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Bald is Beautiful, Even If You’re a Homeless Pooch!

Bald is Beautiful, Even If You're a Homeless Pooch
Photo: Facebook / Pet Pawtography by Diana Bunch

I don't know about you, but I think we have become too “hair-orientated' as a society. We spend scads of cash cutting, dyeing and re-fixing our hair to resemble a magazine model or the newest, hottest celebrity personality. Not to mention all that wasted time each and every day trying to achieve the perfect ‘doo'.

And for what? A huge rain storm or blustery day to ruin all our efforts…it's maddening and a bit crazy. If that isn't enough, we've now taken our hair-obsession and put it onto our canine companions. Doggy styling our pooches with fluorescent hues, contemporary haircuts and shaved-in designs has become all the rage.

Unfortunately, with this hairy-craze happening all around us, it makes it that much harder for those dogs that may be hair-challenged to find new hope. Fortunately, for one such homeless and needy canine, a photographer changed her dismay and doom into a new and bright future.

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Bald is Beautiful, Even If You're a Homeless Pooch
Photo: Facebook / Pet Pawtography by Diana Bunch

Oracle, a terrier mix, showed up at the Montgomery Humane Society in pretty bad shape. She had an eye injury and seemed to have been born deaf. If all this wasn't bad enough, she was suffering from a severe case of mange. This condition left Oracle itchy, mostly bald and needing a lot of medical attention.

Who would want to adopt this poor bald pup?

Lucky for Oracle, Diana Bunch, a professional pet photographer who runs Pet Pawtography, decided to show off the beautiful side of this dog. She dressed Oracle up in tutus and necklaces and even took an adorable shot of Oracle in her bubble bath (which she absolutely loves having).

Bunch grouped these shots in a series and let her pictures be worth a thousand words. And it worked! Despite this poor pups lack of hair, a caring and wonderful woman, Cheyenne Edwards, decided to step in and foster Oracle. This dog hit the jackpot as Edwards is also a professional dog groomer who didn't let Oracle's condition faze her.

Bald is Beautiful, Even If You're a Homeless Pooch!
Photo: Facebook / Pet Pawtography by Diana Bunch

Edwards took her fuzzy foster in every two weeks so she could have her medicated baths, which help treat the mange, and over time Oracle vastly improved. Her skin healed and new little sprouts of hair began to cover Oracle's body.

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Today, this once bald pup has found a new home with Edwards, whose patience, kindness and open-mindedness saw past her outer appearance. Oracle is enjoying the good life playing with her adopted siblings, a Cockapoo named Delilah and a Weimaraner named Jessie. She even joins Edwards at work, greeting all those pooches who have to come in for a shampoo and new doggy doo.

New photos have been taken of Oracle that shows her amazing transformation from bald, mangy shelter pup with little hope, to an adorable and fully-furred beloved member of a dedicated family. Let's not judge ourselves, others or even animals on what rests on top of our heads (or bodies). Give a shelter pooch a second chance at a good life, despite what type of hair (or lack thereof) he or she is sporting.

Diana currently lives and works in London, UK and she's been an animal lover and dog owner since she was a child. After graduating high school, she focused on getting her degree in English to become a writer with a focus on animals, pets and dogs.