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20 Best Dog Parks in Austin, Texas

Best Dog Parks in Austin, TXDog parks are an all-in-one place to train your dog, socialize him, and play with your pup safely. It's the best place for our pets to run around and play with a safe environment. Many dog parks offer fenced off, off leash areas, perfect if your dog is trained to come to you when called. Austin, Texas is known for it’s love of wildlife, so it is no surprise that they offer adequate dog park options, so here are the best dog parks Austin!

Red Bud Isle

Red Bud Isle is a popular leash-free dog park in Austin, TX with a bit of everything. It is over 13 acres big, and is located near the Tom Miller Dam. This park is as fun for a human as it is a dog, since you can hike, fish, swim, and more. There is over half a mile of well maintained trails, shaded trees, and large fields. The tree-lined shore gives you the opportunity to relax while your dog plays in the water.

West Austin Dog Park

West Austin Dog Park offers a great social scene in their fenced, off-leash dog park. Here, your dog will have the chance to run, play, and socialize with other dogs. It is never overcrowded. There is a park right next to the dog park, perfect for kids to go play in while the family dog runs and jumps around with it’s own kind.

Auditorium Shores

This park is located on the banks of Town Lake. It is an outdoor concert venue. It is especially busy during the summer, thanks to the added concerts and firework shows for the Fourth of July. Austin’s most popular hike and bike trail is located here. This park is dog friendly, and even provides a fenced, leash free area.

Barkin' Springs (Zilker Park)

Right outside of Barton Springs, you will find Barkin’ Springs, an entrance fee free wading area perfect to take your pets to cool off. The entire family will enjoy taking the dog here to play and relax.

Metropolitan Park at Walnut Creek

Metropolitan Park at Walnut Creek offers a one-acre, fenced dog park. This park features two separate areas, one for small dogs and one for big dogs, ensuring your dog’s safety. The creek is the perfect depth for your dog to splash and swim in. There are many trails to choose from, offering a new experience each visit. There are bathrooms located here, which make it easy for you. Dogs are actually welcomed throughout all of Walnut Creek, but unless they are in the Metropolitan Park, they must be on a leash.

Bull Creek District Dog Park

Bull Creek District Dog Park is perfect for water-loving dogs. The creek is the perfect depth for dogs to waddle in. Behind the restrooms, your dogs are welcome to be off the leash. Keep in mind that this park is not fenced, so if you allow your dog off the leash, they must be under your verbal control and within your sight at all times.

Bob Wentz Park

Bob Wentz park, on Lake Travis, is a waterfront, natural grass lawn to take your dog to on any sunny days. Before coming here with your dog, keep in mind that all dogs are required to be on a leash. Dogs are not permitted on The Point, which is a shoreline area of the park.

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is a great destination for dogs and people alike. The trails here are beautiful and miles long. Your dog will love running along Lady Bird Lake. Dogs here are required to remain on their leash.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is the biggest city-owned park in Austin, with almost 1,200 acres. This park is located off the shores of Lake Austin. Here, you and your dog can swim, waterski, picnic, camp, and more. There is a leash free area here, perfect for when your dog needs the opportunity to run and play without limits. Dogs are welcome in the rest of the park as well, but must stay on their leash.

Norwood Estate Dog Park

Norwood Estate Dog Park has over five acres for your dog to run, play, and be a dog in. The park is surrounded by gates, and has a separate section for both large and small dogs. The park offers shady areas and water bowls, perfect for those hot Austin summers. Seating arrangements for humans here are scarce, so it is recommended that you bring a chair with you.

Onion Creek District Park

Onion Creek District Park is located in Southeast Austin on 179 acres of land. This park isn’t too well known, so you don’t really have to worry about excessive crowds here. Most of the park allows your dog to be off-leash. There are shady trails to explore with your dog, along with a vast creek your dog can swim, waddle, and splash in. This is the perfect place to have a relaxing day with your dog.

Shoal Creek Greenbelt

Near Austin’s University of Texas campus, you will find Shoal Creek Greenbelt. There are 76 acres of scenic hiking trails for you and your dog to enjoy. Keep in mind that most of the park requires your dog to be on a leash, however there is a small, leash-free section.

The 10th Floor of the Austonian

Downtown Austin doesn’t offer many dog parks. To solve that problem, the Austonian created a 600-square foot dog park on the tenth floor of the building. You will find synthetic grass here, and a draining system so that your dog doesn’t have to leave the building just to use the bathroom. This is a great place for your dog to run and play if you don’t have access to an actual park.

Bee Cave Dog Park

This dog park was created by one of Realty Austin’s own agents. This park features a small pond for dogs to splash around in, which is perfect for cooling off on sunny days. Leashes are not required at this park. It is only a short walk away from the Bea Cave Central Park.

Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park

Mary Moore Searight park is located about 10 miles from Downtown Austin, but is well worth the trip. This park offers everything, including disc golf, horseback trails, a playground with tennis courts, and an off-leash dog area! This a place where your whole family, including the dog, can enjoy their day. Dogs are welcome throughout the entire park, but they must be on a leash except in the designated off-leash area.

Yard Bar

Yard Bar is a completely innovative dog park. This dog park allows for unleashed play, and features toys, water bowls, and more to keep your dog entertained. However, this dog park likes to keep humans entertained as well. There is adjoining bar with a dining area at the park. Your dog will get to play while you enjoy a beer, cocktail, or some delicious food.

Cedar Bark Park

Cedar Bark Park is a five-acre, fenced in dog park. This park allows for fun, off-leash play. There are a vast variety of amenities here, including a natural dog pond, pet waste stations, benches, drinking fountains, showers, and more. Dog safety is ensured with two separate areas for big and small dogs.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

Zilker Metropolitan Park is an incredibly popular recreational area. Many Austin events are hosted here, including the Trail of Lights. However, when there isn’t a major event being hosted here, there are over 350 acres of grassy terrain for a dog to play and run like there’s no tomorrow. You are supposed to keep your dog on it’s leash here.

Far West

Far West is a relatively unknown park. Due to the fact that it is unknown, there are rarely crowds here which most dogs would enjoy. There is a small leash free section of the park, perfect for letting your dog run free. Dogs are welcome in the rest of the park, but must remain on the leash.

Northeast District Park

Northeast District Park has everything. There is a lighted basketball court, a volleyball pit, a horseshoe pit, and playground. Your entire family can be entertained here, including your dog. There is an off leash section of the park, perfect for dogs looking to run around. You can have your dog with you in other areas of the park as well, but they must be on a leash.

Before you visit the best dog parks Austin…

20 Best Dog Parks in Austin, TexasA trip to a dog park is a great way for you to have a fun day with your pooch. Your dog can play, socialize, and brush up on their training there. However, dog parks can potentially be dangerous if you aren’t careful, and there's been plenty of horror stories.

Unfenced dog parks

Many of these dog parks that allow pets to go off of the leash are fenced. However, some don’t have any fencing. If your dog has a tendency to run off, these parks should be avoided until your dog is better trained. Your dog should come to you immediately every time you call it’s name. If your dog is easily distracted, an unfenced dog park can quickly become a hazard.

Other dogs

Dog parks are a perfect place for your dog to socialize. Usually, dog parks are separated into two areas, one for big dogs and one for small dogs. This ensures that if a fight was to break out, the owners would be able to separate the dogs without injury. However, there are still risks posed at a dog park. If your dog isn’t properly socialized, or has an aggressive streak, you might want to avoid dog parks.

You don’t want your dog to instigate any fights. Supervise your dog the entire time they are at the dog park to ensure they aren’t becoming aggressive. Also, just because you have the common sense to only bring a trained dog to the dog park, not every dog owner will be so responsible. You want to supervise your dog to make sure that no other dog is going to become aggressive with him.

The final say on visiting dog parks in Austin, Texas

Dog parks are plentiful in Austin. There are many different kinds of dog parks spread throughout the area, each one suitable for different families. You have to decide if you are looking for a dog park that allows off-leash pets, if you’re looking for one that is fenced in, if you’re looking for one with something for human family members to do as well, and so on. Hopefully, this list helps you decide on which Austin dog park is the best for you.

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