode, India locals are in awe of an adorable pair that has been seen spending all their time together. These two give “puppy love” a whole new meaning.

Adopting a puppy is a serious responsibility, and this monkey seems to understand his role as a pet owner. They are the talk of the town in southern India as they are often seen eating together, and the monkey usually carries the puppy while he swings through trees. There have even been witnesses that have seen the monkey fight away other stray dogs to protect the pup.

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A series of heartwarming photographs have been shared on Facebook and viewed nearly 200,000 times. They show the rhesus monkey caring for the puppy as if it were its own baby. Much like monkeys do to other members of their species, some of the photographs show the monkey picking fleas and dirt off the young pup.

Aww...This Monkey Adopted a Homeless Puppy
Photo: Daily Mail

To adopt a young member of a different species is certainly something special. It has been seen in other instances in the animal kingdom, but it is quite rare. Observers have described the pair as having an “undying affection” to local news and television stations. In fact, when a dish of milk was set out by a Good Samaritan, the monkey stood back and allowed the puppy to drink first.

Although local citizens are behind the unusual pair, the forest department may not be. The mystery that led to the two animals forming a bond is unknown, but some people in Erode are concerned that the forest department may not think the monkey is capable of caring for his small friend. They may try to separate the pair, which some people believe would be detrimental to both animals.

Odd animal pairs make the news every once in a while. We’ve seen dogs and horses playing together, pigs and cats that can’t get enough of each other and even birds and cows that have become best friends. It just goes to show us that animals don’t judge by appearances.

This monkey didn’t think twice about adopting a puppy that needed a good home, but humans really should. Just like this rhesus monkey, you’ll need to feed and care for your pet. Puppies are cute, but they also come with a whole lot of responsibility. You need to put a lot of thought into your decision before adopting one.

In order to have a well behaved adult dog, you’ll need to spend many hours training your puppy. You’ll have to house train him, leash train him and work on behavior training as well. Don’t forget the everyday care that comes with pups too. There’s feeding, watering and grooming. Not to mention you’ll have to keep a close eye on your new canine companion all the time.

And let’s not forget the financial responsibility. You’re not a monkey in the wild that can forage for food to feed your canine companion. You’ll have the added expense of food, supplies (like a collar, leash and dog bed) and you’ll also have some hefty vet bills.

Aww...This Monkey Adopted a Homeless Puppy
Photo: Daily Mail

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Your puppy will need shots, and you’ll have to have it spayed or neutered. Regular checkups and preventative care expenses will add up too. Hopefully your new family member will be in top health, but on the off chance that he has some major health problems you’ll need to account for those types of emergency costs too.

This monkey does seem to be doing a great job caring for his canine companion right now, and it is clear from the photographs of the two that they have a very special bond. But how will that bond develop and change over time? Maybe the forest department should intervene. What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

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