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Carna4 Makes Hand Crafted Pet Food in Canada

Carna4 Makes Hand Crafted Pet Food in Canada
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Five years ago David Stauble and Maria Ringo saw that there was a great need to provide pet owners with a wholly natural, convenient, pure food alternative to the labor-intensive home-cooked and raw food diets that were available for canines. They realized that these diets provided a much healthier alternative to commercial pet foods, but they were inconvenient and not a feasible option for many pet parents.

Combining their many years of experience in the pet food field, they developed an easy-feed recipe that didn’t compromise the quality found in raw food. Carna4, named after the goddess Carna, was born. The ancient Romans believed that the goddess Carna protected the internal organs. They believed that she helped peoples’ bodies pull the nourishment from food and convert it to strength and good health. That’s exactly what they wanted their pet food to do for companion animals, and the name stuck.

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Carna4 Makes Hand Crafted Pet Food in Canada
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Ringo is also a homeopathic medicine practitioner and has an eye for all things healthy. She helped to blaze the natural pet food trail back in 1986. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ringo and her friend co-founded Sojourner Farms Natural Pet Products, one of North America’s very first raw-diet cat and dog food brands.

Stauble spent 22 years in charge of creating pet foods for the largest pet specialty retailer in Canada. While there he helped to produce one of the country’s best-selling holistic cat and dog food brands in the early 2000s. That experience is what opened his eyes to the shortcomings in the commercial pet foods that were currently available on store shelves.

Stauble and Ringo brought their extensive experience and combined forces with a team of food scientists, engineers and nutritionists with degrees in biology, biochemistry and nutrition. Together the team has more than 50 years of experience in the pet industry developing complete and balanced foods.

They also enlisted the help of Mortec Scientific Inc., a third-party research and laboratory testing firm. Mortec Scientific specializes in natural health products, pet food and human food. They work with some of the most well-known consumer goods companies in the world. They also work with North America’s leading scientists in the field of identifying , classifying, and transferring probiotics.

Carna4 Makes Hand Crafted Pet Food in Canada
Photo: carna4.com

With the help of all of these experts, Stauble and Ringo set out to create a pet food that was truly natural and one that would surpass all other comparable products on the market by combining 100 percent fresh, table-grade meat with the nutritional value of sprouted seeds and gentle baking. The gentle baking maximizes the density of the bio-available nutrients and flavors.

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Together the team created the first 100 percent natural and nutritious true-food diet for canines. Carna4 recipes do not contain synthetics of any kind. They don’t even contain the vitamin pre-mixes that are found in many other ‘natural’ commercial dog foods. Carna4 tests every batch of pet food for safety, and they also work with other operations that believe in sustainability, non-GMO farming practices and a drug-free food chain.

Since the quality of this dog food is so high, Carna4 says that pet parents are likely to see a complete change in their pet after just a few days on their food. Unlike other commercial dog foods, the fresh ingredients of Carna4 products with bio-available, boosted vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids will give your pet a shiny and healthy coat, more energy, brighter eyes and many other health benefits. Your pet’s overall health and well-being is directly related to his diet, but you shouldn’t make any major changes to his diet without consulting with your veterinarian first.

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