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BoTy Dogs Releases New Clean N Pamper Bundle

BoTy Dogs Releases New Clean N Pamper Bundle
Photo: Amazon / BoTy Dogs

The most appealing products to dog owners are those that are easy to use and are safe for pets. Last week BoTy Dogs announced the availability of their new natural dog shampoo Clean N Pamper, which fits both criteria that pet owners are typically looking for. The grooming product was released on Tuesday, September 1, 2015. Currently potential buyers can find the product on the manufacturer’s website or they can order it on Amazon.

BoTy Dogs is committed to providing their customers with top of the line, innovative products for dogs of all ages. Their Clean N Pamper Bundle consists of a remarkable all natural dog-shampoo that offers pet parents ease of use paired with peace of mind in knowing that the product is natural and 100% safe for all dogs. The bundle includes one 4-ounce natural shampoo bar moisturizing dog soap, an attractive little soap dish that helps the soap last longer, and 2 chenille dog drying mitts.

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The shampoo bar moisturizing dog soap is made with all-natural ingredients including palm kernel oil, coconut oil, ostrich oil, penny royal, eucalyptus, agrimony, tansy, citronella and cedar wood oil and is formulated with EFA's Omega 3-6-9. As an added bonus, citronella and cedar wood oil are both natural insect repellents. The company says that these dog shampoo cars last much longer than any other traditional dog shampoo.

This unique bar is easy to use and frees up one of your hands because you can easily run the bar through your dog’s coat with one hand, so you’ll have the other one free to hold your dog or pat his head. Once the lathering is complete, the shampoo rinses quickly and thoroughly; removing all the unwanted dirt and grime with it. Once it is time to dry your pup off, you can use the innovative chenille dog drying mitts, which wick away water and dirt. They also absorb more than two times their weight in water. The mitts comfortably fit a 5.5-inch wide hand.

BoTy Dogs Releases New Clean N Pamper Bundle
Photo: Amazon / BoTy Dogs

That sounds a lot easier than using a towel that gets saturated quickly and then drips on you and your bathroom floor. Placing a mitt on both hands and massaging your dog as you dry his fur is not only simple and fast, but BoTy Dogs says it also provides better results than towel drying. They claim your dog’s coat will be dryer and shinier in less time and without all the hassle and mess.

BoTy Dogs claims that the faster drying time also reduces the wet dog smell. Company CEO Carla McNeil says that she loves that they are able to get these products out to the world through Amazon. She says the soap was a product that she discovered locally when her dog, Snorkel, was diagnosed with a skin condition.

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McNeil says that this was the only soap she could use on Snorkel, because it was so gentle, soft and effective. She also discovered that another of her furry family members, Bogey (the “Bo” in BoTy Dogs), hated to be dried with a towel, and loved every minute of being dried with chenille. Thus, the mitts were born.

If bath time in your house is anything like it is at mine, this product will peak your interest. Usually by the time my dogs’ baths are over I am just as wet as they are, the bottle of shampoo usually slips out of my wet hands and lands in the bathtub somewhere, and my bathroom floor is soaked.

If this bar soap really does lather and clean as well as the company claims, it would certainly be worth a shot. Not to mention, the drying mitts sound like a great alternative to a soggy wet towel. As you know, I like products that make the lives of pet parents easier, and it sounds like the Clean N Pamper Bundle was made specifically for that purpose.

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