Brainy Bones Stimulate Your Dog’s Senses

This puzzle toy is great for entertaining dogs or keeping them busy while you're away from home.  The Brainy Bone from Jolly Pets hides treats, yogurt, peanut butter, or whatever you like to feed your dog. The toy must be pulled apart and then swiveled open to reveal the treat. Your dog must figure out how to manipulate the toy in the correct way to get it open.

Although the company claims that it is fairly durable, many consumers commented that their tough chewers were able to break the toy or chew it into pieces. This can be very dangerous, so if you have an aggressive chewer, this isn't a good toy for them. However if your dog is a mild chewer or prefers to just manipulate the toy and eat the treats, rather than chewing on the toy itself, it would work well.

The Brainy Bone comes in multiple sizes for small, medium, or large breeds. They also come in multiple designs so you can change up the puzzle to give your dog even more stimulation.

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