Waterless dog shampoo, also known as dry shampoo, is just what it sounds like – a shampoo that cleanses your dog’s skin and coat without the need for water. You don't need to wet the coat before application, and this type of shampoo for dogs doesn't need to be rinsed out either. The best dry dog shampoo is not only effective, but some can be even much safer for pets.

As with other dog grooming supplies, you need to ensure that the waterless dog shampoo that you purchase is safe for your dog and void of any potentially harmful chemicals. For each below ranked best dry shampoo for dogs brand, we've gone through the ingredients and included the information that you'll need to keep in mind before using:

Dry Dog Shampoo/Deodorizing Spray Price Quality Rating
Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray $$ A+ 4.3/5
Wahl Natural Doggie Deodorant $ B 4.2/5
Particular Paws Dry Shampoo $$ B- 4.1/5
FURminator Deodorizing Waterless Spray $$ B- 3.9/5
Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo $ B+ 4.4/5
Healthy Clean Pet Deodorizer Spray $ C 3.7/5
Burt’s Bees Deodorizing Spray $ C- 3.3/5

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Picking and Using Dry Shampoo for Dogs

The Best Dry Dog ShampooWhen using waterless dog shampoos, all you have to do is apply it to your dog’s coat, rub it in and then dry your pooch with a towel. Dry shampoos for dogs are certainly more convenient, but they shouldn't be used as a substitute for traditional doggy baths. No matter how high quality the waterless shampoo for dogs is, it can never clean your dog's coat as well as warm water and traditional shampoo.

So why do you need a dry dog shampoo then?

Dry shampoo for dogs is great to use between baths to get rid of dirt and odors. Your dog's grooming schedule will depend on the type of skin and coat that he has. If your dog's coat tends to get oily or smelly quickly, he'll need more frequent baths. While some breeds may only require a few baths a year (barring any mishaps in the mud), others may need monthly bathing.

While most of us use shampoo without a second thought, pet owners must be much more careful with dog baths and any type of shampoo, whether it's regular, hypoallergenic, medicated, or dry shampoo for dogs. In her article, veterinarian Dr. Deborah Shores explains in greater detail why some shampoos or types of bathing can be harmful to dogs, and what makes the best dry dog shampoo (and regular one).

Dry shampoo for dogs is not a “one size fits all” product:

Even the best dry dog shampoo may not be effective on every coat type. If your pet has a very thick coat, dry shampoo may not be effective at cleaning all the way through his fur to his skin and will end up being a waste of time, since you still need to give your dog a full bath. Waterless shampoo for dogs could also be detrimental to dogs with certain skin conditions, especially shampoos that contain harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients.

What is the Best Dry Dog Shampoo?
top 7 dry dog shampoos and deodorizing sprays

1Gerrard Larriet Aromatherapy Pet Care De-Stress Freshening & Shining Spray

Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray For PetsYou can get your pets smelling really good in between baths with this best dry dog shampoo from Gerrard Larriet Aromatherapy Pet Care. This dog deodorizing spray contains oils of lavender, chamomile, and aloe vera, and each of these natural ingredients is beneficial to pets.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable-derived Glycerin, Natural Coconut-derived Cleansers, Vegetable-derived Quaternary Ammonium Salt, Isopropyl Alcohol, Castor Bean Oil, Natural Vegetable-derived Hydrotope, Fragrance, Aloe Vera Extract, Lanolin Lanolin-based Conditioner, Lavender Oil, Lanolin, Paraben Free Preservative, Pro-Vitamin B5, Oat Extract, Lavender Oil

This deodorizer for dogs can be used daily by spraying on your pet's coat. Follow it up with a quick brush from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. Mist over the dog as a final touch. Gerrard Larriet Aromatherapy Pet Care De-Stress Freshening & Shining Spray for Pets has a light floral scent which dog owners prefer over synthetic deodorizers that contain parabens and chemical dyes.

best dry dog shampooThe three main components of this spray each deodorize but also do something else for your pet. Lavender oil is known to fight bacteria and repel insects. Chamomile and aloe vera both have skin-conditioning benefits. Chamomile has a relaxing herb hint to it which when combined with lavender results in a floral scent that’s soothing and slightly sweet.


  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Paraben free
  • Made in the USA
  • Formulated to condition the skin and coat

  • Unsatisfied buyers claim the scent did not last as long as anticipated
  • Be careful when ordering online, as reviewers noted they received phone calls from the company after their purchase

best dry dog shampooMost helpful review about this best dry dog shampoo: “This product does not last very long and the seller, Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care, called my personal cell phone number with an automated message encouraging me to leave a positive review. I will never buy this…”


2Wahl Natural Doggie Deodorant

Wahl Natural Doggie DeodorantWahl’s Eucalyptus Spearmint Natural Doggie Deodorant contains natural botanical oils to freshen up your dog’s coat and give it a clean smell. Nothing beats bathing your dog squeaky clean, of course, but this deodorant will help reduce that stinky smell until the next bath.

Ingredients: Purified water (aqua), fragrance (parfum), lauryl glucoside (natural wetting agent), vegetable glycerin (natural moisturizer), saccharomyces ferment (deodorizer and skin conditioner), decolorized aloe vera (soothing properties), potassium sorbate (freshness assurer)

Simply spray Wahl Natural Doggie Deodorant generously on your pet’s coat, and then brush it clean. A good buffing will leave your dog’s fur with a nice shine to it, while a thin finishing spray will leave it feeling refreshed and smelling clean.

best dry dog shampooBoth eucalyptus and spearmint have a refreshing and minty scent. Their oil extracts stimulate the senses and help to relieve fatigue. Compared to the relaxing and mildly sweet scent of Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray for Pets, this scent from Wahl is revitalizing and cool. Its fragrance lingers without being too strong or overpowering.


  • Made with plant-derived ingredients
  • pH balanced for dogs
  • Paraben and alcohol-free
  • Formulated for all hair types

  • Buyers complained about the quality of the bottle, saying the spray top broke within days of purchase
  • Some say the scent is too strong for their liking

best dry dog shampooMost helpful review about this best dry dog shampoo: “I don't write very many reviews, but I'm pleasantly Surprised on how well this product works. I was skeptical after reading a few negative reviews but figured if I don't like the product I'll just send it back. But don't…”


3Particular Paws Dry Shampoo

Particular Paws Dry Shampoo for DogsDry shampoos are good to use when it’s time your Fido gets a bath but you can’t give him a full bath – such as when you’re on the road with your dog. Particular Paws Dry Shampoo is made from coconut, a potent natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredient in one. When you spray this on your dog, it will appear as a foaming mousse that you can massage all over your dog’s coat without water.

Ingredients: Water, mild sulfactant blend (coconut derived), fragrance, citric acid, preservative, dye

The coconut mousse absorbs the musky oil and dirt in your pet’s coat, neutralizes odor, and moisturizes your pet’s skin. You may then run a comb over the coat to remove particles and dirt. Particular Paws Dry Shampoo for Dogs has a mango and pomegranate scent that’s fruity and mildly sweet. The advantage of this dry shampoo is that it does not merely mask the smell; it gets rid of the smell by cleaning the dog’s hair.

best dry dog shampooWhen you’re traveling with your dogs and about to miss a bathing schedule, thin deodorizing sprays like the Aromatherapy spray just won’t cut it. This best dry dog shampoo works deeper under your pet’s coat and takes it from there. It gives off that fresh fruity scent as it dries, and leaves your dog smelling fresh a whole lot longer. Your dog will be cleaner with this mousse and will naturally smell cleaner.


  • Made with coconut extract, which is an odor neutralizer and very good for skin and coat health
  • Suitable for all breeds and coat types
  • Made in the USA in a GMP-compliant facility

  • Disappointed reviewers say this dry shampoo left a residue on their dog's coat
  • This product is made with artificial dye and fragrance

best dry dog shampooMost helpful review about this best dry dog shampoo: “We run a small town-supported pet rescue shelter and take in dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized at the city pounds. All of our staff goes that extra mile in making sure that each and every pet is taken…”


4FURminator Deodorizing Waterless Spray

FURminator Deodorizing Waterless Dog SprayFURminator Deodorizing Waterless Dog Spray uses a similar concept as the Wahl waterless shampoo. Spray this waterless dog spray on your dog’s hair liberally making sure it reaches the undercoat where the musky oils would be. This is made of baking soda and a vegetable protein extract. Baking soda has long been known for its cleansing properties, and it’s actually used by humans as a dry shampoo.

Ingredients: Water, Odor Control Formula, Conditioning Agent, Fragrance and Preservative

This formulation does not contain parabens and chemical dyes. This is a common concern for dog owners, and we’re pleased to note that Furminator waterless dog spray does not contain these harmful chemicals. FURminator Deodorizing Waterless Dog Spray is very easy to apply. Just spray liberally, rubbing your dog’s coat as you go along.  Towel dry or allow hair to air-dry. There’s no need to rinse.

best dry dog shampooThis works great when your dog needs to look and smell more presentable and you don’t have time to give it a full bath. Furminator helps you solve the problem at the root because you will be cleaning hair at the root short of bathing it. However, as you can see from the ingredient list above, the FURminator company is not transparent about the ingredients used in this product. They do state that it is made with artificial fragrance and preservatives. It would be better if the ingredients were all-natural.


  • Made in the USA
  • No chemical dyes, artificial colors, or parabens
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Made with real baking soda to remove odors

  • Made with artificial fragrances and preservatives
  • As with all the best dry dog shampoo products, there are reviews from buyers who do not like the way this shampoo smells

best dry dog shampooMost helpful review about this best dry dog shampoo: “My boxer isn't particularly stinky, so I only bathe him every couple of months. I use this on the rare occasion that he gets wet or a little “doggy” smelling. It even works for the lab, who spends her day in…”


5Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo Lavender

Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo LavenderWahl Natural Pet No-rinse Waterless Shampoo Lavender & Chamomile works in much the same way as the two products before it. It uses a plant-based cleansing mixture, coming mainly from coconut products and other botanical sources including chamomile and lavender extracts for scent and calming effect.

Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Cleanser from Refined Coconut), Coco-Glucoside (Cleanser Derived from Coconut Oil and Sugar), Coco-Betaine (Cleanser Derived from Coconut Oil), Lauryl Glucosode (cleanser Derived from Coconut Oil and Sugar),Vegetable Glycerin (Natural Moisturizer), Chamomile Extract(Soothing Properties), Aloe Vera(Soothing Properties), Potassium Sorbate(Freshness Assurer), FD&C Color

To use Wahl’s waterless shampoo, pump the foam on your palm and massage it onto your dog’s hair making sure you massage deep under the thick coat. Use a comb to remove dirt. Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo Lavender cleanses and conditions hair, and leaves it with the calming scent of lavender and chamomile.

best dry dog shampooWahl’s waterless shampoo has been a tremendous help to dog owners who needed to bathe their injured dogs. Since a real bath would be totally out of the question, they used this product and it did the job beautifully. Wahl has come up with another dog-friendly product and we think that it should become part of the regular management care of dogs with mobility issues.


  • Made with plant-derived ingredients
  • pH balanced for dogs
  • Paraben and alcohol-free
  • Formulated for all hair types

  • Some reviewers say the lavender scent is overpowering and ‘nauseating'
  • There are multiple reviews from pet owners who say their dog had an allergic reaction to this product

best dry dog shampooMost helpful review about this best dry dog shampoo: “This stuff is a godsend! I have a Samoyed mixed with Collie and washing him is a nightmare. When he smells I just spray the foam into my hands and work it into his coat then I brush him. It leaves him…”


6Healthy Clean Pet Odogs Deodorizer Spray

Healthy Clean Pet Odogs Dog Deodorizer SprayThe dry shampoos we’ve mentioned are great alternatives for missed baths. However, some dogs just have that smell that comes back to them within 24 hours after their last dry shampoo or full bath. Odogs Dog Deodorizer Spray would be the dog eliminator to use. It has a strong citrusy scent that overpowers the strong mutt odor without hanging heavily in the air.

Ingredients: Lavender Extract, Orange Extract, Rosemary Extract, Purified Water, Glycerin and Fragance

This is made of orange extract, rosemary extract, and lavender extract. You may spray it a few inches away from your dog’s coat, avoiding sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, and ears. You may also spray Healthy Clean Pet Odogs Dog Deodorizer Spray directly on your dog’s bedding, house, crate, leash, collar, and other things that have a doggy smell on them.

best dry dog shampooDog owners used Odogs deodorizer spray on their dogs that were prone to skin irritations. Bathing had to be few and far between as recommended by the vet, so they used Odogs to neutralize the dog’s stinky smell. Odogs worked like magic. Its deodorizing effect is instant, and its fresh citrusy scent lingers. It would be a good choice for dogs that don’t do very well with frequent bathing or frequent dry shampooing, such as the case dogs with skin sensitivities.


  • Made with natural extracts from orange, rosemary, and lavender
  • The company refers to this product as a potent odor eliminator formula that is designed especially for dogs
  • Natural ingredients are ideal for dogs with sensitive skin

  • As with all the best dry dog shampoo products, there are buyers who did not believe this shampoo helped to clean their dog's coat
  • A few unsatisfied reviewers say their dog noticeably did not like the citrus smell

best dry dog shampooMost helpful review about this best dry dog shampoo: “I've had this 2 months and finally used it this morning. My dog got skunked overnight, and I washed her in De-Skunk Shampoo, let her air outside for about an hour, then applied the Odogs liberally to her…”


7Burt’s Bees Deodorizing Spray

Burt’s Bees Deodorizing Spray for DogsBurt’s Bees Deodorizing Spray for Dogs is made from fruit extracts, avocado oil, honey, grape seed oil, and rosemary, and it smells of rosemary and apples. The advantage of a deodorizing spray made from natural ingredients is that you can repeatedly use it to eliminate that nasty dog smell without causing harm to your dog.

Ingredients: Water, coco Betain, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Honey, Beeswax, Colloidal Oat Flour, Linum usitatissimum (linseed) oil, Buttermilk Powder, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Decyl Glucoside, Citric Acid

To use it, just spray it all over your dog’s coat, and follow it through with a comb to give it a nice glow. Burt's Bees Deodorizing Spray for Dogs may also be used to deodorize the dog’s bed, crate, collar, leash, and other dog accessories that don’t smell so nice anymore.

best dry dog shampooWhen your dog is the highly active type and spends most of its waking hours outdoors, Burt’s Bees deodorizing spray should come in very handy. It doesn’t always have to be a riot every time your dog comes home from a whole afternoon of playing it rough outside. With Burt’s Bees, it’s now easier to make their dogs smell like fresh apples in seconds.


  • Made with all-natural ingredients, so it is safe to use as needed
  • Safe for use on face and ears
  • pH balanced especially for dogs and puppies
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • No fragrances, sulfates, colorants, or harsh chemicals

  • As with all the best dry dog shampoo products, there are buyers who did not believe this shampoo helped to deodorize their dog
  • Unhappy reviewers say this product does not keep odors away for more than a day

best dry dog shampooMost helpful review about this best dry dog shampoo: “This is my 2nd bottle of Burt's Bees Deodorizing Spray and I am getting ready to purchase my third. I have a German Shepherd that is outdoors several hours a day. When she comes inside she has that…”

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