Bensie Boy Dog Waste Bags Helping to Stop Issues in Minnesota

Bensie Boy, a company that specializes in manufacturing sturdy, reliable dog waste bags, announced their support for a massive cleanup effort in Minnetonka earlier this month. The campaign focusses on reducing the large amount of dog waste that is lying around the city now that the snow is beginning to melt.

Residents have expressed their disappointment in the way that dog owners are treating the public areas in and around the city. The melting snow is bringing with it the large amount of waste that has been left behind by dog owners over the winter months, and dog feces isn’t the only thing they’ve left behind. Citizens are also discovering a lot of trash that has been left at dog parks and in other public areas.

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Last year the same problem was exposed when the spring thaw began. A large cleanup effort was enacted by one of the town’s good Samaritans and over 200 pounds of dog poop was collected. Since then, the city has enacted mandates to rectify the issue, which they believe affects the water system when the waste is washed into lakes and streams.

Although these public areas were plastered with posters and educational information, the problem has not gone away. Now Bensie Boy is joining the campaign and promoting their product in the process.

Bensie Boy Dog Waste Bags Helping to Stop Issues in Minnesota

A spokesperson for the company has emphasized that it is the pet owners’ responsibility to clean up after their dog. The company wants residents of the town to understand how hazardous animal waste could be to their health and the health of their pets. They recommend the use of reliable pooper scooping bags, such as their trademark dog waste bags.

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Bensie Boy wants people to understand that by using strong, reliable bags there is less chance of rips and they makes the responsibility of cleaning up after your dog much less disgusting. Bags like the ones they manufacture are thicker than other brands and do not allow the odor of the feces to escape.

They also sell a bag dispenser that is small enough to be taken along on walks or car trips. Not only does Bensie Boy offer a solid product, but they donate a percentage of every product sold to a different animal rescue center every month.

By backing this cause, Bensie Boy is showing that they care about the communities that their customers live in. Match this with their donation efforts and it’s easy to see why consumers would want to do business with a company that cares about the communities it is a part of.

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