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Review: ChiMom Box Dog Subscription Box

UPDATE 2024: The ChiMom Box is no longer available. I suggest you check out other dog subscription boxes that we have ranked and reviewed in this article: 15 Best Dog Subscription Boxes (Updated 2023)

Dog subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular. Most subscription boxes cater to certain sizes, types, or breeds of dogs. This allows pet parents to get supplies that are specifically designed for their dogs' needs. If you're the proud owner of a Chihuahua, the ChiMom Box may be just the surprise your pooch needs.

When you're looking at the dozens of dog subscription boxes available, there are many factors that you need to consider:

  • Are the products safe and healthy?
  • Will you/your dog use the products?
  • Will the products be suitable for your dog's chewing type and health needs?

Chihuahuas are a unique breed. They are especially small but can be aggressive chewers. These dogs are known for being a bit high-maintenance, which can include being picky about their food and treats.

There is no sense in spending money on a dog subscription box that contains products you're not going to use. This is especially true with Chihuahuas. If the toys or treats are too big for your pint-size pup, why waste your money?

ChiMom Box Dog Subscription Box Review

ChiMom BoxThere are a lot of dog subscription boxes on the market, and many of them are designed to meet the needs of a variety of dogs. When you sign up for these boxes, you'll need to input information about your dog's size, chewing preferences, and allergies. Then, the company sends you a variety of items that will meet your pup's general needs.

While these boxes seem to offer something for everyone, it's also quite likely that at least one product in every box will not be suitable for your canine companion. If you're looking for a subscription box that will be a perfect fit for your pup, try searching for one that is designed specifically for your Fido's breed.

ChiMom Box Review

The ChiMom Box includes products that have specifically chosen for Chihuahuas and their doggy mom.

Every ChiMom Box includes 4-7 items, including at least 1 toy, 1 treat, and 1 Chihuahua-themed product. You may also receive grooming supplies, accessories for your dog, accessories for yourself, bath and body items for yourself, stationary, or jewelry.

When you sign up for this subscription box, you will be asked to take a survey about your dog's coat length, weight, sex, etc… If there are variants available, the company will choose the product best suited for your Chihuahua.

ChiMom Box ReviewUnfortunately, the company doesn't give a lot of information about the quality of the products that they select for their boxes. However, the treats that were included in my box were wheat, corn, and soy-free. They were also made in the U.S.A. The other products were all of good quality as well, which leads me to assume that the company takes pride in including high-quality products in the ChiMom Box.

You have the option of purchasing a one-time box for $34.99 or buying a subscription to have a ChiMom Box delivered to you every other month for $31.99 per box. You will also need to pay $4.99 for shipping on every box.

This dog subscription box is more expensive than other similar boxes, but you only have to pay every other month, so it actually works out to be cheaper per month. Plus, you'll get at least $40 worth of products in every box, so it's still a good value for the money.

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Appropriate for Chihuahua
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chimom-box-reviewThe ChiMom Box is designed specifically for Chihuahuas and their dog mom. Every box includes 4-7 items including treats, toys, grooming supplies and Chihuahua-themed items. You have the option of ordering a one-time box or signing up for a subscription that will deliver a box to you every other month.