Dog Steals Leftover Pancakes, Starts Small House Fire
Photo: Southwick Fire Department
A Massachusetts dog recently stole leftover pancakes from his owners’ stove, and almost burned the whole house down because of it.

Southwick Fire Department in Southwick, Massachusetts posted a security video to their Facebook page this week of a dog whose sweet tooth almost took out his entire family’s home.

In the video, you can see one of two household dogs saunter over to the stove and steal leftover pancakes from the stove top.

By doing so, he ignited the flame on the gas unit, and it started a fire that could have burned down the whole house.

As the video continues, you can see the two dogs clearly concerned when the house starts to fill with smoke and the fire alarms start to sound.

Luckily, when the fire alarm tripped, it rang out to local emergency services, who showed up on the scene to assess the issue and prevent further damage.

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When they arrived, the footage shows the two dogs innocently acting like they don’t have a clue what’s going on (typical naughty dog behavior that all know quite well!)

Dog Steals Leftover Pancakes, Starts Small House Fire
Photo: Southwick Fire Department

Officials posted the following message with the video:

“Alarms Work!
We would like to thank a local resident for sharing this video. First, we always caution about putting items on the stove. In this case, the family pet decided to help themselves to some leftover pancakes while the owners were away. Unfortunately, the dog hit the ignition button on the gas stove. Within minutes you will see the item on stove begin to ignite. In this case, the homeowner was connected to a monitored alarm system calling responders saving severe damage. If you have pets or young children in the home look into safety covers for your stove controls.

Dog Steals Leftover Pancakes, Starts Small House Fire
Photo: Southwick Fire Department

I personally had a nearly identical experience when my cat jumped up on my gas stove in the middle of the night and it ignited a nearby dish towel on fire.

Thankfully, in both of these situations, none of the animals were harmed.

But if you have a gas stove, consider covers for the knobs, as advised by the officials.

Like the family who posted this video, it is also wise to consider a monitoring system that calls officials to your home as soon as alarms are tripped, and to use Pet Alert stickers on your windows to indicate how many pets are inside in case rescuers need to go in and locate them.

Dog Steals Leftover Pancakes, Starts Small House Fire

Also, never leave leftover food out while you’re not nearby, and don’t leave anything on or near your stove which could light on fire in the event that the flames are tripped on.

Watch the video, here.

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