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Dog Powered Scooters are Ideal for High-Energy Pets

Dog Powered Scooters are Ideal for High-Energy Pets
Photo: Dog Powered Scooter

High-energy dogs are great. They can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot to handle. The best thing you can do for your high-energy dog is to give him an outlet to release some of that energy. Dogs with lots of energy love to play tug and fetch, but any pet parent who owns one of these dogs knows that their favorite thing to do is run.

Many people use a bicycle to keep up with their dog while running, but that can be dangerous.  If the dog is off leash he could run off or run in front of the bicycle and get hurt. If he’s on a leash, it could get tangled and injure or choke the canine. Now, a new product lets you roll along next to your dog without having to worry about him getting hurt.

The creators of the Dog Powered Scooter were unsatisfied with the options for mushing and running dogs. They wanted more safety, steering control, and better control over the dog itself. They also wanted a system that was user friendly, simple to hook the dog into, and able to be used right from the pet owner’s home.

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That’s why they created the Dog Powered Scooter. It is similar to a traditional scooter with a harness on one or both sides to hook a dog into. The scooter can be powered by the human if he pushes with his leg (just like on a traditional scooter), but the best way to move the device is with a motivated canine.

Dog Powered Scooters are Ideal for High-Energy Pets
Photo: Dog Powered Scooter

In the beginning it takes a little bit of training, but as soon as most dogs are hooked in they figure out how to run alongside the scooter very quickly with little to no training needed. Steering is completely controlled by the rider, and the device is also equipped with brakes so the dog cannot get out of control.

The dog is completely harnessed in the rigging system, meaning there is no way for him to get tangled or to escape and run towards a distraction such as another animal or human. The Dog Powered Scooter has been described as an “urban mushing” machine and it’s an excellent way to exercise your dog on city streets or gravel trails. With the tire upgrade the device is even suitable for small amounts of snow or hard packed snow trails.

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You can get a Dog Powered Scooter for one dog or multiple dogs. The company creates the traditional scooter design and also a trike design as well for people that may not be as stable with the two-wheel model. This product is best suited for young and middle aged dogs and you need to be sure to take the riders weight into consideration along with the dog’s size. You don’t want to have a 35 pound dog trying to pull a 300 pound person.

Single dog models are best used with dogs over 35 pounds and for multi-dog models the canines should be at least 18 pounds each. Consumers with blind and deaf dogs have also really enjoyed this product because it gives their dog the ability to run and the owner is 100% in control of where they are going, so there is no fear of the pet getting lost or hurt.

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