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5 Best Dog Grooming Courses Online


Best Dog Grooming Courses Online

Do you groom your own dogs, or find yourself pulling out the scissors after your dog’s trip to the grooming salon to “get the job done right”? Do your friends and family ask you to trim their dogs’ fur because you are so good at it? Have you thought about maybe making this talent a side hustle, or even a full time business? These best dog grooming courses online can help get you started!

While you can definitely groom your dogs and your friends or family’s pets without any certification, it’s safer to have training and education in grooming services before you embark on a business idea or plan on taking in strangers’ dogs. What you probably don’t know is that there are tons of grooming certification programs out there.

You’re probably thinking, “I really don’t want to go back to school to learn how to cut a dog's hair,” or “I can’t afford to quit working to attend school for this!” That’s the best part – you can do the majority of these programs online! You can get certified in a matter of weeks or months, and start working as a certified dog groomer in no time!

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5 Best Dog Grooming Courses Online

Find Best Dog Grooming Courses Online

1. Penn Foster

Penn Foster Dog Grooming Course OnlineYes, Penn Foster has a grooming certificate program. In their program, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the grooming process, and even learn about customer service, business concerns, and more.

Many people use Penn Foster because it’s a nationally and regionally accredited program, so the certificate is much more “reputable” than others.

This course is all online, and for $499 you can get certified and have access to student services that can help you find a dog grooming position – or put you in a place to start your own business. My own dog groomer graduated from this program and she loved it (and I love her!).

2. Online Grooming School

The Online Grooming School has amassed quite the graduate rate. With this easy online and through the mail program, you can choose between receiving 20 DVDs as well as all reading and test materials (in the mail), or streaming everything online.

Each DVD/streaming video presents a new challenge, whether it’s a specifically hard-to-groom breed or what to do in case a dog gets cut, etc.

Many people choose this program because it provides two certifications: Pet Hygienist and Pet Groomer. The best part about this program? It only costs $249. This is one of the best dog grooming courses online because it's available in two options.

Not everyone can learn by watching videos online – some people need hands on materials and tests – and The Online Grooming School offers both.

3. JKL Grooming

JKL Dog Grooming Course OnlineIf you want a program that lets you choose your course length, JKL Grooming is the online school for you. They have two separate programs: the grooming diploma and the grooming certificate.

For people who want to enter the grooming world, whether in an employment capacity or starting their own business, I recommend the diploma course.

If you’re already working as a groomer but never got certified, you can make do with the certification course. You’ll learn insider tips and tricks, and figure out how to make your grooming services even more amazing.

They also have programs for larger animal grooming (like horses), which is great if you want to expand your horizons.

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4. Basics & Beyond

This program is designed for either the pet owner who wants to take better care of their pet from home, or for the entrepreneur who really wants to start a grooming business. Basics & Beyond includes a very thorough education in animal grooming, especially focusing on the handling aspects (how to not cut a pet, how to handle a biter, etc.).

This program takes about 8 to 12 weeks, and only costs $325. This one comes highly recommended for the people who want to know how to professionally handle many different animals and who want to understand how to properly groom specific breeds. This is one of the best dog grooming courses online, and it’s all online!

5. Groomadog Academy

GroomADog Academy Dog Grooming Course Online

This program might have a few of the most customizable courses in the online dog grooming arena. If you’re hoping to simply understand more of the business aspects of a pet grooming startup, Groomadog Academy has a course called “Comprehensive Business Pro.”

If you’re worried about the different types of breeds and how to style or groom them, take the “Comprehensive All Breed Dog Grooming” course. These different courses help you decide how you want to work, and they are all targeted specifically to dogs – just in case you’re not a cat person or you don't want to work with large animals.

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Before You Sign Up for Dog Grooming Courses Online

What are the Best Dog Grooming Courses Online

Because dog grooming isn’t the most regulated area of business there is, it’s important that you do your research before jumping into a program. Check out your state laws and requirements.

In some places, you don’t even need a certification to start grooming dogs, and in some places you do. In other places, you need to have specific health code regulations in place wherever you do your grooming (if it’s on a larger business scale), so you should pick a program that can help you in that area.

Most importantly, do your research on the best dog grooming courses online to make sure there are decent reviews (remember: unhappy customers are the loudest ones, so take each bad review with a grain of salt). Ensure that your program of choice has certification for dog grooming or pet hygiene, not just CEU (continuing education units) if your state requires certification.

Other things to look for when choosing one of the best dog grooming courses online:

  • Make sure it’s your learning style. Some people need mail-in materials because they learn better from a book rather than a computer screen.
  • Make sure you have access to the teachers or instructors if you have questions.
  • Make sure the payment is clear; there are no student loans for these types of certification programs so understand the price clearly.
  • Review the curriculum and make sure it covers everything you want to learn; you can find a program that teaches about the exact areas you're interested in.
  • Decide if online learning is right for you. It’s not for everyone, and if you’re serious about getting certified for grooming, you need to make sure you’re going about it the right way for you.

Depending on the program you choose, you’ll be a dog groomer in a matter of weeks! Hopefully your online certification teaches you everything you wanted to know. Before you know it, you will be grooming dogs with (even more) expertise and skill.

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