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Dog Hotel Offers Pups the VIP Treatment

Dog Hotel Offers Pups the VIP Treatment
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It is no surprise that more consumers are pampering their pooches in new and surprising ways these days, but you’ve never seen anything like this. This luxury dog hotel, located in Toronto, has everything from organic treats and a doggy mini bar to poolside suites.

Park9 is a 14,000-square-foot luxury pet resort that is located just minutes away from Pearson Airport in Toronto, and its four-legged guests can come for doggy daycare or overnight stays. It opened last month, and the reservations are pouring in.

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Susan Rupert, owner of the resort, says it is unique because of the stimulating and enriching experience that the dogs receive while staying at Park9. They offer so much more than a regular doggy daycare or boarding kennel.

Dog Hotel Offers Pups the VIP Treatment
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Whether they stay for the day or numerous nights, the dogs have a lot of variety in their schedule, and they get to participate in activities that they may not normally get to do at home. The stimulating activities include jumping through hoops and playing on slides in a gymnasium sized room, getting bathed and groomed, swimming in the doggy pool, and one-on-one cuddle time with resort staff.

In addition to the pool and lounge area, there are also 40 crate-free suites, and an outdoor play space with a splash zone is currently under construction. For an additional fee owners can also opt to have a staff member sleep in the same room as their pet at night. These special rooms are equipped with big screen televisions, Netflix, and other amenities to make the dogs and human comfortable.

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“Penthouse,” or poolside, suites are available for an additional fee as well, and they are equipped with a video chatting service so dog owners can check in on their canine companions while they are away. Park90, an area strictly for senior dogs that need a quieter space, is also available at the dog owners’ request. Rupert says that a smaller wing for cats is also currently under construction.

She says that some aspects of the resort, like the video chatting and all night human companionship, may seem a little extreme to some people, but it gives dog owners a sense of security while they are traveling and can also comfort dogs who suffer from severe separation anxiety.

12 years ago Rupert opened UrbanDog Fitness and Spa, a popular downtown Toronto doggie daycare, and decided to open Park 9 due to the high number of requests that she received for boarding services. The expansion has been a great business endeavor for her. Rates range from $65 to $199 per night, and the resort is taking new bookings every day.

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