Coso The Dog Does EPIC Goodbye Photo When Adopted
Photo: Erick Pleitez

Coso the Australian Kelpie Pittie blend was dumped, unceremoniously, by her family at the Melbourne Animal Shelter in Australia. It was nothing Coso had done wrong, they just decided they were not able to care for Coso anymore. This happens all around the world, all day long at every shelter.

To no fault of the dog, irresponsible pet owners just give up on them.

At 7 years old, Coso was no longer in her fun adorable puppy stage. Everyone loves puppies and they easily find homes. Coso, at 7,  was middle aged for a dog her size. She was still very active due to her breed mixture.

Coso The Dog Does EPIC Goodbye Photo When Adopted
Photo: Facebook/Lort Smith

While this was a selling point for some, it wasn’t for others. The right home was out there, she just needed to stay focused and prepared. Coso’s days turned into weeks as she sat waiting, paws crossed for just the right family to come along and see what a fabulous dog she was.

She didn’t need to work on anything, she was already amazing. She just needed to bide her time and make sure when they came, she shined. But the waiting continued. It was heartbreaking. Coso remained hopeful as she dreamed of the family that would come to free her. But they never came.

Lucky for Coso, the wonderful people at Lort Smith Animal Hospital came to the rescue. The organization also runs a rescue, and they took Coso in to their shelter in the nick of time. They knew she had potential, knew she would get adopted, she just needed a little more time to find that coveted forever home.

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Coso didn’t have to wait too long with her new besties at Lort Smith Animal Hospital. The right family did come along and saw Coso for all she was – the beautiful, loving dog that would make the best friend they needed in their lives.

While forever grateful to the rescue that took a chance, took her in and gave her the extra time she needed, Coso was beyond ecstatic to get a second chance at life. Getting adopted is the stuff dreams are made of, for a shelter dog.

Coso The Dog Does EPIC Goodbye Photo When Adopted
Photo: Facebook/Lort Smith

She was so excited that she could not contain her joy for what is now famously known as her goodbye photo.

This adoption photo Coso took with her new family, as one door closed in her life and a fabulous one opens. Coso said goodbye and thanks for the memories. Two paws up and a smile from ear to ear from Coso, the lucky dog heading home.

But the real lucky ones are her new family. Rescue dogs make the perfect companions. They are happy, grateful, loving and wonderful. High fives all around and a happily ever after beautiful girl.