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DakPets vs Furminator Reviews – Which One’s Better?

DakPets vs Furminator Reviews - Whats Best

As pet owners we have tried everything to keep the dog or cat hair off our furniture, our clothes, and out of our homes. It seems like no matter what method we use, the hair just keeps coming! To solve this, DakPets vs FURminator reviews are two of the most common deshedding tools we have today.

It’s certainly no secret that the best way to keep your dog from shedding excessively is to groom and brush them regularly, but with so many grooming brushes and shedding tools on the market, how do you know which ones actually work? We have previously published a list of best deshedding tools for dogs (applicable for other pets, too).

Before we get into this article, please note that this is a comparison of DakPets reviews and FURminator reviews from other pet owners.

If you want to see an actual comparison of these shedding brushes as well as review of other deshedding tools for dogs, please read our in-depth review and comparison of FURminator vs DakPets vs Magic Pro and watch the video from Samantha.

This time we've decided to compare DakPets vs Furminator reviews, and what pet owners think of these two most popular pet shedding tools and how well do these work.

One thing you'll quickly notice is that these two top dog shedding brushes out there have always been the FURminator deshedding tool and the DakPets deshedding tool, and these two products have been dominating the pet shedding marketing for several years now. It only makes sense to put them together and compare DakPets vs Furminator reviews.

Let’s take a look at what makes each of these so great.

DakPets vs Furminator Reviews: Which Dog Deshedding Tool Owners Prefer?

DakPets Review vs FURminator Review

FURminator reviews

Furminator vs Dakpets ReviewsThe famous FURminator deshedding tool has been around for many years now, and have pretty much monopolized the deshedding tools market while at the same time raising their prices for all of their tools. And for a good reason.

OUR FULL REVIEW: FURminator Review

This dog shedding tool is specifically designed to push through pets' topcoat and gently remove loose hair plus the undercoat of your dog without damaging his skin. Majority of FURminator reviews speak highly of this product, as you can see on Amazon.

The deshedding tool comes in five sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, so there is a dog brush to fit every shape, coat type and size of dog. They also have options for both short hair and long hair of dogs.

Here's the most helpful positive FURminator review for some context:

Most helpful review (full review on Amazon): “Ok, I have a 12 year old German Shepherd, she sheds year round. I have tried everything in those 12 years and nothing compares to this, it's awesome! I take her to petsmart to get her claws grinded down and I saw them using the furminator in the grooming area. Well, in store they sell this for…”

And now for the semi-negative FURminator review which explains a lot:

Most helpful review (full review on Amazon): “We have two labs. Both shed a lot. This tool does do a good job of stripping the excess hair and reducing the hair on the floor. Make sure you use minimal pressure when combing your dog since the teeth are sharp and it does irritate their skin if you are not aware of this (had…”

The FURminator claims to reduce shedding by up to 90% (like majority of other deshedding tools), and according to FURminator reviews, that appears to be true. The company also cautions that during heavy pet shedding seasons or if you have a dog that sheds excessively, you may need to brush them more often and for longer periods of time to remove all excess hair, but they still guarantee the tool will work.

All FURminator brushes come with a protective covering that should be kept on the tool at all times when it isn’t in use, and it can be cleaned very easily with warm water and mild soap.

The shedding tool is also equipped with the company’s patented FURejector button which allows you to clean the hair from the tool by simply pushing a button instead of having to pull it out with your fingers.

The edge of the FURminator brush and the teeth are made of stainless steel, and the specially made ergonomic handle makes it comfortable and easy to brush your excessively shedding dog. These brushes run anywhere from $20 to $60 depending on the size of brush that you need, which in comparison of DakPets vs Furminator reviews, it seems like the FUR-one is substantially more expensive.

DakPets reviews

DakPets vs Furminator ReviewsThe DakPets professional deshedding tool also claims to reduce shedding by up to 90%, and the response very similar to the FURminator reviews.

However, the DakPets tool only comes in ONE size. It has a 4-inch blade and can be used on dogs or cats of any size with long or short hair, according to the manufacturer.

DakPets also offers a 100% Unbreakable Guarantee, and the company will refund your money if the tool breaks at any time after the purchase.

Here's helpful positive DakPets review for a little more context:

Most helpful review (full review on Amazon): “I would highly recommend this product! It is so much cheaper than the Furminator, which my mother owns, and does just as good! It works wonders for thinning out the undercoat. I can't believe how much fur I got off of my poor cats, I feel like I've been a terrible owner brushing them with…”

And here's most helpful negative DakPets review that explains quite a bit, too:

Most helpful review (full review on Amazon): “Not impressed with this product. I purchased this based on the photo for a medium sized cat. In reality, the blade is around 4 inches wide and is the same size as the Furminator we have for our Golden Retrievers. It's hard to run this groomer over the cat without hitting a bony prominence due to its size. Both The Furminator and this…”

Similar to the FURminator, the DakPets deshedding tool also has a stainless steel blade and comes with a blade cover. The company claims that their deshedding tool will dramatically reduce shedding in your pet after just one 15-minute brushing session.

Another key difference between these tools, according to multiple DakPets vs FURminator reviews, is that DakPets can be used as a stand-alone pet grooming tool. It can remove mats and knots from your dog's coat while the FURminator cannot.

With that being said, the DakPets deshedding tool doesn’t have the easy fur release button that the FURminator has, so you will have to pull the hair out of the brush yourself.

DakPets tool can be purchased on Amazon for $18 at the time of this writing, so essentially it's a little cheaper than the smallest FURminator tool and significantly cheaper than FURminator's most expensive tool.

Summary of DakPets vs Furminator reviews

Summary of DakPets vs Furminator ReviewsDakPets and FURminator are the two most popular options for pet parents looking to reduce shedding in their dogs. Both of these deshedding tools are great and both are rated to reduce shedding by up to 90%.

Each dog hair brush has its own subtle differences, and at the end of the day, it is up to you which brush you choose. These deshedding products have great reviews and are well liked by consumers and dog grooming professionals alike.

All you have to do is compare the few differences in features, and see which one you would be more comfortable using to brush your dog and what size will best fit your dog. Is DakPets better than FURminator, or vice versa? Not really, since they're pretty similar and work just as good.

In the end, while both brushes have a few different selling points that aren't as important, it's clear that DakPets deshedding tool is a cheaper option if you're looking for a smaller deshedding tool, so I would choose this one. But you do need to pay attention to the tool's cons, since it does have them and cannot be directly compared to FURminator. Finally, if you specifically need a bigger dog brush for a giant breed and grooming-intensive coat, FURminator's most expensive tool may be your savior.

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