Top 5 Dog Rescue Stories With A Happy End That Will Make You Sob

Every furball of a dog deserves their own happy ending. Even though they all went through a rough patch, in the end, each and every one of these adorable dogs found happiness.

I've found some of the most amazing dog rescue stories on the internet. If these heartwarming stories don’t bring you faith in humanity back, I don’t know what will, so let the experiment begin.

1. Deaf Puppy Abandoned Because of Disability Finds A Perfect Family

When Walter was left at the shelter because he was born deaf, nobody had high hopes for him. Dogs with disabilities have a much harder time finding homes than healthy ones, so the chance for someone to take this adorable puppy home was minimal.

However, that all changed when Walter met Julia, a little girl who was also born deaf. It goes without saying that the two are now inseparable!

2. Dog Left To Wander The Streets Goes Through Amazing Transformation

There is nothing worse for a dog than to be betrayed by his own family. Theo’s family left him and moved away, and he was all alone for a year before he got rescued. When Hope For Paws society found him, he was terribly matted and terrified of people.

Luckily, they managed to catch him and help him regain trust in humans. From a scared, hopeless bunch of matted fur, Theo quickly became an adorable, playful pup again.

3. Former Bait Dog Finds Home Against All Odds

Pacino, the abused Pitbull
Pacino, the abused Pit Bull. Photo: Brittany Elder / Facebook

Dubbed as dangerous, Pitbulls often get euthanized because of the stereotypes that follow them. The same fate awaited Pacino, a severely abused Pitbull that was used as a bait in dog fights.

When he was brought to an animal hospital to be put down after being marked as aggressive, even injured and scared as he was, Pacino started licking the face of one of the vets. Fortunately, he kissed the right face, because he ended up getting adopted by the lady he was smooching! He is now a dapper cutie that’s enjoying being spoiled every day.

4. Older Dog That Cried For Family That Dumped Her For A Puppy Gets Adopted

Cookie rescue dog
Cookie, the rescue dog. Photo: Lois Chisholm / Facebook

After 15 years together, Cookie’s family left her like a forgotten toy in an animal shelter. To make things more heartbreaking, they decided to keep their younger pup, and while they were leaving the shelter with him, this poor baby cried after them.

But, even though her owners were deaf to hear pleas, the volunteers of a local rescue were heartbroken and took her in. She’s now enjoying her golden years with her forever fosters, who cherish and love her like she deserves.

5. Starved To The Brink Of Death And Waiting For Euthanasia, This Dog Got A Second Chance

When Sheri went to the shelter to take photos of dogs that will be put up for adoption, she met one dog that was so emaciated that her muscles atrophied. The dog was labeled as ‘unknown’ and supposed to be euthanized, due to the severity of her starvation and the bad condition she was in. When she went back home, all Sherri could think about that poor, ‘unknown’ pooch that was destined to die only because of someone’s neglect and cruelty.

The very next day, she went back for her and adopted her. The dog, now appropriately named Destiny, is living her life to the fullest and enjoying the unconditional love of her new best friend.

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Dog Rescue Stories With A Happy End That Will Make You Sob

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