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Bakery in New York Has Gone to the Dogs

Bakery in New York Has Gone to the Dogs
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The best bakery in Monroe County, New York creates unique concoctions ever day…but they aren’t for humans. Cindy Ackerman, owner of Woofies Gourmet Dog Bakery, fills the bakery case in her store with mouth-watering treats like pumpkin kisses, cupcakes, canine cannolies, and her signature Banana Mutt Pup Cake.

Technically the treats are safe for human consumptions but you probably wouldn’t want to try them, and you’d never know they were for dogs just by looking at them. All her treats are made with all-natural, human grade ingredients.

Ackerman, who is originally from Greece, opened the bakery in 2010 after working for many years in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. She went inside several dog food processing plants while performing duties for her previous job, and got a good look at how commercial dog food is actually made.

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She saw all the fillers that are added to most commercial foods and does not believe that dogs are supposed to eat that way. She believes dogs need real, natural foods that will satisfy their desires and be healthy for their bodies.

Bakery in New York Has Gone to the Dogs
Photo: leftoverqueen.com

Ackerman began taking animal nutrition courses online and studying holistic veterinary practices. She also began experimenting in her own kitchen by making meals for her friend’s dog that was suffering with cancer. Making healthy meals for dogs became her passion.

Although the first thing customers see when they walk into Woofies is a case full of delicious looking baked goods, it is actually the stuff behind the counter that Ackerman takes the most pride in. She sells about 300 of her homemade meals a week.

The homemade natural dog food consists of a completely balanced diet that can totally replace commercial dog food. Woofies also creates custom foods for dogs with allergy issues, sensitive stomachs, and other special dietary needs.

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Woofies offers a chicken meal that includes slow roasted free range chicken, broth with marrow, organic spices, ground flax, brown rice, and organic fresh vegetables. The store also sells a beef meal that contains apples, eggs, and other all-natural ingredients. The chicken meal sells for $4.99 and the beef for $5.99.

Ackerman even caters to doggy birthday parties with her homemade dog ice cream and birthday cake made with ground steak. Located in Spencerport, NY, the shop also sells unique gift items for dogs and dog lovers, as well as other select dog products.

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