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Does Your Dog Feel Unloved?

Does Your Dog Feel Unloved
Photo: Celsim Junior

Sometimes people buy a dog without realizing how much responsibility he will be or without really having the time to play with him. Recently, a video was released with the hopes that it would draw attention to how serious of an issue this really is. Dogs don’t have a voice and their sadness can go undetected for years.

As you watch this video, you may not understand how it relates to pets and animals, but as the story unwinds you will begin to understand. This might make you cry but it’s a good lesson that all people should know about. If we are irresponsible pet owners, there is a result, even if we aren’t aware of it.

Animals have feelings just like humans. They experience joy and sadness, loneliness and depression.

This video also has larger implications for our society about how we treat each other and how children or adults can be affected when we are too busy for them or neglect them. Hopefully after watching you will be inspired to share it, as well as promote good pet ownership habits. Beyond that, hopefully it inspires you to listen to your loved ones more intently, love more consistently and really be there for people and animals when they need you.

Imagine if you were the one being neglected, brushed aside and treated as if you didn’t matter? Maybe you have felt that way before and can relate to the feeling. The more people this video reaches, the better off the world will be because it is so well made and gets such a strong point across.

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Nothing is more important than love – not work, not our possessions. Just as the spilled red wine causes the outburst in the video, many people can become reactive and unkind when unexpected things come up. We should always be kind to our pets and never hit them, just as we should always be kind to humans.

If our animals are depressed, chances are they aren’t getting enough love, affection and play time. If you weren't getting these things you would be depressed too, wouldn't you? All beings truly deserve respect and we all have the ability to choose to be more loving right now. It will make the world a better place.

Does Your Dog Feel Unloved
Photo: JimmysInHiFi

This video is such a great example of art that has a strong message, and it can be an inspiration for other artists as well. The more we use our artistic talents of filmmaking, songwriting and other creative skills for good, the more positive changes we can impact in the hearts and minds of the world. Keep sharing this video and positive messages, as social media helps us all improve ourselves and point our cultures in promising directions.

The pain in the little girl’s eyes in this video speaks for all the animals that are neglected. Maybe they are in shelters, maybe they are in homes that no longer care for them. Be a voice for these animals and if you can, offer them a loving home. Remember, pet adoption is not something to be taken lightly as the video says at the end.


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