Best Dog Food Coupons and Coupon Sites

Every owner wants to give their pet the best dog food that's nutritional and healthy. But the highest quality dog food brands can be very expensive.

Using dog food coupons is a great way to give your canine companion high-quality food without the high price tag.

Going heavy with dog food coupons is a little trick I've learned due to necessity and budgeting.

Most dog owners don’t realize that many high-end dog food brands offer samples, great discounts, and coupons.

You can save a lot of money on dog food by combining coupons, rewards programs, and store sales.

While there are some cheap dog food brands out there, feeding your pooch more expensive brands may offer better nutrition.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can find coupons and savings to help lower the cost of those expensive dog food brands. Here are a few of the different approaches that you can take to save money on dog food.

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Best Dog Food Coupons and Coupon Sites

Manufacturer's Coupons

Dog food coupons are easy to find after you already know the system and understand where to look.

One of the best places to start looking for dog food coupons is the website of the brand that makes your pet's favorite kibble or wet food.

If you sign up to the company's email list, they will often email you coupons directly that you can use in conjunction with pet store sales to save quite a bit of money.

You can also get free dog food samples by contacting the company for a taste test with your Fido.

Below are some of the most popular brand websites that are known to often send out dog food coupons and have different discounts.


Wellness is known for making high-end pet food with all-natural ingredients.

Vets often praise the quality of the food, but because it’s high quality, it can get really expensive.

They offer many dog food coupons and incentives for loyal customers and email subscribers, though.

Taste of The Wild

Taste of The Wild is another premium dog food that uses only high-quality ingredients and can be on the mid to higher end of the price range.

But they will often send out special rewards and deals to people who have signed up for their email newsletter on their website.


Organix food is made with only organic vegetables and very high-quality meat sources.

That's what makes their prices go high, but the quality is fantastic, and they're often ranked among the top dog food brands out there.

You can get some hefty discounts if you follow the company on social media and sign up for their newsletter.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is one of the most popular mid-range dog foods in the US. It has good quality ingredients, and the price is lower than that of most premium brands.

It’s a good compromise for people who value quality but also need to watch the bottom line.

There are many dog food coupons and incentives available directly on their site and through retailers like Petsmart.


Iams is an established company with a great track record, and their dog food line is one that many dog owners trust.

It’s easy to find it in many grocery and big box stores as well as pet food stores, but shopping online is where it's at if you want a discount price.


Purina makes many different brands of dog food for different needs and of different qualities, from low and cheap to high-end.

It’s easy to find and relatively inexpensive for most pet owners. Purina also has lots of dog food coupons available on their site for different types of formulas.

Natural Balance

Natural Balance specializes in limited-ingredient diets for dogs with allergies. They use unique ingredients like sweet potato and unusual protein sources like duck or venison.

Natural Balance is a high-quality dog food and can be expensive, but they offer generous dog food coupons and incentives if you sign up for their email newsletter.

Hill’s Science Diet

Hill's Science Diet is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to dog food.

It’s the food most often recommended by vets, and they make a lot of specialty prescription foods as well.

If your dog needs expensive prescription food, signing up on the Hill’s website can get you lots of helpful budgeting tips and coupons for prescription foods.

Rachel Ray Nutrish

Rachel Ray Nutrish is one of the healthier mid to low-level pet foods.

It’s easy to find in stores, and the price won’t break the bank, especially if you have more than one dog and like to buy their stuff in bulk.

Their website also offers lots of decent dog food coupons.

Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own is one of the original high-end dog foods partially made with organic ingredients. They're one of the best organic dog food brands out there.

It can be quite pricey due to its quality ingredients, but using dog food coupons from the site and deals at stores like Whole Foods, you can make it a lot more affordable for yourself.

Online Pet Stores

If you shop for your dog food online, you can often get free shipping and other deals from online retailers.

If you join their perks rewards program, you'll earn free bags of dog food as well as get manufacturer's dog food coupons and other discounts that can be used online or in-store.

The best places to shop online for dog food are:


Everybody knows the most popular online retailer, Amazon, and due to its popularity, the company can offer very low prices on dog food and other supplies.

They have deals pages, but what many don't know is that Amazon also has dog food coupons (and other pet supplies coupons) on their Coupons page here.


Chewy is a relative newcomer to the pet supply scene, but they've grown to become one of the biggest online pet supplies retailers in the US, and they sometimes publish a list of dog food coupons on their site.

They also have one of the best customer services in the business, and their prices are often lower than those of other stores.

They offer free shipping for orders over $35-$50.

Best of all, they have a very generous return program, so if you buy food and your dog doesn’t like it, you can return the food with no hassles.


The best way to save money with Petco is to join their rewards program to earn your dog food coupons and other dog supplies discounts.

You will have to shop according to what is on sale on any given week, but you can save a lot of money with their Pet Perks reward program.

You can also earn free pet food just by buying the dog food you normally buy.


Like Petco, your best bet at Petsmart is to join their rewards program. You can earn points that can be redeemed for free dog food, toys, and supplies.

You also will get automatic savings on the pet food that you buy without needing any special dog food coupons.

Try local: Remember that you can also look for dog food coupons, discounts, sales, and specials at local independent pet stores and farm supply stores. Many smaller pet stores offer punch card deals where you can earn a free bag of dog food after you purchase six bags. They also have case discounts for canned food.

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Coupon Sites

If you buy your dog food at the grocery store, then there are lots of sites you can look at to find dog food coupons.

But be sure that you check the store’s weekly sales flyer, too.

Sometimes, there are additional deals and discounts on pet supplies in the flyers.

You can stack dog food coupons. So, if the store offers a promotional coupon or sale, and you have a manufacturer’s coupon, you can use both together to get a great deal.

As an example, let’s look at the national grocery chain Publix. Publix offers a huge range of Buy One, Get One Free deals each week.

So let’s say that you are feeding your dog Purina Dog Chow, and it’s on sale: Buy One, Get One Free at Publix.

Let’s also assume you have two manufacturer coupons for $5 off a bag of Dog Chow.

You can use one coupon per bag of dog food. And you’re already getting one bag of food free.

So, really, you end up paying a fraction of the price of one bag for two bags. When you stack deals like that, you can feed your dog for next to nothing if you shop carefully.

You can also add in-store dog food coupons for stores that offer them.

Coupon sites will have a lot of information to help you get started using coupons to save money on dog food and dog supplies.

They can also tell you what stores have the best deals and when pet food will be going on sale. The most popular couponing sites are:

Coupon Cabin

If you’re looking for national coupons that can be used at any grocery store, Coupon Cabin is a great site for that.

However, most of the coupons are limited to brands that are sold in grocery stores. They don’t often have coupons for higher-end foods.

I Heart Publix

If you want to learn how to maximize your savings by using coupons and Publix’s famous BOGOs, the I Heart Publix is the best site to learn it from.

They have updated listings of all current and future Publix deals and have great advice.

I Heart Kroger

The I Heart Kroger site gives the same type of information as I Heart Publix, but the deals and advice are specific to the Kroger chain of grocery stores.


Hip2Save is targeted towards Millennials and includes a lot of pet-related coupons, information on how to use coupons, and tips for budgeting and saving.

Other Ways to Save On Dog Food

Dog food coupons are a great way to get your pet's kibble for less. But they’re not the only way.

You can also scour your local farm supply stores for deals on large quantities of dog food and buy in bulk.

Many farm supply stores have large discounts when you buy in bulk. Just make sure you have a clean and dry place to store all that food to stay fresh.

Many veterinarians’ offices also sell pet food and supplies. Some offer discounts if your dog is a patient there.

The same deals can often be found at doggie daycare centers and dog training centers.

Shelters And Rescues

Some shelters and rescues make money to keep their shelter open by selling the same dog and cat food that they feed to their resident animals.

Often, brands will donate the food to the shelter and allow them to sell a certain portion of the donated food in order to fund the shelter.

So you can get pet food at a discount and help keep shelters and rescues running and provide essential housing, food, and medical care for homeless pets. That’s a win for everyone.

Pet Food Bank

If you have had a financial setback and are worried about how you are going to feed your dog, you can get help from a local pet food bank.

Nearly every community has a pet food bank, usually run out of a shelter or rescue, that provides free or discounted pet food to seniors, those on a fixed income, or people who are experiencing financial hardship.

No dog should go hungry, and no family should have to give up a pet to a shelter because they can’t afford dog food.

If you or someone that you know is having a hard time making ends meet and they are struggling to afford to feed their dog or their pets, contact your local pet food bank.

They can offer advice, feed, dog food coupons, and other assistance to make sure that your pets have enough to eat.

If you want to help those who are struggling, donate money or food to your local pet food bank so that pets won’t go hungry.

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Best Dog Food Coupons and Coupon Sites

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