Homeowner and His Dog Both Recovering After Black Bear Attack Featured Image

A black bear attacked a homeowner and his dog in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Officials stated that the dog noticed the bear while looking over a bird feeder on a porch and chased it last Saturday, July 1, in the western Connecticut town of Litchfield.

The black bear attacked the dog and bit the 65-year-old Connecticut man on the hand when he tried to intervene.

Both were recovering Monday, July 3.

The homeowner was treated at a hospital, while the dog was cured at a veterinary hospital.

However, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection did not have an update on the dog's situation.

Back in April, a 74-year-old woman was also attacked by a bear.

The bear bit on her arms and legs while she was walking her dog in Avon, a Hartford suburb.

Two incidents were also recorded last year, including one in October when a 10-year-old boy was attacked in a backyard.

According to the Environmental Department's statistics, there were 67 reports of bears entering Connecticut Homes in 2022, which is a new record, smashing the previous record of 45 in 2020.

Black bear standing to eat from a bird feeder in Hawley the Poconos Pennsylvania
Black bear standing to eat from a bird feeder in Hawley the Poconos Pennsylvania

Just this spring, the state General Assembly approved laws that make it acceptable to kill a bear if the person feels endangered by it or is defending a family member, a pet, or themselves.

The state environmental department advised the locals to be cautious in holding events or parties outside during the July 4 Holiday and to take their bird feeders down.

“Birdfeeders, along with trashcans, are one of the leading causes of bear conflicts and damage reports,” the department said in a statement.


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