Becoming a dog owner comes with many benefits.

However, every owner will agree that having dogs also comes with its complications, and chief among them is for people who have to travel or work a lot.

Best dog boarding in San Diego services can be of great help.

Some dogs don’t take traveling well, and sometimes you just can’t take them with you, even if they’d be happy to come.

Leaving pets at home by themselves isn't always an option as well.

In situations like these, dog owners face a rather limited array of options:

  • Ask a relative or friend to take care of your dog.
  • Find a professional dog sitter to come daily or even stay at your house and take care of your dog while you are away.
  • Find a professional pet boarding service in your area where you can leave your dog for a day or longer.

Trusting a stranger isn’t always an easy task, especially when it comes to your furry best friend.

Specifically for those situations, we've compiled a list of the 25 best dog boarding in the San Diego area options.

While the list is arranged in no particular order, all dog boarding service providers on it were carefully screened based on history, experience, professionalism, availability and credibility.

There are many other dog boardings in San Diego services that didn’t cut, so if you live in San Diego and you’re looking for a high-quality pet boarding service for your pet – look no further.

Top 25 Best Dog Boarding in San Diego

The Best San Diego Dog Boarding Services

Best Overall Dog Boarding in San Diego: Paradise Pet Care

Paradise Pet Care Dog Boarding San DiegoIf you want pet care from expertly trained professionals that are insured and bonded, most of which even received Pet CPR certifications from the American Red Cross – the Paradise Pet Care is a place to pay a visit.

Working in a great facility as well, these professionals can offer the ideal care of your dog.

And if you are interested in pet sitting instead of pet boarding (meaning – pet care at your home), Paradise Pet Care also offers that service.

Best Runner Up Dog Daycare in San Diego: Dog Dayz of California

Dog Dayz of California Dog Daycare San DiegoLooking for high-quality dog boarding services in the Metro area of San Diego?

Dog Dayz of California is one of your best bets. At their place you can find everything your dog might need – boarding, daycare, grooming services and even dog training.

Their services come in several different packages, ranging from $49 per night for one dog in a cabana-style suite, to $115 for a two-dog family-style place.

4 Paws Animal Hospital

4 Paws Animal Hospital Dog Boarding San Diego

When searching for dog daycare in San Diego, veterinary facilities are not usually what comes to mind since they specialize in med care exclusively and not in accommodations and atmosphere.

This isn’t the case with 4 Paws Animal Hospital – a great veterinary hospital that also has a boarding and grooming facility, called “The Spa @ 4 Paws Animal Hospital” – this is the place to look for if you want the perfect mix between great pet living accommodations and expert health care.


Dogtopia Dog Boarding San DiegoLooking for a place for your pet with a great open-play area and a lot of hours of supervised exercise and safe socialization? Dogtopia has all that and more.

In Dogtopia your pet will also have their own separated playrooms where they can spend some time by themselves if they don’t feel like socializing, and they are also supervised and observed by a highly trained professional team that is there to make sure that your dog will have the most fun and safest time possible.

Home and Pet Care

Home and Pet Care Dog Boarding San DiegoOffering something that’s a bit smaller and more personal among these dog boarding San Diego services, the Home and Pet Care place has been around since the start of the century.

And for those 15 years they made a name for themselves thanks to their expert work, as well as the additional options for small animal pet sitting (pet sitting at your own home), dog walking, pet taxi service, and vacation pet care.

With Home and Pet Care your pet gets to stay at the business owner’s home instead of in a big, impersonal facility – and that’s always the better option.

Sandlot K9

Sandlot K9 Dog Boarding San DiegoAnother great option that is offering something more than “just” expert dog boarding services is the Sandlot K9.

This dog behavioral training center has a marquee service called “dog boot camp” – a Sandlot K9 property where dogs can spend multiple days with the Sandlot staff, training against unwanted behavior like human aggression, dog aggression, separation anxiety, leash pulling, etc.

This well-reviewed and respected dog training facility, together with their daycare and overnight boarding options, make the Sandlot K9 a perfect choice for most dog owners looking for dog boarding in San Diego.

Camp Diego

Camp Diego Dog Boarding San DiegoA San Diego dog boarding service provider that’s been operating in the area since before the start of the century, Camp Diego offers dog boarding with a strong orientation towards the social aspect of the experience.

Dogs staying there have their own sleeping quarters, but they also have access to climate-controlled common facilities where they can socialize, have a great and enjoyable time, and even develop their social skills under the watchful eyes of Camp Diego’s expert staff.

Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital

Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital Dog Boarding San DiegoAnother pet clinic that also offers great dog boarding in San Diego options in their nice and welcoming boarding facilities, the Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital offers the best of both worlds – expert 24/7 healthcare from some of the best professionals in the area, plus a very satisfying boarding facility that will leave your dog calm and happy whenever you are away.

The staff of Rancho Bernardo is very committed to always giving their pet guests all the free space, as well as both peace of sleep and playful activities.

Pooch Hotel

Pooch Hotel Dog Boarding San DiegoWe aren’t the only ones that can enjoy a vacation and a fancy hotel every once in a while – with the Pooch Hotel, so can your pet.

Not just a standard San Diego dog boarding facility, the Pooch Hotel offers virtually everything your pet may require to have both a great and a perfectly safe time there.

It is filled with luxurious personal space for all the alone time your dog may want, but also the perfect open-area for play, training and socialization.

K9 Resort & Spa

K9 Resort & Spa Dog Boarding San DiegoFor those based in Escondido, the K9 Resort and Spa includes pretty much all possible pet boarding services you and your pet may require – grooming, pet boarding, pet sitting at home, daycare, and even dog training.

At the K9 Resort and Spa your pet is guaranteed to stay and sleep in a cage free facility with perfect AC system that ensures the lack of any unwanted and unfamiliar smells. In addition to all this, the K9 Resort and Spa also offers the additional service a webcam system so that you can keep an eye on your pet whenever you want.

Down-To-Earth Dogs

Down-To-Earth Dogs Dog Boarding San DiegoWith over a decade of experience in dog training and dog boarding, Down-To-Earth Dogs offers a great set of services for you and your pooch – dog daycare and dog boarding at a perfect facility, designed to give the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for your pet.

Filled with both individual, big rooms for some safe, alone-time, as well as large open areas for training, play and socialization, Down-To-Earth Dogs are also an eco-friendly organization that works with biodegradable bags and materials, and feeds their pets with natural food and treats.

24-Hour Dog Daycare

24 Hour Dog Daycare Dog Boarding San DiegoThe 24 Hour Dog Daycare in San Diego offers much more than what it name suggests – a 24 hour doggy daycare.

In addition, they also give you the great option of choosing and customizing your pet’s experience.

Instead of trying a dog boarding service after service, looking for what your pet will prefer the most, at 24-Hour Dog Daycare, you can choose whether your dog will get to have social pet boarding, which is ideal for more social dogs that want to have company, or a more private boarding experience, where they can enjoy the peace and quiet that they prefer.

Furry Friends Dog and Cat Grooming

Furry Friends Dog and Cat Grooming Dog Boarding San DiegoA Pet grooming company that offers expert grooming services for both dogs and cats, Furry Friends Dog and Cat Grooming has a lot more to offer, including an excellent boarding option. An expert boarding staff will provide your dog with a great boarding experience and 24/7 care.

At the pet spa at Furry Friends Dog and Cat Grooming your pet can also receive washing, flea and tick cleaning, skunk treatments and a haircut.

A great option if you want to make your away-time useful and productive for your pet as well.

The Animal Keeper

The Animal KeeperA perfect all-around option the Animal Keeper offers virtually everything you can want from a pet boarding service.

Their facility has a great AC system, ensuring the perfect smell-free atmosphere for your dog, and it also has great heating and a 24/7 staff supervision.

Some of the various options the Animal Keeper offers include doggy day camp training, daycare, spa treatments and much more.

Dog Days

Dog Days Dog Boarding San DiegoA fairly newer pet care center compared to some of the other entries on our best San Diego dog boarding list, Dog Days were established in 2010 but they quickly established themselves as a reputable facility and now offer everything your dog might require – a boarding center, daycare, dog taxi services, and bathing services.

The facility offers overnight care, as well as a cage-free, comfortable environment where your dog will feel safe, calm and completely taken care of – just as it should.

Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic, Inc

Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic, Inc Dog Boarding San DiegoOne of the oldest entries on this San Diego dog boarding list, the Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic has been working for the safety, health and positive experience of San Diego’s pets ever since 1976.

The pet boarding facility at the pet clinic is something very few pet clinics and very few dedicated boarding services can offer. If you are looking for a great boarding place with indoor kennels, outdoor walking and playtime areas, nutritious meals, and expert health care – the Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic is a place to pay attention to.

Morena Pet Hospital

Morena Pet Hospital Dog Boarding San DiegoAnother great pet hospital that has been serving the dog owners of San Diego for several decades, the Morena Pet Hospital was founded in 1989 by Dr. Jeanne M. Potter. A member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the California Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Potter has made sure that the Morena Pet Hospital offers the perfect, comfortable boarding experience for your dog – 24/7 supervision, an outdoor play area, bathing services, top-notch nutritious meals, and more.


Boyd’s Dog Boarding San DiegoMore of the all-in-one facilities, great mix of expert dog boarding and professional veterinary care, Dr. Boyd’s offers all-day care, play and safety for your dog. With an excellent boarding facility, at Dr. Boyd’s your dog will feel as safe as at home, in the hands of their great behavioral experts and dog trainers. It's one of the best dog boarding San Diego services in this area that's well-reviewed and quickly growing.

Acacia Animal Health Center

Acacia Animal Health Center Dog Boarding San DiegoFor those slightly further away from the center of San Diego, another great option in Escondido, the Acacia Animal Health Center is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association for their outstanding clinic’s boarding facility.

Offering a great mix of expert vet care and 24/7 doggy boarding, the Acacia Animal Health Center is guaranteed to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable.

Best Friends Pet Hotel

Best Friends Pet Hotel Dog Boarding San DiegoFor when you want to not just board your pet somewhere in a time of need, but to also give your Fido a great experience, the Best Friends Pet Hotel is nothing short from a vacation for your pet.

The hotel’s San Diego dog boarding facility is of the highest quality and design, ensuring the perfect, fun time for your furry friend. Their staff is highly trained in pet behavior and training, and are dedicated to giving your dog the best of times.

Jen Loves Pets

Jen Loves Pets Dog Boarding San DiegoEstablished by Jennifer Taylor, a certified pet CPR practitioner and licensed Pet Tech Instructor, Jen Loves Pets offers expert pet boarding and pet sitting services. This San Diego pet boarding facility is also a member of the Association for Force-Free Professionals – a guarantee that with Jen Loves Pets your dog will be in the safest of hands.

Sandy Pawz Dog House

Sandy Pawz Dog House Dog Boarding San DiegoOne of the best dog boarding places in San Marcos, the Sandy Pawz Dog House offers almost everything your pet may require – doggy daycare, boarding service, pet grooming, and more.

All staff members are outstanding professionals in the field, being also trained in pet CPR.

A large play area, a grooming salon, and a comfortable environment – just as it should be – make this one of the best dog boarding San Diego services out there.

Bark Park

Bark Park Dog Boarding San DiegoOpening at the end of the last century in 1999, the Bark Park has been offering expert pet boarding services to people in Spring Valley and the San Diego area for almost two decades.

Accepting only housetrained, socialized, and spayed or neutered pets, the Bark Park ensures that your pet will not only have a great time but also be in the safest possible environment, surrounded by other great dogs to play with in the Park’s free-range open area.

Other options include grooming, bathing, nail clipping and more. And all this comes at the price of $30 for a cage-free night for your dog.

Paw Commons

Paw Commons Dog Boarding San DiegoIf you are looking to treat your pet with something a little more special – a sort of 5-star pet hotel – then the Paw Commons dog boarding San Diego facility is worth checking out.

Offering an astonishing assortment of suite options, the Paw Commons can offer your pet suits that even have flat-screen televisions and plush beds, as well as the highest quality of pet food.

The 24/7 professional care also ensures the comfort and the perfect safety of your furry friend.


DogSpot Dog Boarding San DiegoOn the Oceanside you can also find the DogSpot. Offering cage-free and kennel-free experience to your pets, DogSpot is ran by a certified canine behavioral specialist and trainer and is operated by a staff with equally impressive qualifications.

If you are looking for a pet boarding service that will offer both a completely comfortable and safe boarding experience for your pet, as well as some great training options against unwanted behavior, the DogSpot may be the place for you.

Do you have a nomination for the best dog boarding San Diego?

And there you have them – the 25 best San Diego dog boarding service providers where your pooch will be pampered, well cared for and safe.

If you are looking for professional and devoted care for your best friend, then know that you can trust any of these services without a second thought.

Did we miss some? Let us know about any great San Diego dog boarding services that we missed in the comments below.

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