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Review: Dog Collar Tags Silent Pet ID Tags


The jingle of dog tags is annoying to many pet owners. Dog ID tags can also become detached from the collar or get caught on objects resulting in harm to your pet. Dog Collar Tags are ID tags made of a rubber-like material that slide easily over virtually any collar.

What would happen if your pet got lost? If he's wearing an ID tag, the chances are that someone would quickly find him and call the number on his tag. As long as the information on his identification tag is up-to-date, you'll have your dog safely back home in no time.

Dog Collar TagsThink of the alternative. If your dog gets lost and isn't wearing an ID tag, how will anyone know where he belongs? If a good samaritan finds him or he is picked up by animal control, where will he end up? Your pet will be taken to a local shelter, and they won't know how to contact his family.

The shelter would surely share photos of your dog on social media, and it is possible that you may still get him back. But, what if someone finds him and doesn't bring him to a shelter? What if he gets lost while you're traveling?

Without an updated identification tag, the chances of you being reunited with your canine companion are much less. Dog Collar Tags have put a unique and innovative spin on this necessary dog product.

Dog Collar Tags Silent Pet ID Tags Review

Dog Collar TagsI've blurred my contact information in the photo above, but below you can see a photo that shows how detailed these Dog Collar Tags are. The script is easy to read and stands out well. Anyone that finds your dog will not have a problem reading your contact information.

As I demonstrate in my video review above, these tags slide easily over almost any collar. They stretch over clips and buckles and secure on the band of the collar. Dog Collar Tags are available in 6 sizes:

  • Dog Collar TagsXS – fits a 3/8″ collar
  • S – fits a 1/2″ collar
  • M – fits a 5/8″ collar
  • ML – fits a 3/4″ collar
  • L – fits a 1″ collar
  • XL – fits a 1.25″ collar

I am one of the many pet owners out there that despises the jingling noise made by traditional metal dog ID tags. My favorite thing about Dog Collar Tags is that they are completely silent.

These tags are also affixed tightly to the collar. They do not dangle down like traditional tags. This makes this ID tag style safer than the traditional metal tags as well. There is no risk of them getting caught on anything and harming your dog. There is also a much lower chance that these tags will fall off of your pup's collar/harness.

My favorite thing about these ID tags is that the writing will not wear off over time. Metal tags are usually engraved, which looks nice in the beginning. Over time, the tag wears down and it can become difficult to read the engraved writing.

Dog Collar TagsDog Collar Tags are available in 5 colors, including:

  • white
  • orange
  • blue
  • grey
  • rust

You can purchase Dog Collar Tags on the company's website for $19.99 each. There are also options to have more text printed on the tag, but that is more expensive. While these tags are more expensive than traditional metal dog ID tags, they also offer a lot of benefits over those traditional options.

Dog Collar Tags also come with a 5 year guarantee. I do feel that these tags are worth the money. They are long lasting, silent and informative. They are also made in the United States – in Buffalo, New York to be exact.

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