22 Cat Products That You Can Safely Use with Dogs

There are “cat products,” and there are “dog products.” That’s the way it’s always been if you ask pet parents of either species. But, there are some pet supplies that can be used with both species and if you're a multi-pet owner, you'll likely appreciate the 2-in-1 ability of these cat products that can be used with dogs.

I've also managed to find some food items that work for both pets. But before we look at the cat foods and supplies on the below list, it’s important to note that the nutritional needs of cats and dogs are dissimilar. You should never feed cat food to a dog or vice versa unless that food has been specifically developed for both species. Keep this in mind if you decide to investigate the use of other cat products on your dog.

Likewise, size is another big factor to consider – cat products are typically much smaller than dog products. In the case of toys, a small cat toy could pose a choking hazard to medium and large breeds. Less dangerously, clothing designed for the feline body may not fit a canine of the same weight quite as well, resulting in a waste of money.

As with any pet supplies that you buy for your dog, be mindful of your Fido's needs. Keep his preferences in mind, particularly when purchasing toys. Think about the pet's safety as well, minding the canine's size and behavior.

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22 Cat Products You Can Use with Dogs

Dog and cat products 2-in-1

1. The Pet Hair Remover Glove

Price: $6.99

Pet Hair Remover Glove - Gentle Pet Grooming Glove Brush - Deshedding Glove - Massage Mitt with Enhanced Five Finger Design - Perfect for Dogs & Cats with Long & Short Fur - 1 Pack (Right-Hand), BlueThe pet hair remover glove is a grooming glove with small plastic nubs sewn into the palm and along the underside of the fingers. A great solution for regular grooming of cats who are averse to even looking at a brush, this glove easily removes loose and dead hair from the coat and reduces in-home shedding.

In addition to being used on cats, this glove is a great way to build a stronger bond with your dog during regular grooming sessions. It’s also a safe way to build trust with newly adopted and anxious dogs!

2. BLACK FOX Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Training Treats

Price: $11.45

BLACK FOX Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Training Treats for Dogs and Cats | 270 Treats, 4oz Single Ingredient, Raw, Healthy, All Natural, Human Grade, Recyclable PackagingThese freeze-dried treats are human-grade and sourced from a single ingredient of chicken breast. They can be a rewarding treat for cats and dogs, especially when training!

With no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors, these treats are also a good option for dogs with more common allergies or intolerances. What’s more, these 100-percent grain-free treats are stinky enough to convince cats and dogs to pay attention during training lessons!

3. Solid Gold Berry Balance for Urinary Tract

Price: $25.99

Solid Gold Cranberry Supplement for Dogs & Cats for Urinary Tract Health - Berry Balance UTI + Bladder + Kidney Support for Cats and Dogs with Antioxidants - Cranberry Powder - 3.5 ozCats are known for having trouble with their urinary tract health, and the Solid Gold Berry Balance supplement is a highly recommended and effective solution. For cats that experience regular urinary tract infections or crystals in their urine, adding Berry Balance powder to daily meals is a simple solution for preventative treatment, and it’s easy to disguise in wet food.

This is a healthy and safe option for dogs with urinary health problems, too. The chewable formula makes it easier for dogs to eat, and the cranberry and blueberry flavor gives the appearance of treats!

4. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Price: $12.30

Hertzko Electric Cat & Dog Nail Grinder - Rechargeable Cat Nail Grinder & Dog Nail Grinder Small Dogs & Large Dogs Trimmer, Professional Pet Grooming Kit with USB Wire Cutting your cat's nails is…well…next to impossible, which is why some genius out there developed the electric nail grinder. A quiet and gentle method of grinding down nail tips, the Hertzko electric nail grinder avoids having your cat hit the panic button when they hear the clip of the more traditional nail trimmers.

This trimmer even has a USB charge cord, so those twice-monthly nail trims won’t cost you a fortune at the vet anymore, which also means no more traumatized kitty! As an added bonus, this grinder can also be used on dogs to keep nails short between professional trims or on a regular basis if your dog is slightly less mobile or has vet-related anxiety!

5. Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care Solution

Price: $11.95

Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care Solution Pet Water Additive: Best Way to Eliminate Bad Dog Breath and Cat Bad Breath - Fights Tartar & Plaque - So Easy, Just Add to Water! Vet Recommended 8 oz. If you’ve ever tried to brush your cat’s teeth, then you deserve a medal because it’s quite possibly one of the most challenging tasks a cat owner can face. Fortunately, we’re not the only ones who think so because someone out there developed Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution.

Just a few drops in your cat’s water keeps teeth and gums healthy and means no more struggling with a toothbrush. Have trouble keeping your dog’s teeth clean, too? You can drop a few spots of this in your dog’s water as well, although we find that dogs are a little pickier when it comes to adding anything to their water! If you can get your dog to drink it, however, it’s a great way to prevent doggy breath!

6. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Price: $19.16

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - Enzyme Pet Odor Eliminator for Home - Carpet Stain Remover for Cats and Dog Pee - Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer - Carpet Cleaner SprayAnyone who has owned a cat can tell you that getting the odor of cat urine out of the carpet is next to impossible. Even if you manage to get the stain out, the odor lingers, and it’s enough to knock you sick…not to mention the lure it has for repeat offenders! We’ve found Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator to be a great solution for those once-in-a-while accidents.

Just blotting the accident and then using the enzyme-activated solution to clean the area has been pretty effective at getting out those stains and smells and preventing repeat accidents in the same spot. If you have a dog, there’s good news for you, too; Rocco & Roxie work just as well on those housetraining or senior dog bathroom accidents. Just use it as you would for your feline offenders, and the stain and smell disappear!

7. The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth

Price: $28.96/12-pack

The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth POUR OVERS Wet Toppers for Dogs (12 Pack), 5.5 oz - Beef Stew As our cats get older, the results of traditional medicine to control aging symptoms can be increasingly unpredictable. The same goes for our feline friends with immunodeficiency concerns. In these instances, more cat parents are turning to all-natural products, and human-grade Honest Kitchen Bone Broth is one often-used option.

Utilizing the Ayurvedic properties of foods and herbs, this powdered broth dissolves in hot water and, once cooled, is poured over your cat’s food as needed to boost overall health. As an all-natural food-based product, Honest Kitchen Bone Broth is beneficial for dogs, too, and adding the cooled broth to your dog’s kibble daily is also a great way to entice picky eaters or add flavor to bland prescription foods.

8. Honest Kitchen The Perfect Form Supplement

Price: $12.09

The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form: Herbal Digestive Supplement for Dogs & Cats, 3.2 oz Another human-grade supplement from Honest Kitchen, The Perfect Form, is another powdered broth that mixes with boiling water. The cooled broth can then be added to your cat’s dry food or even given as a drink to support their digestion or help remedy an upset tummy.

Approved by the National Animal Supplement Council, you can safely use this broth daily, but most feline parents use it as needed. Yes, you can use The Perfect Form supplement with your dog, too. In fact, it’s particularly useful as a daily supplement for dogs with food allergies or sensitive digestive systems. Just pour it over dry kibble and let your dog enjoy it!

9. Honest Kitchen Instant Goat's Milk with Probiotics

Price: $12.50The Honest Kitchen Instant Goat's Milk with Probiotics for Dogs and Cats 5.2 oz The final dehydrated supplement powder on our list from Honest Kitchen, Pro Bloom supplement, rehydrates with water to support gut health. Made using goat’s milk, Pro Bloom offers probiotics and digestive enzymes to boost the digestive system and seems to be a more appealing option for daily supplementation of cats with fragile constitutions. Once hydrated, the milk-like supplement isn’t one you’ll have to beg your cat to drink.

Pro Bloom is a great addition for dogs with sensitive tummies, too, although be warned, not all dogs are as tolerant of this supplement as they are of the previous two from Honest Kitchen. If your dog is tolerant of it, though, it’s a good way to boost their immune system and support digestion by simply adding a small amount to daily meals.

10. Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes with Ketoconazole and Aloe

Price: $14.99

Pet MD Topical Wipes for Cleansing - with Aloe for Cats and Dogs - 50 Count If you’ve ever tried to hold your cat still while you dress a wound or clean a cut, then you’ve likely come away with a battle scar or two. That’s the number one reason we love the Pet MD Chlorhexidine wipes—they’re as easy as a quick swipe of the offending area. That means you don’t have to hold the kitty still or suffer the claws of fortune…you get the point.

The perfect all-around solution for multi-pet households, these wipes are also safe to use on your dog for those scratched warts, simple cuts, and scrapes as well. Plus, if your pup is a little overweight, these make a great wipe to kill off any bacteria and prevent fungal infections in those skin folds.

11. Zesty Paws Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Price: $32.82

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats - Omega 3 Skin & Coat Support - Liquid Food Supplement for Pets - Natural EPA + DHA Fatty Acids for Joint Function, Immune & Heart Health, 32 Fl OzWant to REALLY make your cat's day? Grab a bottle of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Zesty Paws and squirt a small amount on their daily meal. The smell is outrageous (it is fish oil!), but it’s packed full of rich omega fatty acids that are great for joint, immune, and heart health. Plus, it’s a really good way to get your picky feline to finish their food!

Have a picky dog? Don’t panic, this product is safe for daily supplementation in your dog too! Just a few pumps (depending on your dog’s weight) added to their kibble will encourage eating and result in a gleaming coat and smoother, more mobile joints!

12. Bach Rescue Remedy Pet

Price: $17.95

Bach Rescue Remedy PetBach Rescue Remedy Pet is a natural stress relief formula that is approved by veterinarians and regularly used by rescue organizations to soothe anxious animals. This is exceptionally beneficial for those times when you can’t avoid taking your cat to the vet. A few drops of this homeopathic remedy will take the edge off and make the trip much more pleasant for both of you.

Available in various forms, including sprays and drops, this remedy is safe for use in your anxious dog, too. If your dog has trouble in the car, is being left alone, or is experiencing thunderstorms, a few drops of Rescue Remedy can do anything from taking the edge off to leaving your dog completely relaxed and at ease.

13. Fresh is Best Freeze-Dried Raw Whole Chicken Heart Treats

Price: $18.99

Fresh Is Best - Freeze Dried Healthy Raw Meat Treats for Dogs & Cats - Chicken Hearts An all-natural and freeze-dried treat, the Fresh is Best chicken heart treats are 100% grain-free and made in the USA from fresh chicken hearts. Great for cats with strict dietary needs as well as those overweight kitties, these oily treats are also a great way to hide those daily medications that just can’t be avoided.

As a completely natural product, these chicken heart treats are safe for dogs to eat, too, and the perfect training treats for stubborn pups. Just keep in mind that these aren’t for dogs with chicken allergies – you’d think that would go without saying, but you never know…

14. Dechra Miconahex + Triz Pet Shampoo

Price: $25.40

Dechra MiconaHex + Triz Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses (8oz) Having a cat with a skin infection is…there really is no word for it because not only is your cat uncomfortable, but they’re stinky and in need of a bath, too. And it’s not as though we see anyone lining up and volunteering to bathe cats! Of course, when you use this medicated shampoo, you’ll still have to bathe your cat, but it’s a fast-acting solution that means fewer baths and faster relief of fungal and bacterial skin infections.

Have trouble with your dog’s skin, too? Dechra Miconahex + Triz Pet Shampoo is safe to use on your dog as well. Just be sure to read the directions on the bottle carefully since treatment will depend on the type of skin concerns you are facing!

15. Zymox Ear Solution

Price: $22.49

ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solution with 0.5-Percent Hydrocortisone, for Dog & Cat, 1.25 oz If your cat has chronic problems with its ears, then we recommend giving Zymox Ear Solution a try. A non-invasive ear solution, it comes in a nifty squeeze bottle that’s small enough to hold, and the solution gets rid of ear debris quickly while killing off any yeast, bacteria, or fungus. It also relieves inflammation and reduces itching, which makes for a happy kitty.

Just be sure to read the directions for applying for your cat and be sure to stop using it if you notice those ears getting worse. Have a dog with chronic ear infections? You can use Zymox Ear Solution on them, too; just squeeze them into the ear and wipe the outer inside of the ear to take care of that infection in no time.

16. VetriScience Composure Pro Bite Size Chews

Price: $30.89

VetriScience Composure Pro Bite Size Chews for Dogs and Cats - Chicken Flavor Pet Relaxants & Anti-Anxiety Treatment - 60 Soft Chews Another solution for anxious cats, VetriScience, Composure Pro is bite-sized chews that work from the inside rather than the sprays and drops that calm anxiety through scent. Flavored with chicken liver, just give your cat one of these chews before heading to the vet, and you’ll notice them calm down to a point where it’s not a traumatizing event for either of you.

These chews are also safe for anxious dogs although we find the efficacy depends greatly on the type of anxiety your dog has and the severity of it. (Personally, I had a Labrador with heart-stopping anxiety and chews like this did nothing for him, but a family terrier with minor noise anxiety showed great improvement!) These chews also have the added benefit of supporting cognitive and brain function, which makes them a beneficial daily supplement for senior dogs with cognitive dysfunction.

17. Whole Life Pet Single Ingredient USA Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Treats

Price: $33.14

Whole Life Pet Just One Chicken Dog and Cat Value Packs - Human Grade, Freeze Dried, One Ingredient - Protein Rich, Grain Free, Made in The USA Whole Life Pet Single Ingredient USA Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Treats are an all-meat treat that will keep even your fattest cat happy while cutting down the calories. Plus, being freeze-dried means that they will last! Plus, you don’t have to worry about these treats being tainted because they are 100% made and sourced in the USA, unlike those previously recalled treats from China.

Have a dog who enjoys a good chew but doesn’t trust rawhide? (Who would once they know the process of making it?!) These chicken breast pieces are a great low-calorie option for your dog, too, and feeding one a day is a good way to keep those mischievous dogs away from your shoes!

18. Glandex Pet Wipes, Cleansing & Deodorizing Anal Gland Hygienic Wipes

Price: $12.59

Vetnique Labs Glandex Dog Wipes for Pets Cleansing & Deodorizing Anal Gland Hygienic Wipe​s for Dogs & Cats with Vitamin E, Skin Conditioners and Aloe (75ct)There are few things as unpleasant as your cat getting as close as possible only to lend a whiff of those stinky anal glands in the process. We know you love your pets even when they’re stinky, but there is a certain degree of unpleasantness that no human should withstand, and the smell of anal glands is right up there. So, grab Glandex Pet Wipes, a quick wipe of your kitty’s hind end, and that offensive odor is banished.

Not only that, but the wipes themselves are soothing to your cat’s skin. An added bonus? You can use these wipes on the rest of your cat! Have a dog with anal gland issues? You can use these wipes on their derriere as well! In fact, you can use them on paws, faces, noses, and everywhere else, too… just be sure to use a fresh one for that!

19. Arava Pet Eye Wipes

Price: $17.99

Arava Pet Eye Wipes - for Dogs Cats Puppies & Kittens - 100 Count - Natural and Aromatherapy Medicated - Removes Dirt Crust and Discharge - Prevents Tear Stains (Pet Eye Wipes) If you have a cat with allergies or regular eye infections, then you know the difficulty of never-ending eye boogers. Try to wipe them away quickly, and you wipe it across their face, and you end up with a very annoyed cat. That’s why we like Arava Pet Eye Wipes. They’re all-natural, so they’re safe for use on eyes, but they’re big enough to wipe away eye boogers and discharge without swiping them across your cat’s face.

Does your dog have allergies, too? (Remember that Labrador I mentioned above?) Arava wipes are safe for your dog as well, and just one wipe in the morning gets rid of those green sticky boogers caused by spring and summer pollen!

20. Bodhi Dog All-Natural Apple Detangling Spray

Price: $14.99

Bodhi Dog Detangling Spray | Dog and Cat Fur & Hair Detangler Spray | Detangling Spray for Dog & Cat Grooming Essentials | Made in USA If you have a long-haired cat who hates to be brushed, then simply put, we feel sorry for you. Well, we would have before we discovered Bodhi Dog All-Natural Apple Detangling Spray (don’t worry, Bodhi Dog is just the company name!). A quick spritz on your long-haired cat’s coat makes brushing quick and easy and eliminates those painful tangles and mats that make brushing such an unpleasant experience.

Free from detergents, alcohol, parabens, SLS, and any harmful chemicals, you also don’t have to worry about skin irritation and can use this solution a couple of times a week, if not daily. Does your dog have a long coat, too? Bodhi Dog spray is just as safe for dogs, and all it takes is a simple spritz before brushing through their coat to eliminate those tangles and leave their coat shining.

21. Solid Gold SeaMeal Kelp-Based Supplement for Skin & Coat, Digestive & Immune Health

Price: $24.29

Solid Gold SeaMeal Multivitamin for Cats & Dogs - Kelp Powder Cat & Dog Supplement - Omega 3 & Digestive Enzymes for Skin & Coat, Gut + Immune Support - 1 LB Sometimes pets are just unhealthy, and if you have a cat with skin, coat, digestive, or immune trouble, then Solid Gold SeaMeal Kelp-Based Supplement is an addition that you need to make to your cat’s daily meal. All you need to do is sprinkle a little of this natural (and stinky) powder on your cat's daily food and leave them to it.

There is a chewable version of this supplement available, too, but we find that our cats are much more amenable to the powdered version. The chewable version of SeaMeal is ideal for use in dogs, though. Just offer the supplement as a treat, and most dogs will wolf them down – mostly due to the fishy smell! Plus, the benefits to your dog are the same as those for your cat!

22. Forticept Blue Butter Anti-microbial Gel

Price: $19.95

Forticept Blue Butter – Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs & Cats | Dog Wound Care | Skin Yeast Infections, Ringworm, Cuts, Rashes, First Aid Veterinary Strength Topical Ointment 4ozIf your cat suffers from skin infections, such as acne, yeast infection, or ringworm, or its wounds, sores, or rashes take too long to heal, this is the holy grail for him. Forticept Blue Butter has been clinically proven effective in treating wound hotspots, burns, post-surgical sites, lacerations, skin rashes, and infections.

Does your dog have similar issues with its wounds and cuts? This anti-microbial gel is safe for use on your dog, too. Its non-toxic, pH-balanced formula makes it safe for your furry friend and for the whole family. In fact, it's safer than antibiotics and steroid treatments for wounds. What we also like about this gel is that it stays on your dog's skin for a long time and doesn't leave a stain. Furthermore, it doesn't sting, irritate, or burn your pet's skin, unlike wound treatment products with alcohol and iodine.

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