Home Dog News With The Woofaloo, You Won’t Mind If Your Dog Pees Inside

With The Woofaloo, You Won’t Mind If Your Dog Pees Inside

With The Woofaloo, You Won't Mind If Your Dog Pees Inside
Photo: Woofaloo

Hey! Accidents happen! Our puppies, senior dogs or just those that can't hold it for hours on end have all gone pee-pee in our homes. Sure, it's frustrating and a tad yucky to clean up, but sometimes a guy (or girl) has to go…and when you gotta go, ya gotta go.

It was this situation that led the founder, Hannah Hackney, to come up with an innovative new way for dogs to urinate in the home; the Woofaloo. Yes! This is an indoor potty for your canine fur baby.

Although, this may sound ridiculous (why train a dog for it to just go in the house anyway?) the Woofaloo is perfect for training new puppies, senior dogs, for those pet parents that are away for long hours, small spaces, balconies and for those folks that just aren't able to get Fido outside as much as needed.

With The Woofaloo, You Won't Mind If Your Dog Pees Inside
Photo: Woofaloo

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The unique design of the Woofaloo incorporates a sturdy tree-like molding that mimics an outdoor plant or other object, which males tend to lift their legs on. The unique grooves in this upright piece channels your dog's waste into the bottom “catch-tray.” This durable and slip-proof basin can be lined with training pads or your favorite absorbent material.

Cleaning is also a cinch, since both pieces detach for scrubbing or replacing if needed. Woofaloo even comes equipped with a template for those pee-pads, so you can trim them up and get an exact fit every time.

Ansel and Fraser (the founders' Papillon fur babies) give it two paws up. They have been using this practical potty since its early stages of development. In fact, it took three years to perfect the Woofaloo, but is was worth it.

This pet potty is now one of those must-have items for any pet parent that is tired of cleaning up pee.

The Woofaloo made a trip to the Global Pet Expo held in Orlando earlier this year and was one of the top products that caught people's eyes. Husband of Hannah, Robin Hackney, made the trip with the portable pee'r all the way from London and was thrilled with the turnout. Although, he did spend a good amount of time explaining how female dogs can also use the device, as well..

With The Woofaloo, You Won't Mind If Your Dog Pees Inside
Photo: Woofaloo

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We may not think our pooches are any worse-for-wear when they have to hold their urine for extended periods-of-time. However, according to experts, this can lead to the development of bacteria in the accumulated pee, which can lead to urinary tract infections or even bladder and kidney infections.

Left untreated, these conditions will worsen, putting your dog in serious trouble. In addition, when a dog has to “hold it” it can lead to the formation of bladder stones and can even contribute to incontinence down the road.

Don't put your dog through the discomfort and possible long-term health problems he can get by holding his pee. Grab a Woofaloo and go to work with the peace-of-mind knowing that you're not putting your dog's health at risk. Plus, your furniture will be pee-free.

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