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Have You Ever Seen a Dog This Happy to Sleep in a Bed?

Have You Ever Seen a Dog This Happy to Sleep in a Bed
Photo: Facebook / Jill Stafford

I must admit, this is sweetest and the most beautiful video I have ever seen. This must have been a heart-warming moment both for this dog and her foster family. It reminds me of my daughter’s first experience with a piano.

She loved the new experience so much that she let everyone around her know that she had found a new love with a soul-soothing machine. For this dog, joining her foster family was akin to moving from a rusty, lonely lifestyle to dining with kings in an invite-only luxurious suite!

Indeed, dogs, just like human beings crave attention, love and care. And, Millie, the bull Terrier is a perfect testament to this. She clearly loved the attention she was receiving and was overjoyed. Her happiness was clearly wiggling out of her body.

Are you eager to view this effortless tearjerker? Check it out!

When Jill Stafford, her foster mom, brought her to bed, Millie could not be more grateful. She had to show her new mom and the rest of the world – in the most colorful way – her appreciation for the kindness.

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Millie quickly made herself comfortable, rolled around, grunting happily as she nuzzled into the layers of sheets and blankets. She playfully wriggled around as she lay on her back and kicked her legs up in the air.

The seven-year-old bull terrier was given over to Pibbles and More Animal Rescue in Binghamton, New York last September where she is waiting to be adopted. Jill has taken this sweet girl into her home in Vermont to care for her until she finds her new, permanent home.

Although little is known about her previous life, from her physical outlook, she seems to have given birth to a lot of pups and has not had a lot of veterinary care. Sadly, the playful pup has been left with cornea and nerve infection that has resulted in minimized vision in her left eye.

Despite all that, Millie looked healthy as she experienced a real bed for the first time.

Have You Ever Seen a Dog This Happy to Sleep in a Bed
Photo: Facebook / Jill Stafford

Millie has had a lot of wonderful firsts with this new family – she has experienced a new real bed and learned how to chew a bone, among other new adventures. The good news is: this so spectacular dog is up for adoption!

According to her foster mom, Millie is not the kind to retire to her bed easily. Even though she loves her new bed, she fervently fights sleep because she doesn’t want to miss anything that is happening. Millie is not asking for too much. She’s just looking for a loving and caring family, occasional access to peanut butter and a good bed.

Help Millie find a good caring family that wants to keep her forever by sharing this story. If you want to extend your kindness to her and give her a new place to call home, kindly contact Pibbles & More Animal Rescue.

Tiffany lives in Brooklyn, NY with her dog and two daughters. She is a Certified Animal Behaviorist, an aspiring writer about pets and a regular volunteer at several animal shelters, currently working on her first novel about human and animal relationship.