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DIY Dog Crate Cover Without Sewing

Crate training a dog is beneficial for both dogs and their owners. When done correctly, crate training gives your dog his own space to rest, relax and get away from stressful situations. A DIY dog crate cover can help make the crate feel more relaxing.

Dogs like to have a den where they feel safe and protected. Adding a cover to your dog's crate can help it to feel more like a den and less like a cage. It muffles outside noise and blocks out excess light, turning the crate into a peaceful, dark oasis.

Covering the crate will help your dog settle in, relax and go to sleep, particularly when an anxious dog is trying to hide from stress. Making a DIY dog crate cover allows you choose the material used as well as select any color or pattern that you want.

DIY Dog Crate Cover Without Sewing

DIY Dog Crate CoverSupplies You'll Need

  • 1 piece of material that covers the bottom and both sides of the crate
  • 1 piece of material that covers the back, top and front door of the crate
  • 1 piece of material that covers the front door with excess on the sides
  • scissors

How To Make A DIY Dog Crate Cover

Before buying the material for your crate cover, you'll have to measure the crate. You'll need to take the proper measurements for the 3 pieces of fabric listed above. Once you get measurements for each piece, add 4-5″ to each end. This extra fabric will come in handy when you're cutting the necessary fringe around the edges.

Place the first piece of material underneath the crate and wrap it up around the sides. You should have about 4-5″ of fabric that wraps up over the top of the crate. Cut 1″ wide pieces of fringe all along both sides that wrap over the top of the crate and both sides that run down the back of the crate. Cut off the excess corner pieces.

The fringe doesn't need to be perfect. You're going to tie the fringe together in the end, so if it's not perfectly 1″ wide, that's okay. If it's not completely straight, that's okay too. It will all blend together once you start tying the pieces of fringe together.

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Cutting fringe

Place the second piece of fabric over the top of the crate so that it hangs down over the back and front door. Cut fringe along both of the longer sides of the fabric that run up the sides of the front door, along the side of the top and down the side of the back panel of the crate.

Now, cut fringe along both sides of the smallest piece of fabric that covers the front door. Once all the fringe is cut, you can begin tying it all together. Begin by tying the piece on top of the kennel to the side pieces. Finally, tie the smallest piece to the front door flap.

That's it! You've got a DIY dog crate cover that didn't require any sewing skills! You can use these instructions to make multiple covers for friends and family. I made a few different covers in different designs that I change out seasonally. I also made themed covers for each major holiday, so my dog's crate can be festive too!

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DIY-Dog Crate Cover Without Sewing

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