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Bocce’s Bakery Specializes in Grain Free Dog Treats

Bocce's Bakery Specializes in Grain-Free Dog Treats
Photo Bocce's Bakery

We are becoming more and more aware that some grains can cause us humans problems. Animal experts also agree that grains are not always the wisest choice for our pooches either. Pets that are sensitive to grain products can have itchy, flaky and red skin that never seems to get better.

It's true that the majority of pet food products do contain some sort of grain. After all it is a good source of carbohydrates that provide Fido with needed energy. Plus, (to the benefit of manufacturers) it is also an inexpensive filler to “bulk” up the dry kibble diets made for pets.

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So how do we, as discerning pet parents, get away from grains in our pet's food and treats when it is so widely used? The answer is simple. Look to those companies that are getting on the grain-free wagon and eliminating this ingredient in their goods. Bocce's Bakery is one such company.

Bocce's Bakery Specializes in Grain-Free Dog Treats
Photo Bocce's Bakery

Andrea Tovar and her sister Natalia have been making all-natural dog treats since 2010. The idea to create healthy dog biscuits was inspired by Bocce (the dog) who was putting on too much weight with some not-so-healthy nibbles.

The dynamic duo's philosophy at Bocce's (the bakery) is based on the idea that if people deserve all-natural, no preservative gourmet treats, then so should their dogs. And they're not kidding!

Each tasty biscuit baked at Bocce's is tried, tested and tasted by the staff! That's right, these treats are only made from human-grade ingredients, so they are totally safe for humans to munch on.

These wheat-free biscuits come in three delectable flavors:

  • Grain Free Cheese
  • Grain Free Chicken
  • Grain Free PB and Banana

All these treats are made with only a few ingredients including grain free flours, coconut oil and (depending on the flavor) only human-grade chicken, cheese, peanut butter, fruits and veggies.

Plus, they are only baked in small batches, so you know you are getting only the freshest, top quality product.

Bocce's Bakery Specializes in Grain-Free Dog Treats
Photo Bocce's Bakery

Each box is carefully packed with 100 bite-sized morsels and are ready to be used as a reward, for training or just because you love your dog and want to spoil him. Go ahead! These are low in calories and delicious!

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Bocce's Bakery is located in New York, but sells their all-natural nibbles all over the world. In fact, they sell about 8 million biscuits per year! If that's not enough, this little company has made the rounds on ‘Today,' the O List, and ABC News!

Even if your dog doesn't need to be grain free, he can still indulge in the many other gourmet biscuits offered by this company with the Surf n' Turf flavors of chicken, duck and salmon or other cool combos like Mac n' Cheese, Big Apple Pie, Beef Bourguignon and even Truffle! Can't decide? No problem you can get “gift packs” that have a little bit of everything included.

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