Review: Coastal Pet Products Dog Shedding Blade

You may be wondering exactly what a shedding blade is. A dog shedding blade, like this one from Coastal Pet Products, is a unique tool used to remove loose fur from smooth, short, and wiry coats.

When you hear the term shedding blade, you may think of something with a razor's edge that would be used to shave fur. While the name is a little off-putting, these tools are completely safe for grooming your pet.

The Safari dual-sided shedding blade is only available in one size. If you're shopping for a shedding blade, it's a great option, but be sure that it's the right size for your pup.

Coastal Pet Products Dog Shedding Blade

Coastal Pet Products Dog Shedding Blade

Shedding blades are versatile because of their unique design. You can use it in the rounded shape shown above, or you can unhook the handle and use it as a straight blade (hence the name).

You can use shedding blades on smaller animals like dogs and cats or larger animals like horses. If you have a multi-pet household, you may want to keep a tool like this in your grooming kit.

You can see the double-sided stainless steel blades in my video review above. As I mentioned, this tool is ideal for pets with short and/or wiry coats.

That's not to say that it won't work on thick coats. I use it for my Labrador to remove shed hair from the top layer of her coat.

It doesn't reach down through her double coat to her skin, so it's not the greatest deshedding tool for her. It works very well for our Beagle and our mixed-breed dog, Joey. They have shorter coats, so this dog's shedding blade completely dashed their entire coat.

If I only had a double-coated dog, I wouldn't choose this as one of the tools in my grooming kit. However, it works great for our other dogs, and it's versatile enough to use on all of our pets – both cats and dogs.

You can purchase the Coastal Pet Products dog shedding blade on Amazon for $14.29 right now. It's an inexpensive tool to purchase for yourself or to give as a gift to a pet owner on your holiday shopping list.

Whether you buy one for yourself or someone else, I would definitely recommend this tool for pets with short and/or wiry hair. It's inexpensive and definitely a great value for the cost.

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