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Caught on Video: Deputy Shoots a Small Dog That Posed No Threat

A video surfaced on social media of a deputy shooting a small dog, Reese's, that started barking at him but didn't seem to pose any real threat.

In the below video, Keenan Wallace, deputy of Faulkner County Sheriff Department, is first heard talking with a homeowner who's recording the video.

Seconds later, the video shows a small Chihuahua bark at the deputy, and immediately after a few barks, Keenan Wallace shoots the dog without another thought.


The person recording the video later posted it on social media, which sparked a huge backlash, prompting the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office to address this on Facebook. They called the incident “unfortunate” and the dog “aggressive.”

Under the Facebook post, thousands of comments were left pleading for justice and charges of animal cruelty for the deputy.

On Friday, Sheriff Tim Ryals placed deputy Keenan Wallace on administrative leave pending investigation and to review the video. On Saturday, the Faulkner County Sheriff has confirmed that the deputy has been fired.

The Sheriff also provided a statement which said that he felt deputy Keenan Wallace failed several times to deescalate the situation. He also added that no state law were violated, and the investigation will be turned over to the prosecuting attorney.

On a Go Fund Me fundraiser page, “Reeses the Dog being shot by the deputy,” several updates have been provided on the condition of the dog.

Reese's has survived, and is currently being cared for. She's in a stable condition but will need jaw surgery.

The latest update posted by Shelby Rose of KATV shows the dog at the vet:

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