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Twigo Tags Are Drawing Attention to National Pet ID Week

Twigo Dog Tags Are Drawing Attention to National Pet ID Week
Photo: Twigo Tags

The instant terror that a dog owner feels when they look out into the yard and realize their beloved pet is missing cannot be put into words. Dogs become furry family members and when one goes missing it is heartbreaking. National Pet ID Week will be kicking off on Sunday, April 17th to educate dog owners about the importance of equipping their canine companions with tags in case they get lost.

Pet identification is a vital part of making sure your animal can be returned quickly if found by someone else. Microchips and GPS tracking devices are great as a second line of defense, but microchips are only beneficial if the dog ends up somewhere with a chip reader and tracking devices can run out of batteries.

Twigo Dog Tags Are Drawing Attention to National Pet ID Week
Photo: Twigo Tags

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Some GPS trackers are also only good for a certain radius. If your dog leaves that radius their location will no longer be detected. ID tags are cheap, simple and effective. Think about what you would do if you found a lost dog. Would your first thought be to take him to a veterinarian’s office to have his microchip read?

No, of course you would immediately look for ID tags in an effort to get information about the pup’s owner.

As long as you keep your pet’s tags up-to-date, someone would be able to notify you within minutes of finding your lost dog. Twigo Tags LLC is on a mission to make sure all pets wear an ID tag, and they are using National Pet ID Week to their advantage.

According to the company’s website, approximately 1 in every 3 pets will end up getting lost at some point during their lifetime. In cases when the pet does not have proper identification, about 90% of them never make it back to their owners. Their website also states that on average shelters hold lost pets for less than 3 days.

Twigo Tags offers the only silicone pet ID tags that are phthalate and lead free. The tags are non-toxic and safe for your pets. The company states that they have passed many safety tests, although they don’t specifically mention which ones.

Twigo Dog Tags Are Drawing Attention to National Pet ID Week
Photo: Twigo Tags

The concept is simple. You write all your information on the tag with the pen that is included. If you make a mistake you can simply wipe it off with rubbing alcohol and start over. When you’ve written all the information you place the tag in boiling water for 2 minutes. The ink will change color so that you know it is sealed onto the tag.

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Once the tag has dried it is all set and your information is securely written on the back. Twigo ID Tags also come with a Silence Pocket so you don’t have to hear your pet’s tags jingling all the time. You can even wash the tags with soap and water if they get dirty. The soap will not wash the ink off.

The drawback to these tags is that the ink will wear over time, so you’ll have to check your pet’s tags periodically to make sure they are still legible. If this happens, you can just write your information and boil the tag again. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s also a nice option if your contact information changes.

You won’t have to buy new pet ID tags. Just wipe the old information off with rubbing alcohol, write on your updated info and boil the tag again. If you’re interested in these versatile dog tags, you should wait until National Pet ID Week – Twigo Tags will be running a Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off special.

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