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BioSilk Products Now Available for Dogs

BioSilk Products Now Available for Dogs
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Fetch…for pets!, a company out of New York that specializes in dog care products, has partnered with Farouk Systems Inc. to create Biosilk grooming products for dogs. The products have been available for humans for years, and now the revolutionary hair products are being marketed for pups.

Fetch…for pets! is a company dedicated to bringing high-quality pet products to the market by teaming up with many major national brands to create pet lines of their popular merchandise. They have partnered with industry giants like Barbie, DC Comics, Arm & Hammer, Wags and Wiggles, Hello Kitty, and now BioSilk.

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Biosilk For Dogs offers a line of 10 salon-quality grooming products including cleansing wipes, detangling and shine spray, moisturizing shampoo, moisturizing shampoo spray, tearless puppy shampoo, waterless shampoo spray for puppies, a whitening shampoo, conditioners, and extreme moisture leave-in treatments.

BioSilk Products Now Available for Dogs
Photo: fetch4pets.com

These grooming products are luxuriously formulated with enriching vitamins and silk that work together to restore the moisture to your dog’s coat. They are made with the same innovative technology and classic ingredients as the original line for humans.  They restore the pH balance and leave your pet’s coat looking silky and shiny.

All the products in the new Biosilk For Dogs line are Sulfate and Paraben free and are safe to use with topical treatments for fleas and ticks. Although it is more expensive than regular grooming supplies, BioSilk offers many added benefits that other hair care products don’t.

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Biosilk For Dogs leaves your dogs hair smooth and tangle free, and it will stay that way between washings. Especially for dogs with long hair, these products will save pet owners lots of time when brushing and they won’t have to deal with the hassle of combing out mats and tangles.

Professional groomers will also be able to reap the benefits of this product. If they can use a product like Biosilk For Dogs that leaves the hair healthier in between grooming sessions, it will actually make their job easier. It will certainly be most beneficial to dogs with long hair, but the health, strength, and shine that it adds to the hair will benefit any canine.

This product hasn’t hit stores yet, but Fetch…for pets! is hoping to have it in retail stores soon. Currently dog owners will have to order the supplies they need online. All products in the line are very affordable, running between $7.99 and $10.99.

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