dog digs to safety 3 days after stuck underground
Credits to Dasha Samatoina

A missing dog finally reunited with its owner 60 hours after being stuck underground in Aberdeen’s Seaton Park in the UK.

Owner Dasha Samatoina began searching for Bear, a 5-year-old Cavapoo, when it disappeared after walking with a friend’s dog named Lola.

Devastated and worried, Samatoina — along with the fire brigade, local people, and businesses — arranged a massive search for Bear.

Samatoina, 29, thought that both dogs went down the hole, but Bear, who is bigger than Lola, was unable to return.

Although Bear was still nowhere to be found, Samatoina and the team were advised to let Lola lead the way, hoping it would hear or sniff the missing dog.

She [Lola] led us to one of the holes on a site we had not properly looked at, and she was very persistent to go down the hole.”

They began searching the place and called Bear’s name.

Miraculously, the crying owner felt something digging from beneath.

I think he was a few feet down because his bark was quite muffled.”

A few moments after, Bear made its way to the surface and reunited with its owner.

…I was hysterical and crying. The thought of him being down there in the cold and dark terrified me,” the owner recalled.

Missing Cavapoo dog in Aberdeen UK found underground
Credits to Dasha Samatoina

Bear spent the night at the vet, who “were shocked” that the dog was fine.

They got its eyes — covered in sand — and scratched nose cleaned and treated thoroughly.

The survivor Cavapoo also got medications for dehydration.

As owner Samationa said, “It is amazing how strong he is to be able to dig himself out after three days with no food or water.”


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