Looking for the best dog food for Springer Spaniels?

Well, in general, you ought to select a meal that has been approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for your dog’s current life stage.

PetMD says,

You can supplement them with glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep their joints healthy.

Omega-3 supplements can also aid in protecting joint health—and help keep their skin and coat lush and soft.

Today's dog foods are not one-size-fits-all.

Continued canine nutritional research and investigations into the dog’s genome have shown that different breeds can benefit from specific diets.

English Springer Spaniels are no different.

Finding the best dog food for Springer Spaniels is important for your pet's overall health and well-being.

Springers are medium-sized dogs, typically weighing 40-50 pounds and standing 19-20 inches at the shoulder.

They enjoy companionship with their family for an average of 12-14 years.

These dogs are typically a very healthy breed.

While English Springer Spaniels can be prone to several genetically linked diseases, a few should be considered when selecting dog food.

You may have had Springers all your life and want to improve its health, or you may want to adopt a new Springer puppy.

Either way, it's important to find a dog food brand that will meet your pup's unique nutritional needs, depending on the stage of life he's currently in.

Today, I'll share some of the best dog food for Springer Spaniels that I often recommend to pet owners in my veterinary practice.

The Best Dog Food for Springer Spaniels' Health

Before switching your dog to any new diet, consult a veterinarian. Remember that no article on the internet, including this one, can replace a consultation with a vet.

The Springer Spaniel is generally a healthy breed, but it is important to be aware of certain issues.

The ones noted here may be helped or possibly prevented with the best dog food for Springer Spaniels.

1. Epilepsy

Epilepsy in English Springer Spaniels is typically diagnosed between 6 months and six years of age.

Inherited idiopathic epilepsy is the most common type seen.

This basically means that the dog has seizures, and there is no clear cause as to why it happens.

Secondary epilepsy caused by a primary problem like a brain tumor is much less likely in this breed.

Seizures happen in the brain when electrical impulses between neurons aren’t happening correctly.

If your Springer or its relative has seizures, it is a good idea to support their brain health as much as possible.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NeuroCare

I recommend Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NeuroCare as the best dog food for Springer Spaniels diagnosed with epilepsy.

This diet is “hot off the presses” and was available in the USA starting in March 2017.

A research team from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in London showed that a medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) diet can help control seizures.

The RVC test diet with MCT oils (the Purina formula) is the first dog food to improve epilepsy in dogs clinically.

This is very exciting in the veterinary world, so be sure to seek out your veterinarian for a prescription.

2. Skin and Ear Disorders

English Springer Spaniels can be prone to ear infections and skin issues.

The most common of these are hereditary primary seborrhea and atopic dermatitis (allergies).

Many dogs that have ongoing ear infections also have atopic dermatitis.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato and Fish

Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato and FishIt is important to support your dog’s skin health with the best dog food for Spring Spaniels as much as you can.

While it is not a “hypoallergenic diet,” Natural Balance L.I.D, Sweet Potato, and Fish contains a high level of omega-3 essential fatty acids to promote healthy skin.

Seborrhea is basically excessive scaling of the skin and can be “oily” or “dry.”

Supplementing omega-3 essential fatty acids in the diet can help to reduce inflammation and relieve the itch.

Fish is less likely to cause food allergies in dogs, and this natural diet is also grain-free.

Natural Balance guarantees omega-3 content at 0.5% minimum and omega-6 content at 2% minimum.

3. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow and hip dysplasia are seen across several medium and large breed dogs.

While there is a genetic component to these issues, nutrition plays a big role in their development.

Hip dysplasia is the abnormal growth of the hips.

Over time, the abnormality can cause painful hip arthritis, even in puppies.

While selective breeding and screening can help diminish the prevalence of the genes in the breeding population, it is still present.

Elbow dysplasia is a syndrome that can be caused by many different genetic and developmental issues in the elbows, leading to painful degenerative joint disease and arthritis.

While there is a genetic component to these diseases, significant nutritional risk factors play a part during puppyhood.

These risk factors are rapid growth and excess dietary calcium intake.

It is impossible to prevent these issues 100% via diet alone, but feeding an appropriate puppy-specific food and not overfeeding will help.

Best Dog Food for Spring Spaniel Puppies

Puppyhood is the most important time for optimal nutrition.

As mentioned above, it is best not to over-feed your Springer.

This will help prevent developmental orthopedic diseases and obesity.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Lamb and Rice

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Lamb and RiceWhile there are many excellent puppy foods on the market, Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Lamb and Rice is my choice for the best dog food for Spring Spaniels in the puppy stage of life.

Purina has been a leader in canine nutrition for many decades, and this updated formula does not disappoint.

Even if your Springer puppy isn’t showing signs of seborrhea (flaking skin), trying Purina Pro Plan’s Focus Puppy Lamb and Rice is a good idea.

It is fortified with DHA, an omega-3 essential fatty acid found in cold-water fish. It is affordable across the board and easy to find in pet stores and online.

Natural Balance Ultra Whole Body Health Puppy Formula

Natural Balance Original Ultra Grain Free Chicken Dry Dog Food, 11 lbs. If you want a more “premium” line of dog food, look no further than Natural Balance Ultra Whole Body Health Puppy Formula. Natural Balance produces a whole-foods-based canned diet that is great for picky puppies.

It is fortified with DHA and EPA, important omega-3 essential fatty acids promoting healthy skin and brain development.

They also go a step further in including colostrum in their formula, adding a punch of good protein and immune support.

Best Dog Food for Adult Spring Spaniels

Adult English Springer Spaniels need food that will keep them on the go.

It is important to take your pet's lifestyle into account when transitioning to the best dog food for Springer Spaniels in their adult years.

Most Springer puppies will transition to adult food around 12 months of age.

Many veterinary nutritionists recommend feeding an adult diet until your pet is around eight years of age.

Low-Active and Normal Body Condition Springer Spaniels

Royal Canin Medium Weight Care Adult FormulaFor dogs that are low-active to normal in their lifestyle, such as apartment living with twice daily walks and playing at the dog park on weekends, good food to try is Royal Canin Medium Weight Care Adult Formula.

Royal Canin has been a trusted name in evidence-based nutrition for many decades.

Their formula for low-active medium breeds is a good way to prevent unnecessary weight gain.

They even have a picture of an English Springer Spaniel on the bag!

It not only provides balanced nutrition, it includes a graduated feeding schedule that can change based on your dog’s current activity level.

Very Active – Sporting Springer Spaniels

If your Springer is very active, engaging regularly or competitively in activities like agility or hunting, it is best to invest in food that keeps up with them.

A very popular and effective source of nutrition that can be easily tweaked to your dog’s needs is Royal Canin Sporting Life Agility 4100.

This food stands out because of its manufacturer’s dedication to quality, carbohydrate, and high protein content.

It contains high amounts of carbs – providing your dog with quick energy to perform.

After strenuous exercise, your dog can repair his muscles with high-quality, easily digestible protein.

Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and omega-rich fish oil will help keep your athlete’s joints in top form.

Overweight Springer Spaniels

If your adult Springer has become overweight, it is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian before putting him on a diet.

Sometimes, it is best to evaluate any concurrent issues your dog may have, a common one being joint pain due to arthritis.

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility, Weight + j/d Joint Care Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food, Veterinary Diet, 24 lb. Bag If this is the case, I recommend Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility as the best dog food for Springer Spaniels in this condition.

This prescription diet from Hill’s is available through veterinarians worldwide.

The combination of formulas gives your Springer the support they need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Hill boasts that dogs have improved mobility after 21 days and can reduce body weight by 13% in 60 days.

Best Dog Food for Senior Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels are considered geriatric, around nine years of age.

Many dog food companies have ‘stages' of senior diets. These may start at 7 or 10 years of age.

The biggest things you should look for in a senior diet include:

  • low to moderate calories
  • high antioxidant content
  • contains joint support nutrients

Royal Canin Medium Aging 10+ Formula

Royal Canin Medium Aging 10+ FormulaMy top pick for the best dog food for Springer Spaniels in their golden years is Royal Canin Medium Aging 10+ Formula.

Royal Canin is again highly recommended due to its commitment to evidence-based nutrition and premium ingredients.

This dog food also promotes good digestion, giving a better stool consistency, meaning less poop to pick up and easier clean-up.

This food also boasts a list of excellent sources of senior support – fish oil and tea for an antioxidant punch and chondroitin sulfate for better joint mobility.

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind 7+ Formula

Purina Pro Plan Senior Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Bright Mind 7+ Chicken & Rice Formula - 30 lb. Bag If Royal Canin is unavailable or out of your price range, don’t despair! Another senior dog food that I recommend is Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind 7+ Formula.

This diet by Purina is affordable and highly palatable, enticing even the pickiest of senior eaters.

The first ingredient is turkey, which provides high-quality protein and taste.

The formula is fortified with fish oil for an omega-3 punch and glucosamine for joint health and mobility.

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ Wet Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ Wet Dog FoodDoes your English Springer Spaniel suffer from dental disease, or has she lost most of her teeth?

A tasty option is also from Purina Pro Plan’s Bright Mind line – providing the same benefits as the dry formula in Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ Wet Dog Food.

The wet dog food version is more expensive for pet owners, but it may benefit Spring Spaniels who have a hard time chewing dry kibble or simply are picky eaters and will refuse to eat dry dog food.

Best Dog Food for Springer Spaniels: Before You Go

The best dog food for Springer Spaniels is high in nutrients.

This breed is very focused on growing, and the food we provide them should support that goal.

Puppies require water, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Even so, it's crucial to watch your portions and limit sweets to no more than 10% of their daily caloric consumption.

By regulating your English Springer Spaniel's calorie intake and providing the right amount of activity, you can combat dog obesity.

Since balance is so important, we advise that your woofer consume food from a reputed brand.


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