Best Dog Grooming Courses Online


  • Taking a dog grooming lesson can benefit dog guardians and aspiring business owners.
  • There are many dog grooming courses online; choose one that can help you even after completing the course.
  • Online learning may or may not be for you; consider carefully before enrolling yourself in a dog grooming course.

EVERY DOG GUARDIAN should join, at least just once, the best dog grooming courses online.


Because a major part of caring for our furballs is grooming them!

It's more than just slathering them with shampoo, you know.

It's also about the brushing, the trimming, and the overall experience for your dog.

But I can just bring them over to the groomers, duh!


If you're always willing to pay the costly price, why not.

However, some have had a not-so-satisfactory outcome with their dogs from the groomers that they'd end up pulling out the scissor to “get the job done right.”

Plus, when done right, grooming is beneficial for their physical and mental health, too, says Steffi Trott of SpiritDog Training in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

But that's not to say you should forego professional groomers completely.

Maybe just find a better one!

When you feel that you are struggling to keep up with your dog’s grooming, take them to a professional as soon as possible. The longer you let the grooming lapse, the worse their coat’s condition is going to become—and they might even need to get some badly matted areas shaved.

-Steffi Trott, Owner & Head Trainer, SpiritDog Training.

With that, I'd say it's worth it checking out these online dog grooming courses.

Yes, you don't need certificates to groom your dog.

But it sure would be a lot easier and safer to have training and education in a dog grooming school.

And hey, here's an idea.

This could make an ideal side hustle or career, too!

Here are the best dog grooming certification programs you should look into.

The Best Dog Grooming Courses Online

Penn Foster Dog Grooming Course Online1. Penn Foster

Find the course here

Cost: $50/month

Yes, Penn Foster has a grooming certificate program.

In their program, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the grooming process and even learn about customer service, business concerns, and more.

Many people use Penn Foster because it’s a nationally and regionally accredited program, so the certificate is much more “reputable” than others.

This course is all online, and for as low as $649, you can get certified.

You'll also have access to student services to help you find a dog grooming position.

Or better yet, put you in place to start your own business!

Be your own boss—who wouldn't want that?

My own dog groomer graduated from this program, and she loved it.

She's definitely recommending this as one of the best dog grooming courses online.

JKL Dog Grooming Course Online

2. JKL Grooming

Find the course here

Cost: $100-$110/ month

If you want a program that lets you choose your course length, JKL Grooming is the online dog grooming school for you.

They have two separate programs: the grooming diploma and the grooming certificate.

I recommend the diploma course for people who want to do it for their dogs.

Or actually, even for those who want to enter the grooming world as a groomer or a business owner!

Here, you’ll learn insider tips and tricks and figure out how to make your grooming services even more amazing.

They also have programs for larger animal grooming (like horses), which is great for expanding your horizons.

Go big or go home, right?

Coastal Groomadog Academy

3. Coastal Groomadog Academy

Find the course here

Cost: $1,599

This program has a few of the most customizable in-person courses in the dog grooming arena.

What's good here is it's completely self-paced.

Meaning, you don't have to get out of your way to squeeze it into your schedule.

Just go through with the course when you're free.

If you’re hoping to understand more of the business aspects of a pet grooming startup, learn the basics, and then move to advanced pet grooming techniques, the Groomadog Academy has exactly that.

You can also learn about the different types of breeds and how to style or groom them.

If you happen to be in the area, their in-person different courses can also help you decide how you want to work, and they are all targeted specifically to dogs.

ABC Certified Pet Groomer

4. ABC Grooming Instruction Program

Find the course here

Cost: $3,499 – $5,647

I know the tuition fee sounds like a lot.

But they have different financing options to choose from.

This program includes:

  • All required digital study materials (approximately 980 pages)
  • Over 6 hours of instructional video produced by master groomers
  • 30+ piece grooming toolkit with professional grooming supplies, including clippers, blades, brushes, combs, shears, and nail clippers
  • Hands-on training experience in a qualified groomer setting
  • Student support from your appointed Program Manager
  • Pet CPR and First Aid Certification (good for 2 years)
  • Lifetime certification as an ABC Pet Groomer (ABCPG) upon successful completion
  • ABC Alumni Membership

Yes, apart from the online course, you'll also need to attend the hands-on training.

But don't worry; they have more than 3,000 locations across North America, so you'll surely find one near you.

Also, they give discounts to active military and veterans, while military spouses may qualify for FREE tuition.

This is why this program is one of the best dog grooming courses online!

Online Dog Grooming School

5. Online Grooming School

Find the course here

Cost: Starts at $99

The Online Grooming School has got quite the graduate rate!

Here, you can choose between receiving 20 DVDs and all reading and test materials in the mail or streaming everything online.

Each video presents a new challenge, whether it’s a specifically hard-to-groom breed, what to do if a dog gets cut, etc.

Many people choose this program because it provides two certifications: Pet Hygienist and Pet Groomer.

This is one of the best dog grooming courses online because it's available in two options.

Not everyone can learn by watching videos online; some people need hands-on materials and tests.

And The Online Grooming School offers both.

6. Paragon Pet School

Find the course here

Cost: $1,029+

Paragon offers three (3) different course levels you can progress from.

Level 1 for the Groom Tech course, Level 2 for Pet Groomer, and Level 3 for Pet Stylist.

After enrollment, you'll receive the online curriculum complete with videos, quizzes, and practical tests.

Upon enrollment, you can purchase your own illustrated textbook (which you can use for life as a groomer!) and a starter or complete toolkit.

You'll also be assigned your own mentor to help you every step of the way.

How great is that?

Before You Sign Up for Online Dog Grooming Courses

Online Dog Grooming Courses: What to Consider Before You Signing Up

Because dog grooming isn’t the most regulated business area, you must do your research before jumping into a program.

Check out your state laws and requirements.

In some places, you don’t need a certificate to start grooming dogs, while in some places, you do.

You might also need to have specific health code regulations in place where you do your grooming, especially if it’s on a larger business scale.

So pick a program that can help you in that area too.

Do your research on the best dog grooming courses online to ensure there are decent reviews.

Remember: Unhappy customers are the loudest ones, so take each bad review with a grain of salt.

Ensure that your program of choice has certification for grooming or pet hygiene, and not just CEU (continuing education units.)

This is important if your state requires certification.

Other things to look for when choosing one of the best dog grooming courses online:

  • Make sure it’s your learning style. Some people need mail-in materials because they learn better from a book rather than a computer screen.
  • Ensure you have access to the teachers or instructors if you have questions.
  • Make sure the payment is clear. There are no student loans for these certification programs, so understand the price clearly.
  • Review the curriculum and make sure it covers everything you want to learn. You can find a program that teaches about the exact areas you're interested in.
  • Decide if online learning is right for you. It’s not for everyone, and if you’re serious about getting certified for grooming, you need to make sure you’re going about it the right way for you.

Hopefully, your online certification will teach you everything you want to know.

Before you know it, you will be grooming dogs with (even more) expertise and skill.

Online Dog Grooming Schools: Pros and Cons

As mentioned, online learning is convenient, but it is not for everyone.

Before you sign up for one of the dog grooming schools we suggest above, make sure you consider the pros and cons of learning online.

Pro: Flexibility

Attending dog grooming schools in the comfort of your home gives you the most flexibility.

You get to choose your hours, so you can easily fit them around your schedule.

This makes it easy to fit the classes in even if you have a full-time job, kids, and other obligations.

You can also set your own pace.

In other words, you can adapt the rate as you go through the course based on your ever-changing schedule.

Pro: Financial Aid Still Available

Just like with in-person dog grooming classes, learning online can give you access to financial aid.

Not all schools will offer it, but some do.

Pro: Affordability

In many cases, you may not even need to find a course with financial aid to take a grooming course online.

That is because these tend to be more affordable than in-person classes.

On top of that, you don't have to pay for transportation, as you take the course from anywhere you want.

Con: Your Technology

Online grooming courses need a steady internet connection and a device so you can attend classes.

Most people have these things, but it may be a problem for some to complete the course.

Con: Lack of Practical Experience

One of the great things about dog grooming courses is that you get to practice techniques during them.

If you take an online course, you can only practice with your dog or the dogs of friends and family who are willing to let you practice.

Whereas in in-person courses, they'll take care of everything; location and dogs included.

You'll just have to be present and perform what you've learned.

Why You Should Take a Dog Grooming Course?

Whether you choose to take an online course in dog grooming or select an in-person one, taking a course is a smart move.

You may be hesitant to pay for a course, as it is not required for the job.

Plus, you could potentially use the money for something else.

But completing a course comes with a long list of benefits, including:

  • You have more confidence in your grooming skills.
  • It is easier to join a professional association, something that will help attract clients.
  • It is easier to get a job in dog grooming.
  • Clients prefer groomers who have completed a course

Common Questions about Dog Grooming Courses Online

Still have questions you want to be answered before you sign up for a dog grooming course?

We have you covered with the following FAQs.

Can You Learn Dog Grooming Online?

The idea of learning dog grooming online may seem odd at first.

After all, you expect a hands-on or practical component.

But, yes, you can learn dog grooming online.

Many dog grooming school offerings are now completely online, while many offer in-person classes.

Just remember that if you complete an online dog grooming course, you will still need to practice your skills before pursuing a dog grooming career.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Dog Groomer?

Whether you attend dog grooming schools or choose an apprenticeship, it typically takes six to ten weeks.

This timeline should be enough for classroom-based dog grooming course portions as well as some practical ones.

Do You Need a Qualification to Groom Dogs?

You do not usually need a qualification to become a pet groomer.

However, it will be much easier to break into the pet grooming industry if you have one.

At the very least, you should have some practical experience and general knowledge before becoming a professional dog groomer.

Can I Teach Myself Dog Grooming?

Yes, you can teach yourself to become a professional pet groomer, and many dog groomers are self-taught.

That is because you don't usually need a certified pet groomer certificate to get a job as a groomer.

While you don't need a diploma, dog grooming tends to be easier with one, including finding a job.

Employers are more likely to hire someone who can prove their skills and experience.

If you choose to start your own pet grooming business, you will find it easier to attract clients if you have a certificate.

Is It Hard to Groom a Dog?

Pet owners can typically learn to groom their own dogs fairly easily at home.

However, it becomes much easier if you have practice.

More importantly, some dogs can be tough to groom. Certain dog breeds may have tougher fur to work with.

There are also some dogs with more energetic personalities who do not stay still.

Attending dog grooming school can teach you tricks and tips to overcome these challenges so it is easier to groom any dog.

Do Dog Groomers Make Good Money?

Data shows that the average salary for a dog groomer in the United States is about $30,000.

Remember that this means some people make more while others make a lot less.

Some groomers only make about $17,000 a year.

How Long Is a Dog Grooming Apprenticeship?

The length of your apprenticeship will depend on where you do it and what you hope to learn.

Basic apprenticeships are usually six to ten weeks.

However, there are also numerous advanced apprenticeships available.

These can last up to a year or even longer.

That being said, most people will complete their full apprenticeship in about 10 weeks or less.

Is Dog Grooming a Good Career?

Dog grooming can be a great career if you love working with animals and like a rewards challenge.

As a bonus, there will always be a demand for professional dog groomers, so you have a fair amount of job security in this field.

As with any other career, dog grooming is not for everyone.

However, the good news is that because training and apprenticeships are so short, you won't be out a lot of time and money if you decide it is not for you.

Best Dog Grooming Courses Online – What To Do Next?

There are many reasons why pet owners would want to take a dog grooming course.

Whether they want to do it right or plan to start a grooming business on their own, they can easily enroll in dog grooming classes online.

While you can groom your pet without any certification, dog grooming courses give you the training and advanced knowledge you need to avoid any harm or mishaps during the primping.

Plus, enrolling and completing an online dog grooming course gives you the upper hand when you have a business out of pet grooming. 

With this list of the best dog grooming courses online, you will not only be equipped with high-standard training.

You will also be more confident in caring for and pampering dogs and other pets.

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