A backseat dog car hammock keeps hair, mud and dirt off of your car seats, a very common issue for pet owners. Moreover, pets that have medical issues or post-surgery conditions can be safely transported using dog car hammocks, which is especially useful for senior dogs.

Backseat dog car hammocks are not like traditional seat covers. Unlike a dog car seat cover, a hammock hooks onto the head rests of the rear and front seats in the vehicle, to literally create a hammock for dogs over your car's back seat. This way not only do they provide a safe place for your pet to ride in, but they also protect your vehicle from dog hair, dirt, debris and damage done by canine's toenails.

We've tested a number of brands for their durability, features, how easy it is to put them on and off in a vehicle, and of course, their price. Below are the six best dog car hammocks that we liked the most, in that order.

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How to Pick the Best Dog Car Hammock for Your Pet/Car

While not all backseat car hammocks for dogs are the same, they are very similar in their design and the purpose they're used. For the most part, they are just an upgrade for regular dog car seat covers, and are typically slightly more expensive. The extra cost comes for the “hammock” feature, which is what traditional car seat covers lack.

The best dog car hammock for backseats should be easy to install and take out of your vehicle. If not, and if you're doing a lot of car traveling with your dog, it will quickly become a hassle.

How to Pick the Best Dog Car Hammock
Our test of different hammocks with our 3-pack.

Make sure to buy a pet car hammock that is machine washable. Because their purpose is to keep hair and dirt in, you're likely to wash them often. Think about your own needs for the hammock, and the specific needs of your pet when choosing the right item.

For example, is your dog very active in the car, and do they move around a lot during rides? If so, the best dog car hammock for you is the one with a non-slip covering so it doesn't fall off easily. Also, consider if a waterproof dog car hammock is a necessity. It's best for dogs that frequently swim, or if you have a dog with incontinence issues.

Extra features on car hammocks for dogs
We've tested specific features of car hammocks.

Consider other small features that you may need. Some pet car hammocks come with pockets for dog supplies, while others have holes to put seat belt clips through, and some have better and more secure ways of keeping the hammock steady and in place.

Finally, if a car hammock isn't suitable, there are other options for car travel with dogs. The most common item for small breeds are car seats which keep your dog in one place and away from seats, serving a similar purpose.

The Best Dog Car Hammocks

1Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with Hammock
by 4Knines

Hammocks are usually integrated in seat covers, and the 4Knines is the best example of how to do this right. It is available in colors of black, grey and tan, and in two size options which actually fits most dogs.

The medium size of this dog car hammock measures 54 inches across the rear seat while the extra large measures 60 inches. UV coating makes this seat protector hammock water resistant, easy to clean, and luxurious-looking.

This ended up as our first pick among the best dog car hammocks because it feels as a well-made item that is going to last us a long time. The strong hammock straps are sturdier than other brands, and its visibly durable construction is particularly great for pets that are recuperating from medical conditions.

Slipping is a common issue with car hammocks, but this seat cover’s non-slip backing holds whole thing in place through the trip without any adjustments. It also simplified collecting pet hair and dirt, and the few dirty spots we got cleaned off with just a damp cloth.

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  • Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes
  • Quality, durable materials
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Non-slip backing

  • While it claims to be water resistant, too much wetness will still leaks through to the vehicle's upholstery


2Premium Pet Seat Cover, Hammock Style
by Kululu

This hammock-convertible car seat cover from Kululu features something unique – it has a mesh window that allows our pup to see the view of the front seat. This is the second  best dog car hammocks for this feature alone, because any dog would appreciate not to feel isolated during long car trips.

Moreover, the viewing feature also lets air through the hammock for a more relaxing ride. The seat cover/hammock measures 54 inches wide and 58 inches long, and is made of four layers of visibly durable materials that you immediately feel.

It is secured in place by extra straps, seat anchors and non-slip silicone backing. There’s also a dog seat belt for added security which you may or may not use. Pet owners experienced firsthand the outstanding features of this product. This dog car hammock is so thick that it can almost serve as an extra comfortable bedding. The hammock felt very stable and did not flip or move about during a few trips.

The seat belt openings can be sealed with Velcro fastenings to keep chewers from accessing your seat belt buckles. With this premium seat cover, cleaning the vehicle becomes a much simpler matter. You can easily wipe the hammock down with a damp cloth, vacuum the fur off of it or spray it down with the hose if your pooch gets it muddy.

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  • Mesh window allows your dog to see through to the front seat
  • Measures 54″ X 58″
  • Secured in place by extra straps, seat anchors and non-slip silicone backing
  • Equipped with a dog seat belt to keep your pet restrained
  • Seat belt openings can be secured with Velcro
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or garden hose

  • Smells of chemicals when first taken from packaging (but can be vented)
  • Only available in one size that does not fit all trucks, cars and SUV's


3Pet Seat Cover Waterproof with Hammock
by Plush Paws

With Plush Paws dog car hammock, our dogs did not only enjoy its hammock feature, but we also received two bonus pet car seat belts and two harnesses. They're not of the best quality, but it's a nice touch. Triple-layered and quilted, this dog seat cover will protect your car’s interior from the usual paw prints, scratch marks, dirt and hair from pets.

The top layer is made of combined cotton material and polyester, while the middle layer is made of thick padding. The bottom layer is made of silicon that, together with the seat anchor and side flaps, prevents the cover from budging or sliding off the car seat.

This item is available in two sizes and colors of gray and tan. This is one of the best dog car hammocks because no dyes or harmful chemicals were used to treat the surface. We were also impressed by how the tube-like anchors of the Plush Paws hammock really hold things firmly and help to keep a perfect fit.

If you're searching for a bigger pet seat cover to fit your large car, SUV or truck, this will be the one. While most other best dog car hammocks listed here are somewhat big, this one has the largest size, with the “XL” measuring at 63”x65″. It reaches the corners of our SUV's sizable backseats for a perfect fit, as if it was customized for our car specifically.

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  • Comes with 2 pet seat belts and 2 harnesses
  • Triple-layered and quilted for added comfort
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors
  • No dyes or chemicals used to treat the surface

  • The adjustable straps slide on their own under the weight of larger breeds
  • The quality of the seams isn't the best, and some ripped pretty quick


4Luxury Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover
by BarksBar

This one is waterproof and definitely felt comfortable to sit on. It is anchored in key points and backed by a rubber material to prevent slipping off. The standard size measures 54”x58”, while the X-Large size fits larger seats up to 60”x64”.

We loved the installation process, which was extremely easy – we just slipped it on, buckled the straps, secured the tube anchors and we were good to go. The same could be said about cleaning up. Wet spots don’t get absorbed and can be wiped off with a cloth. This needs only occasional washing and is machine washable.

Being one of the best dog car hammocks, this one is not only all about function. It’s a sleek looking cover, too, with luxurious padding and quilted polyester surface in classic black that’s easy to match with any car interior. Every feature looks well put together, including the noticeably durable stitching and clasps, and front flaps and straps that turn it to a hammock.

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  • Waterproof
  • Backed with rubber for stability
  • 2 sizes available
  • Machine washable

  • The straps are not as durable as we initially expected
  • A few small seams ripped after a little use, but that wasn't a big deal


5Waterproof Hammock Car Seat Cover for Dogs

The classic quilted pet seat cover is a feature that’s truly timeless, but what if you want something that’s more modern and minimalist? If that's what you're looking for, this hammock pet car seat cover from NAC&ZAC will likely to meet your needs.

After installing, it clearly lends seamless beauty and sleek simplicity to our vehicle's interior. It is available in black, gray, and a deeper shade of black called V3.0 Black. Velcro-fastened slots for the seat belts kept things in place, neat and clean and in harmony with the overall clean look.

Sizes of the seat cover vary in width only (50” for small, 56” for standard, and 66” for large), but all are 63 inches in length. Unlike most water-resistant dog car hammocks, this one is said to be 100% waterproof but, unfortunately, we didn't find that to be the case. It's made of canvas-like polyester top material, PE layer in the middle, and non-slip rubber backing. If you have a heavily drooling pet, this feature will be an important one, but for incontinence issues, we could not recommend this.

Adjustable straps, sturdy quick-release buckles, textured rubber backing, extra elastic straps and side covers that fit snugly all add up to made a firm and stable hold onto our seats. There’s no tugging here and there, no squirming on the seats, and our driver and passengers enjoyed a couple of trips. The hammock with its reinforced straps, though not extra thick like the padded versions, is very strong and could really carry a heft.

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  • Available in 3 colors and 3 sizes
  • Seat belt openings can be secured with Velcro
  • 100% waterproof
  • Non-slip rubber backing

  • It's not actually 100% waterproof
  • Some cars may have issues with proper fit


6Original Dog Car Hammock
by BarksBar

Hammock or hammock-convertible pet seat covers keep dirt, hair and whatnots that dogs bring within the confines of the rear seat. But, the biggest thing this hammock from BarksBar keeps in place is your dog.

The barrier between the front and rear seats is at a height that our dogs couldn't easily climb over. We didn't think about this beforehand, but later found it to be a useful feature, especially if our dogs would be hyperactive and disrupt driving. There’s a vertical zipper though to allow access when there’s a need.

This black seat cover is available in two sizes. Among the best dog car seat covers, this one is the cheapest and it's probably the most cost-effective, easiest way to protect your car's seats and keep long travels with pets hassle-free and comfortable. The two large pockets are useful for storing toys and pet supplies.

Considering its low price, it has all the necessary features we wanted from a dog car hammock: waterproof, hammock-convertible, durable, and easy to install and maintain. When you’re driving, you don’t need a nosey dog that trespasses your line of view or disturbs your peace.

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  • Barrier between front and back seats is higher than with most of the best dog car hammocks
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Two large pockets allow you to store toys and treats
  • Waterproof
  • Cheaper than any of the other best dog car hammocks on this list

  • Not very durable (consider the price, it's expected)
  • Quality of the materials is the lowest among all brands tested

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