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Dog Leashes Made of Cork Are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Dog Leashes Made of Collar Are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Most pet parents don’t think of sustainability and environmental safety when they are shopping for products for their dog. Simply put, if you don’t then you should be. Everything that we do and all the products created by humans have an impact on the environment. It’s no secret that if we keep polluting the planet there isn’t going to be a planet left for future generations.

Sustainability is a fairly simple concept. There are a lot of resources on Earth that are not renewable, meaning that once we use it all it will be gone. Some resources are renewable, meaning the Earth will make more of this substance or we can create the substance ourselves. If we continue to overuse the nonrenewable resources on Earth, we’re going to be in trouble!

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Eco-friendliness and sustainability are two things that I always look for in companies when I’m shopping for our family (including our four-legged family members). That’s how I stumbled upon Pelcor – a Portuguese brand that produces products for humans and dogs from cork skin. This unique product comes from cork oak trees.

Cork oak trees live for 250 to 350 years, and they are the only tree whose bark regenerates itself after every harvest. The tree has to mature for 20-25 years before the first cork can be harvested, but after that it can be collected every 9 years. An adult tree produces several hundred pounds of cork at every harvesting.

So, I know what you’re thinking…what does any of this have to do with dogs? The company makes affordable collars and leashes in multiple colors. Instead of buying your dog a color made from nylon with plastic hardware, you can give your dog this safe and eco-friendly alternative from Pelcor. I love the unique look of these products!

They are natural, stretch-resistant and waterproof. Not to mention, they are lightweight and comfortable for your Fido as well. Because they are made with a natural product, no two collars look exactly the same. In addition to being a great product for your canine companion, these collars and leashes would make a great gift for the dog lover on your list.

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Pelcor dog collars are available in tan, pink, red and orange. They come in three sizes, and you can also purchase a matching leash in one of the same four colors. They have a smooth, leather-like texture is extremely durable.

The brand is currently trying to boost its presence in the U.S. and China by strengthening their marketing efforts. Since dogs are such a popular pet in this country, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more pooch-related products released by the company in the coming months.

According to Statista.com, there are nearly 78 million dogs living with families in the United States. Imagine the positive environmental impact that we could make if pet owners joined together to provide all of those pups with eco-friendly collars and leashes! You can help spread the word to your dog owning family members and friends.

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