The Best Dog Shoes for Summer

Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, walking on hot pavement in the summer, need protection for their paws. While a dog’s paw pads are naturally equipped to provide protection due to multi-layer cushion system, in hot weather it's not enough. But there are dog shoes for summer that will protect their paws from heat and hot surfaces.

Even though many dogs are not thrilled with the idea of footwear at the begging, they can quickly get used to dog booties. We've taken closer look at different dog shoes, the benefits of wearing them and what to look for when you shop for the best dog shoes for summer. We've also reviewed some of the top brands out there.

What are Dog Shoes and Why Your Dog Needs Them?

Dog shoes or booties are a type of footwear for dogs. They are meant to protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement, rough terrains and elements but they can also make your pooch look stylish. There are different types of dog booties, depending on the material they are made from, design and purpose. We will focus on dog shoes for summer and their advantages.

What are Dog Shoes and Why Your Dog Needs Them

1. They protect dog's paws

Active dogs that partake in outdoor activities during summer can get in contact with different chemicals, pollutants, debris and hot pavement. Their pads can get cut or wear out and become painful.

Dog booties can protect your dog’s paws from these hazards and prevent injuries to his paw pads.

2. They keep your dog cool

Walking on the hot asphalt on hot summer days can be a painful or at least uncomfortable experience for your dog. Dog shoes can make him more comfortable, even if it’s just a simple walk to the park.

3. They keep the home clean

While dogs are more likely to bring in mud, water and other things into your home in the winter, dogs can get their paws dirty in the summer as well. Instead of cleaning your dog’s paws after each walk, you can just take their shoes off and still have a clean home.

Dog shoes for summer are also very light and if you have hardwood floors, you can let your dog wear his shoes indoors to protect your floors from scratches.

4. They are great for senior dogs

Senior dogs often suffer from hip and joint issue and their paws have probably already suffered a bit of wear and tear. Dog shoes can provide additional support and extra cushioning for senior dogs, especially for those dogs that drag their feet while they walk.

How to Choose the Best Dog Shoes for Summer?

How to Choose the Best Dog Shoes for Summer?

There are a lot of good options on the market and it may be hard for some dog owners to decide on the best dog shoes for their pooch. So, here are a few things you need to consider before you make your decision:

Proper fit

Finding the shoes that are a proper fit for your furry friend is imperative. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s size guidelines and fitting instructions in order to get the perfect size for your dog. If you don’t find the right size shoes for your dog, he may feel uncomfortable in them or even feel pain.

Some products will have instructions on how to measure your dog’s feet, which often includes tracing the outline of his feet and measuring the sketch. If you need more help on how to properly measure your pup's feet for a good fit, watch Samantha's guide here.

Ease of use

Dog shoes that are easy to put on and off can save you from frustration, so look for shoes designed to slip on and off with ease. Dog shoes with wide split seams are usually pretty easy to put on and take off.

Pay attention to the type of straps the shoes have. Shoes without any straps can be easily removed by your dog. Some shoes have Velcro closures, others have snap-locks or buckles. All of them usually work well but probably the easiest to use are Velcro closures.


Dog shoes for summer should be made from materials that make the shoes breathable, durable and comfortable. There are many cheap shoes made from substandard materials and they often fall apart shortly after purchase.

Look for high-quality materials that will make the shoes last for a long time. Some of the best materials for dog summer shoes include mesh, neoprene and rubber.

Other features

Dog summer shoes should be rugged to protect the paws from heat, sharp objects, debris, etc. Look for shoes with sturdy, anti-slip soles. Choose dog shoes that have high visibility, which means that they include reflective stitching, patches or stripes. Your pooch will be easy to spot by passing vehicles and you will have an easier time keeping an eye on him, especially in the evenings.

How to put on summer dog shoes on your pup

Waterproof or water-resistant dog shoes are usually a bit more expensive. However, they are perfect for both summer and winter and if you have a chance to get shoes that will keep your dog’s feet dry at all times, don’t miss on it.

Design and price

Some dog owners don’t really care about the style and fashion side of the dog boots but pattern and color are also things to consider, especially if you want your pooch to look good at all times.

Price should not be the most important factor in your decision but it certainly has an effect on it, especially if you don’t have an unlimited budget. However, you should try to focus on the quality of the dog shoes instead on the price, as long as it is in your means. We have covered the most important things to consider when you shop for dog summer shoes. Now let’s take a look at a few of our favorite products.

The Best Dog Shoes for Summer

1. QUMY Waterproof Shoes for Dogs

These dog shoes come with adjustable and reflective Velcro straps, so they are a good choice if you plan to stay outdoors with your pooch in the evenings. They are made of high-quality fabric and come in four different sizes, although all of them are meant for large breeds. These shoes come in the set of four.

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Large Dogs...
  • Please mainly refer to the...
  • High Quality: Rugged sole and...
  • Comfortable: Soft and...
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The shoes also have anti-slip, rugged soles to ensure stability for your pooch, although some users reported that the soles are actually flat and slippery. These shoes are not only good for the summer but for all weather conditions because they are also water-resistant.

They come with a split seam opening, which makes them easy to put on and off, especially since they also have adjustable straps. However, there were some reports of shoes slipping off the dog’s feet due to their structure.

PROS: Come in the Set of Four, Four Different Sizes, Anti-Slip Soles, Adjustable and Reflective Straps, Water-Resistant, Soft and Comfortable, Easy to Put On
CONS: Not Suitable for Small and Medium Dogs, Reports of Being Slippery, Many Reports of Shoes Falling Off, Only One Color


2. My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

These waterproof dog summer shoes come with anti-slip soles and reflective adjustable straps to ensure the best fit. They come in eight different sizes that fit all dog breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. They also come in four different colors, in the set of three.

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Two...
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My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Two...
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These shoes are made from high-quality fabric, suitable for any weather. They are ideal for summer because they are lightweight and soft. You won’t have any problem putting these shoes on your pooch thanks to the wide split seam opening.

However, some users reported that these shoes are not that durable and that they should be a bit longer because their design doesn’t allow the entire foot to sit comfortably in them. Other users reported that they can slip off occasionally and some even claimed that they hurt the dog’s paws.

PROS: Come in the Set of Three, 8 Different Sizes, 4 Different Colors, Waterproof, Easy to Put On, Anti-Slip Soles, Adjustable and Reflective Straps
CONS: Reports of Not Being Durable, Reports of Slipping Off, Some Reports of Hurting the Dog’s Paws


3. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

Dog summer shoes need to be breathable and this shoe is made from neoprene, which is an extremely breathable material that keeps your dog’s paws dry and cool. It also keeps them warm in cold weather, so you can use them during winter as well.

BARK BRITE All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog...
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These shoes come in 5 different sizes and one set contains four pairs. They have non-slip rubber soles to aid in traction and prevent punctures and tears. The shoes are also water-resistant and come with reflective, flexible Velcro straps.

Unfortunately, many dog owners reported that these shoes are not really durable, especially if you have an active dog that spends a lot of time outdoors. Also, some users reported that they are not comfortable enough, especially for larger dogs.

PROS: Come in the Set of Four, 5 Different Sizes, Non-Slip Soles, Water-Resistant, Adjustable and Reflective Straps
CONS: Only One Color, Reports of Not Being Durable, Some Reports of Not Being Comfortable


4. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex, All-Terrain Paw Wear for Dogs

These shoes are probably the most durable ones you can find on the market. They are made to withstand hiking on the roughest terrains but they are also great shoes for protection from the hot pavement.

RUFFWEAR - Grip Trex, Blue Spring, 2.5 in (4...
  • GEAR UP AND GO: The...
  • HELPFUL FEATURES: The tightly...
  • TWO PAWS, FOUR PAWS: Choose...

The inside of the shoes are made of rubber, so you might need to use socks to protect your dog’s paws. The upper part of these shoes is made of breathable mesh to provide the necessary ventilation during summer months. However, this part is also not waterproof, unlike the rest of these shoes.

These shoes come with anti-slip soles that are rugged and durable and able to protect your pooch in any weather and on any terrain. They are machine washable, come in the set of four and available in numerous sizes.

PROS: Come in the Set of Four, Come in Many Sizes, Available in Three Colors, Easy to Put On, Water-Resistant, Machine-Washable, Anti-Slip Soles
CONS: Expensive, Upper Part not Waterproof, Not Very Comfortable, May Require Socks


5. LONSUNEER Dog Boots for Summer

These dog summer booties have non-slip, waterproof soles and they are made of neoprene and a double mesh layer. This makes them extremely breathable and able to keep your dog’s paws cool in the hottest weather because the air can circulate on top of the paw.

LONSUNEER Paw Protector Dog Boots Set of 4...
  • Upper is made of double-layer...
  • Nonslip, waterproof and...
  • Very easy and quick to put on,...
  • Convenient, lightweight and...
  • Practicable Reference Size of...

These shoes come in the set of four and they are available in five different sizes and three colors. They have Velcro straps, which are unfortunately not reflective. They can be used both indoors and outdoors but some users reported that they are not really that durable.

PROS: Come in the Set of Four, Available 5 Different Sizes and 3 Colors, Water Resistant, Non-Slip Soles, Breathable
CONS: Not Reflective, Reports of Not Being Durable, Reports of Slipping Off

In Conclusion

Summer temperatures can get very high and the hot pavement is dangerous for our pets' paws. Dog shoes for summer can protect your dog’s paws from that hot pavement and other elements, keep his paws clean and provide additional support for his hips and joints.

When you shop for and look to get the best dog shoes for summer, pay attention to size, material and ease of use and proper fit. It's best to pick lightweight material that's breathable and will not feel hot for the dog paws during the day. Other features like reflective design and being waterproof are also important.

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